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Great if you like Civ 5 (but it Won't Change Your Mind)

bentslightly | Dec. 15, 2012 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilisation V Gods Kings Expansion Pack - PC

While it's not going to win over anyone who is a fanatic Civ 4 player, the Gods & Kings expansion pack finally does what all the other DLC has refused to attempt to do; bring the features of the game in line with prior entries of the series. There are two new systems introduced; a religion system and an espionage system. The religious system is far more readily tangible, with faith building up to being able to spend it on units among other things, as well as sending out missionaries to the far flung regions of the world to make diplomacy with the Franks easier. The Espionage system is, without irony intended, a subtle addition. You do not perceive any of these units like your normal units, instead assigning them on intel missions, offensively or defensively, scurrilously working to steal/protect those state secrets. Additionally, it gives many of the statistics and resultant gameplay an overhaul that freshens the game after being out for some time, forcing anyone resting on laurels of experience and exposure to think again and try new tactics. While it won't change your mind if you don't like Civ 5, it will make Civ 5 feel that more thought out and considered and that has made almost all the difference with my recent multiplayer sessions. To summarise, while not necessarily the most definitive expansion this game could have received, going back to play normal Civ 5 feels bare without this.