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What was I thinking?

bibora | Aug. 17, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

I had this game on my Steam Library for years now. I knew it was good but I never gave it a try. Recently there was some Playfire rewards for this game and decided to them. Well... I did them and I did even more! It got me hooked. Well partially because I'm a fan of the Dark Knight but the game is quite fun to play. I think there's no point telling much about the game, because I believe it's fairly know for most of the players. I can, however say that it's a fabulous action game tied with exploring all over the Arkham isle and with a sort of stealth gameplay. And of course, Joker is there. And Bane. And Scarecrow. Poison Ivy. Etc. At the time being, I believe most Batman fans out there, have this game on their Steam library, but in the case someone is missing it, well just grab this ok? You'll thank me later.


Fun multiplayer if you have people to play with

bibora | March 20, 2014 | Review of Post Apocalyptic - PC

That's the major flaw with this game. There's nothing much to do besides playing it multiplayer. Single player is basically playing vs AI in a number of different tracks to get the best score. There's no career mode, nothing much to unlock, it's just for a quick spins and blasting away opponents. In multiplayer, however, this game can be a blast. Grabbing the same premise as single player game, you are thrown in with other players and it's time to go wreck others as much as possible. It delivers quite a lot more fun this way. However the game lacks players. Due to the lacking different things to do, the game just became a bit repetitive and I guess people eventually stop playing it. Could have been a great racing game...


The 50's go Tower Defense

bibora | Aug. 22, 2013 | Review of Unstoppable Gorg - PC

Tower defense meets sci-fi films of the 50s. Yep this feature could resume the game. It doesn't make it bad though. Unstoppable Gorge is a fun Tower Defense game, where we are put to fighting endless waves of UFO with a big array of weapons. There are lots of unlock stuff to get, challenges to go through and a funny story to watch. If you like Tower Defense games, I think you wouldn't go wrong trying this title.


The best open world mmorpg in the market today

bibora | Aug. 7, 2013 | Review of Eve Online 30 Day Starter Pack Asteroid Miner - PC

For years I've been waiting for a open world MMORPG. Something that would allow me to do whatever I want without being given a certain path to an expected goal. I knew that Eve Online was like that, but for some reason or another, I didn't played it much until recently. Eve Online, for a new player, like me can be a daunting experience. Personally I did a couple of trials before even subscribing the game. I had to learn to control the game, how it works, the different roles, the player driven economy, etc. Well all the aspects that a sandbox / open world MMORPG should have. Eve online. is a very deep, complex, non traditional MMORPG. Don't expect to enter on it and be playing like most MMORPG, it won't happen. Also, this pack, offers the best option for a new player to start Eve Online as a Miner. Being a player that enjoys both trading/crafting/mining aspect of MMORPG, this pack was a non-brainer to get. You will get everything you need to start your own mining profession, and eventually if that's what you want proceed to the complex industry role of the game. Finally, if you get this pack, or any of the others, be sure to start a trial account on Eve Online (21 days if possible) and then add this to the same account. You will end with up to 51 days of game time. Don't be afraid to try this game, even if you are with 10 years delay with the oldest players in game. This game is worth it!


Fast and Furious FPS

bibora | Aug. 5, 2013 | Review of Rise of the Triad GAME - PC

I don't usually buy games when they are released. I usually tend to wait a while till either I see some feedback of the community or if I really want it, until price drops. With ROTT that didn't happen. One because the price is already very affordable for a new game and second because since I first heard about this game, and being one of those that played the classic, it got my eyes plugged on it. A fast, furious FPS where we don't have much to worry about except kill, kill, kill and run like mad. The game offers fast and furious gameplay, with a very high pace, where everything happens really fast. You run fast as hell, there's enemies on every room, there's tons of gibs floating everywhere, there's lots of secrets to find at each level. All this while carrying a nice rocket launcher to launch at your enemies eyes. Or maybe you just want to play God? Or a dog?! Of course there are some issues with the game. The A.I. isn't brilliant, mostly enemies dodge occasionally. Some levels you might have problems finding where the hell you are being shoot from. The checkpoint system can pull some frustrating moments from you. Some players say there's also some issues with performance, while this hasn't affected me. And on multiplayer, where everything runs SO fast, it can be frustrating to kill someone (or maybe it's just me, who is completely bad at it). Overall, I find it a very satisfying game. If you looking for a fast paced FPS game, with no concerns about crouching and hiding for enemies, nor looking for a deadly head shot, maybe you should give this title a go.