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Gothic Probably one of the biggest RPGs of all times

barrera77 | July 23, 2014 | Review of Gothic II Gold - PC

I started playing Gothic series in 2002 and let me tell 1 and 2 are quite good, beautiful games, even though the graphics now look a bit funky back then were just fine, 2004 I got Gothic 2 GE and my love the series was complete, while playing part 1 I was always wondering what the outside of the penal colony would look like, and this game granted my wish. The graphics in my opinion are awesome, beautiful landscapes on the island of Khorinis, the sounds and details really made feel the game. The controls were set very nicely using just the keyboard (arrows – z –x- spacebar, etc.) which made the combat smooth and simple. Not a very big variety of weapons, armors or items, and since the game doesn't throw many powerful items or tons of experience at you like lots of the loot-fest RPGs out there, every one of the items were unique on their own way. The story line is pretty straightforward, but, nonetheless, interesting where the end depends on which path you choose (fire mage, Paladin, mercenary, magician of water or necromancer. The world is relatively small, but the developers really outdid themselves by using every nook and cranny in both, the add-on and main map to make it seem like a huge place. I have played the whole game probably more than a dozen times, and explored every single corner of it with all of the guilds, cheats, no cheats, no matter how, it still kept me wanting to go back and try it again. (Too bad I can’t say the same for parts 3 and 4 that lost most of the beautiful gothic fantasy essence). In conclusion small maps, small variety of enemies + small variety of inventory items + and a handful of NPCs = Gothic 2 the biggest RPG game “EVER”. So if you're a hard-core RPG fan, then this is a game for you.


Hard, challenging and beautiful . . .

barrera77 | July 22, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls II NA Post - PC

Despite the reviews I have seen so far on how hard the bosses and the overall game are, I still consider this game to be just fine, I have played 80 hours and I just keep finding it more fun, through the game if you join the champions covenant it will raise the difficult even more, all games I have played I always go for the highest difficult and I love it. In this game took me close to an hour to defeat the pursuer, what a drag but still for me a difficult game is a good challenge. Also the random enemies don't seem to get weaker as you lvl up they still put up a good fight even though I'm lvl 110. The graphics are just amazing well elaborated and detailed, after I clear one area I spend time taking a look to the landscapes, got to hand it to the designers. Then the game play is simple and easy, controls are just fine now because I remember playing the pc version of dark souls 1, man the It just sucks, the controls are really bad, first getting the game to work on steam, then the mediocre control set up for the keyboard; that was a really bad experience, now they have improved the pc version what makes it easier for pc gamers. I love melee fights especially with big swords and dark souls 2 offers you a nice variety of weapons that you can upgrade and make them more powerful, like the set of boss’s weapons I love the arced sword which is a humongous scimitar way too heavy but still packs quite a punch, or the Drangleic sword I have maxed it out to lvl 10 and it is a very reliable weapon against the bosses. The only thing I don’t like about the game is that the human effigies are very scarce and after killing certain number of times the enemies won’t re-spawn, I have died with 100 k souls a few times during the game and that’s a big loose cause if you die gain you are pretty much screwed cause those souls are lost. Anyway, in conclusion I would say that Dark Souls 2 it’s a fine piece of art in most senses, awesome graphics, great storyline, right amount of NPCs for interaction, simple controls, challenging, and lots of fun, what else could you ask for?


Worst remake ever

barrera77 | July 15, 2014 | Review of THIEF NA - PC

It seems like I’m not the only person who is disappointed from the remake of Thief. I was rather sad to see that Thief lost most of its essence, because it does not have the same feel as the old games. I remember being amused by the conversations of the guards, and it’s all gone, plus the characters in the streets completely ignore you, giving the game a lifeless atmosphere. This time the story line is not very compelling in fact the story as a whole hardly makes sense. Like the so called Gloom decease that supposed to be terrorizing the city; but I didn’t see any of the effects of it in the game, never got to know what was that about, it seem just like a last minute part of a half way finished story. Another big fail was trying to implement Assassin’s Creed style game mechanics and ditching the old Thief's movement system. And why Garret can’t jump at all? especially when there are lots of designated climbing points, and even worst I couldn’t jump over small and deadly pressure plates, on instead Garret just expires, raising his hands like if he was on despair or something. I think the good point I would give to this Thief remake it’s for the amazing peripheral/central vision stealth mechanic for example when the enemies' reaction time depends on how peripheral you are to their vision cone. Man! I have to hand it to the developers for this idea.


Nice hack 'n slash game

barrera77 | July 15, 2014 | Review of The First Templar Steam - PC

The first Templar storyline itself it’s nice and involving, personally I’m big fan of medieval stuff, and this game really hooked me up reading all the dialogs, exploring the scenarios where you'll visit a variety of locations that genuinely feel different, even if it is easy to spot the direction you're supposed to go. The graphics might not be that great but still packs tons of beautiful colors and textures, although you will come across some very low-res rocks, walls and water through the game. The faces of the characters don’t seem to be very dynamic especially in some of the cutscenes, but if u pay attention most of the environments are very nicely done and detailed, and beatiful like Celian’s home. The gameplay is very good with nice combat mechanics, where each character has its own style Roland with the 2-hnder, Celian with shield/one-hander and Marie with the daggers; and the all leared and upgrade different moves as you lvl up. I like the controls because they are smooth and simple just like in any other hack ‘n slash game, u don’t really need to use all of the special or combo attacks at all, you can just go and play the whole game with the basic attack/block Still jumping and dodging can be sometimes a lil trickier, requiring a double-tap of the direction key. So if you are down for some hack ‘n slash through a nice medieval environment and entertaining story, then First Templar it’s your game.


Who doesnt like medieval fights and tactics?

barrera77 | July 15, 2014 | Review of Mount Blade Warband Steam - PC

Well although M & B: Warband might not be the prettiest game around, but indeed is still a very fun and addictive gam;e I found the first version on gametap, and once I started, it was probably the only game I was playing from the inventory. Singleplayer is extremely funand gameplay complexity is just amazing, for example, the game's combat system where each weapon deals a different kind of damage, and most of them can be used in different ways on your feet or from a horseback, and both ways have different effects; per say one of my favorites the voulge works only as thrusting-weapon from horse back, but once you are on your feet, you can deal a lot more damage. Not to mention that the damage can also be affected depending whether or not you're moving, the direction you're moving to, the distance between you and the enemies and so on. So considering all this factors and learn a few tricks to make your attacks more effective will definitely maximize the damage. I definitely can go on with all the details I have noticed so far but it would be pointless if you don’t have M&B: Warband, so go ahead and buy it; and I’ll leave the rest for you to learn it, use it and HAVE FUN!!!


One word . . Wonderful

barrera77 | July 15, 2014 | Review of Thief Pack - PC

I started playing this game in 2002 i still remeber buying it together with Gothic 1, and it seems like it never gets old, this is my 3rd time going through the whole series, is probably my favorite stealth game, eventhough the graphics are a bit rustic still they made a great job with Garret's story, too bad the didnt make a worth job with the remake. Personally I prefer stay out of combat as much as I can, I love hiding and trying to sneak pass the enemies, thinking better ways to get around the game, hey after all Garret is a thief not a warrior. In conclusion, the game is very atmospheric, has an awesome gameplay and storyline. If you are into stealth games, well then Thief is for you!