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Fun, but I couldn't really get it working

bbqeggs | June 13, 2012 | Review of Magicka - PC

I had fun with this game, that is until I tried to play a lan game with my brother. We could both play the single player fine, but whenever we tried to do anything online we could not for the life of either of us get it working. Now I am sure there is some solution if we really tried long enough, but after two hours of trying to get the online multiplayer working unsuccessfully we decided to play another game. The dialogue is fun, and the gameplay really does have potential (combining spells and creating effects really interested me as a game mechanic), but it did not seem to be worth the trouble to get it working. Overall, if you can get it to work and have friends to play with, go for it. But at least for me that was not a possibility, and the single player did not interest me enough to play for more than a few hours.