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Not Civ IV, but not bad

begedinnikola | July 6, 2012 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

Civilization V is a decent game. It did plenty of things well. The hex grid is a great idea, as is a single unit per tile. It allows for far more engaging wars and skirmishes, as well as a nicer view of the map. The civic perks are also an interesting and fun concept. Many parts of the game are very, very well done. However, plenty of them are just not as good as in Civilization IV. There is no polish, no charm. No more wonder videos, no more victory replays, no more proper victory screens. All you get for each of those is a popup, with an image and some text and that's it. Yes, it's a good game. Is it better than Civ IV? No. Worth the price? Yes. There is one other thing going for it, though. I find it's easier to just play a couple of turns in Civ V. You don't feel forced to play through the whole game like in the previous one. If you have neither and never tried a Civ game, I'd say get this one. If you have neither, but have played Civ games before, get IV. If you have IV, you'll still like V and you will play it, although maybe for different reasons.