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"An interesting perspective on a drained out topic"

biffeh | Oct. 25, 2013 | Review of How to Survive - PC

"Oh god not another zombie game"- I said to myself. But i was clearly mistaken. Although pretty obvious from it's indie developer orgins, How to Survive provides the player with simple, but yet complex crafting system, addicting battles, a variety of zombies to fight and collectibles to get. Also COOP and different difficulty levels and characters provide some value of replayablity. This game may not be the prettiest, and have a couple of annoying features( as in a locked in camera, which alters your FOV making you fall off a bridge and etc A still kinda broken Coop system, sometimes unclosable "tip screens"). Overall, it is an interesting perspective on a drained out topic, that provides the player they haven't really seen before. With some kinks here and there "How to survive" provides many hours of entertainment. TL;DR BUY IT If you're not convinced to pay the full price, get it at a sale it is really worth your money.