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Fighting, without abusive tactics.

berthor | Aug. 23, 2013 | Review of Skullgirls - PC

A very solid game from technical aspects, smooth responsive control with all the great things you've come to love from the genre, minus the things you hate most - balance frustrations and tier characters. One might not enjoy the aesthetics or the all female cast, but the characters do cover a wide enough range of unique personality and game-play behavior that you should find something you like. ...and as I've said, from a technical standpoint this one is a beauty.


Defining the hybrid game.

berthor | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition Steam - PC

RPG, stealth action, shooter. Which one is it, is it all three? It's whatever you want! With numerous solutions to every problem, catering to how you want to play the game if not to the very way you think, you will have utter freedom in resolving the issue at hand. Is it that auto-turret over there that's bothering you? Go around it into a vent and laugh as you casually crawl along. How about you toss an emp grenade at it and then blast the guards that show up to see what happened? Maybe you could make it over to that terminal over there and hack it, take the turret down, or at least the camera that activates it. Develop your character not only with nano-augmentations, but with his basic skills and understandings. Maybe you focus on your skill with rifles and your agent can't swim too well... maybe he loves pistols but doesn't know the first thing about proper use of hand grenades. Like being able to stab people really hard? We've got an augment for that. Would you like an emp shield to be invisible to bots, cams, and triplasers, or would you like active camouflage to fool all those foot soldiers? Sure you'll control it like an FPS, but how are you going to play it? I'm not even going to talk about the perfect story, lest I accidentally spoil it.



berthor | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of They Bleed Pixels (1) - PC

The second most challenging game I've ever played. If you can manage the difficulty it becomes incredibly entertaining. Extremely intense platforming, skillful and violent combat, and lots of blood are the key points to this game.


A new story as much as a prequel

berthor | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

This game is an experience, not quite up to the level of the first, but what is? Play the way you want. Resolve every issue the way you see fit. Be what you want, as long as you are some kind of cyborg. Want to be a cyborg John Rambo? You got it. Want to be a cyborg-pacifist-ninja? Yup. Cyborg James Bond? Sure thing! Elusive cyborg hacker? Oh, you get it already? Ok, sorry. Be ready to enjoy being a cyborg of some sort as you punch through walls, crawl through vents, hack things, and pop skulls with your whatever kind of gun you like. ...unless you don't like guns or popping skulls, it's up to you. Someone stole that ladies purse! What are you going to do? A. Chase after the punk and recover the purse by bribing him with the promise of keeping his shins intact. B. Ignore the entire situation. C. Brain the fleeing punk with your 10mil and proceed about your day. D. Catch the punk and take the purse for yourself, after breaking his jaw with a manly cyberpunch.


Nods and (almost) cheats.

berthor | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution Explosive Mission Pack - PC

So, to start off we have the items to discuss. The AUD items work similar to multitools in DX, point at a hackable item, press the grenade button, and watch it unlock/login. If you don't think they are appropriate and break the game, drop them as you find them. Grenade launchers are a lot of fun. Can you even manage to carry this thing around along with your other gear? You can? Ok then I guess if you don't think it breaks the game, you can take it with you. If you think it is unbalanced, drop it. The mission : This is the real reason to get this DLC, even though it is very short. It blends in seamlessly with the rest of the game and gives a superior nod to the Tong you may be more familiar with. The difficulty is on par with the rest of the game. Want more Deus Ex in your Deus Ex? Grab this.



berthor | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

This game is spectacular for many reasons, but I want start with one of the lesser mentioned things that really makes the game what it is; the environment. As you are wandering about this crazy place you may start to realize more and more that this place isn't just a sequence of levels, and that there are alternate paths and shortcuts that are ridden across the world. This world doesn't have little 'corridors' where you walk into the next zone and can't get in any other way. No, this land is an intricately designed masterpiece of architecture. NO LOADING SCREENS. Now, the rest of the game... Imagine someone took Zelda, scrapped out the puzzles and really matured and perfected the combat system to technical mastery. That is what you get here, with the extra bonus of extreme difficulty. You will need to watch not only your health, but the level of exhaustion is extremely important, over exert yourself and you'll be left wide open, with your guard easily ignored and your body soon to be crushed. The characters are unique. Every enemy is life-threatening if you don't stay cautious. The bosses are jaw-dropping. Environments are beautiful, or when intended, pretty ugly and disgusting. This game is a must play for any video-adventurer.