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Fun Game for RPG Fans.

big2dot | July 28, 2013 | Review of Knights of Pen Paper 1 Edition - PC

Let me start by saying that I never played any D&D back in the day so I went into this game being a fan of a different type of RPG. As such I can't speak for it's D&D merits but I can say that it is a fun RPG that will provide much more enjoyment than the asking price might suggest. The game lets you tailor fights to fit your needs. You select from different types of enemies and you can select the number of each you fight which grants you greater challenge and greater reward. As you complete certain quests you unlock new playable races and classes which have unique abilities and passives, you earn gold that can be spent on items and upgrades to your game masters room which alters your stats in the field. The game can turn to a bit of a grind at times but nothing too bad. If you think the game sounds like fun to you then more than likely you'll like it and should give it a shot


A Gane for the Ages

big2dot | July 28, 2013 | Review of Final Fantasy VII - PC

When this game was initially released in 1997 for the original Playstation, fans everywhere were blown away. Being the first 3D Final Fantasy installment didn't hurt it's chances. The question is whether or not the title holds up over 15 years later and to me the answer is a resounding yes. The story, characters, combat, and mechanics are well designed and executed and while the game isn't perfect, it's a gem of a title and one that is well worth every penny of the asking price. If you dislike farming or grinding this may not be the game for you if you want to play it genuinely. The Materia system will require you to grind from time to time depending on what you want to accomplish. The new Character Booster feature lets you work around a lot of the grinding and I'm not a fan of the tool. Overall it's a great game that needs to be played by everyone, both fans of the genre and those that have never got their feet wet in a quality JRPG.