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So it's a Zombie Game Right?

beastofshadowX | June 6, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

This is the mentality I went into TellTale's The Walking Dead with. I had heard nothing about it nor had I seen the TV show or read the comics of the same name. It's is a slow burn at first playing as a man named Lee Evans, a history professor in the back of a police cruiser heading for a jail sentence with a talkative elderly officer for a driver. Over the course of the games 5 episodes you will meet a cast of diverse and well realised characters along with becoming a surrogate father figure for a small girl as you and they try to survive in a world where the dead have risen. None of this is particularly unusual and you will follow the group as they go through the zombie genre tropes of holding fortified positions against the horde, scavenging for supplies and struggling against other survivors. What makes this particular variation engaging are the cast of characters, their struggles, their sorrow and their hope. The main gameplay aspect comes in the form of some basic adventure game puzzle solving and the occasional quick time event or other one of sequence. It works but isn't very entertaining and in one particular instance is actually very frustrating. The really meaty part of the game comes in the form of dialogue choices and character interactions along with certain set piece decisions that are affected by preceding choices and how certain characters view you in light of those choices. I can't really say much more without possible spoilers so I won't. Despite being in a cell shaded comic I found the character to be some of the most real in terms of facial reactions and ooze humanity and charm. To sum up The Walking Dead is a game about people, fantastic narrative filled with likeable characters, gut wrenching choices and enough joviality to give a sense of realism to the situation and the cast who have to face it only let down by some very average gameplay elements.