Reviews by bigape1960


Just like the real thing

bigape1960 | Aug. 29, 2011 | Review of Isle of Wight Railworks Expansion Pack - PC

I've spent many happy hours on the Isle of Wight and this route is just about as faithful a recreation as you can get. OK, the graphics are never going to set the world on fire, but there is so much to do, so many scenarios to complete and so much fun to be had, it just has to be rated in the top 10 of Railworks addons - grab it now, you know you want to :)


Let's play trains

bigape1960 | Aug. 29, 2011 | Review of RailWorks 2 Train Simulator - PC

The 21st century's version of the train set, but with sooo much more! 20 quid gets you a whole load of trains, rolling stock and routes to play with. If you're new to the product or just want to play there are plenty of 'free roam' options available. Once you tire of that there are tasks of increasing difficulty over the various routes and settings. Tasks usually take between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on the task, with more difficult tasks needing to be done to a strict timetable (just like the real world). Once you've done with the original package, there are plenty of addons available, with more being produced all the time. Just pick the one you want and it integrates with no problems. The only slightly negative thing about the game is the graphics, not bad, but not state of the art either. BTW - one great point in it's favour, buying Railworks 2 gets you a free upgrade to Railworks 3 when it's released in September.