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Back to the Roots!

billie_boy86 | Feb. 19, 2015 | Review of Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Blacklist Uplay - PC

Splinter Cell Blacklist unlike the previous 2 entries in the series redeemed it's name for being the game as it was used to be.. bring back memories of how fresh and great it was since first 3 parts came out the Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow and especially Chaos Theory. In Blacklist Ubisoft managed to combines all the best ingredients together and end up making an epic experience while sticking to the ever loving Splinter Cell formula. Blacklist introduces a whole new level in the Splinter Cell series from great story to engaging side missions. Blacklist fulfills all those gaps that drowned the series previously in Double Agent and Conviction. Blacklist features many new things such as Gear Customization, XP system that rewards in the form of money, Choice of weapon selection according to the briefing and Splinter Cell Blacklist has it all. Sam Fisher is back with the whole new level to take down enemies the way you want whether you love killing enemies by stealth or go loud by shooting bullets and using your favorite gadgets. It's up to you how you want to proceed so gear up and read to go as Splinter Cell Blacklist is a must buy! + Goods: - Visuals at it's best with fluid Frame Rates - Intriguing Story with Side Missions - Gear and Weapon Customization - Co-op Mode - Flexible Controls - Sound Effects and Voice Acting - Bads: - Uplay Client Compulsory


"Nothing is True.. Everything is Permitted"

billie_boy86 | Feb. 17, 2015 | Review of Assassins Creed UPLAY - PC

Assassin's Creed the game that started it all featured an open world game experience like never before. Set in the time of during the time of Third Crusade which introduced to players to a fresh IP from Ubisoft that lend players to experience an epic journey in the footsteps of Altair Ibn la Ahad (meaning Son of No One in the Arabic language). The idea was very fresh at the time of it's release and still loved by millions. Desmond is the game's main Protagonist who was captured by a well established organization named Abstergo Industries who was working on a secret project called Animus a machine that is able to read the memory of it's subjects ancestors through their DNA to find out the secret object called the Apple (Piece of Eden). Desmond relives the memory of his ancestor Altair who was a member of Assassins. Altair had the ability to take down his enemies with stealth and was able to climb any possible structure and was a very well trained by his Mentor Al-Mualim. Desmond in real life out of the animus started to learn same abilities as Altair had and he also discovered that the people who captured him are Templars who were in war with the Assassin's centuries ago when Altair was alive. So on it's up to Desmond shoulders to bear the burden and deep dig down into his memories to find the missing pieces and the truth! Goods: - Memorable Characters and Locations - Unforgettable Story - Amazing Voice Acting - Flexible Controls and Camera - Combat System Bads: - None


Underrated Game

billie_boy86 | Feb. 16, 2015 | Review of Resident Evil 6 - PC

I will be very short with review for Resident Evil 6 as the fans of this franchise does not need to be told that what happened in the past and what's the story is about. Resident Evil 6 is yet another title by Capcom that lost it's charm and the touch of the Survival Horror instead it becomes somewhat an Action-Story driven game where you keep shooting your enemies in order to reach the location. Resident Evil 6 does not belong from the same league as it or may I say as they used to be but it's not that bad at all and you have plenty to play with four separate campaigns with 2 characters in each if I'm not wrong though all of the 4 campaigns are connected to each within the same time that takes place but at slightly different locations. Resident Evil 6 is not horror at all and the QTE (Quick Time Events) are a bit of annoying and players feels there is no need for them to be implemented further in the future for any RE game that would most likely come. Goods: - 4 Campaigns - Good Graphics without Locked Frame Rate - Sounds - Characters Bads: - Repetitive Gameplay - Limited Variety of Weapons - Did not stick to it's roots - Camera Controls annoys at times


Good but not Great!

billie_boy86 | Feb. 16, 2015 | Review of Assassins Creed Liberation HD UPLAY (1) - PC

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD was originally released for the PS Vita. Now that is on PC the game has fluid frames but during the 360 degree view of synchronization is somehow locked at 30fps but so far that is the only issue I encountered during the gameplay along with few texture pop-ups occasionally. AC Liberation HD is a good addition to the series but it isn't great and while you are playing through the story the world feels a bit empty as compared to other AC titles. The game has Static Menus, Week Background Music, Movements of the protagonist feels a bit stiff and a lot of physics has been simply stripped of while your running through the crowd. Although the story is good and the combat is well put and thanks to the proper key indications as well as controller support. I would recommend this game if you're a AC series fan so you wouldn't mind many of the things in it but if you're new to the series I would simply suggest you to play previous titles. Overall 7/10


Heart-Touching Adventure

billie_boy86 | Feb. 15, 2015 | Review of Life is Strange Episode 1 - PC

The moment you start playing the game it sucks you in. Life Is Strange is the story about a teenage girl named Max who finds out that she has the ability to reverse time and with that power she has.. all of the game depends on it and how you decide to proceed with each of your action and decision that will have a consequence in the end of the find episode. The world feels so alive and all of the characters are full of life. From colorful environments and breath taking visuals that goes perfectly with everything Dontnod really did a great job on this game. I simply can't wait to play all the episodes and while I was playing it I felt like I was watching a teen drama it's really so heart-touching and Max is a wonderful character! Good: - Beautiful World - Visual Style and Artwork - Excellent Voice Acting - Flexible Controls - Memorable Characters - Intriguing Story Bad: - NONE (seriously)


Fantastic Game

billie_boy86 | May 13, 2014 | Review of Driver San Francisco Deluxe Edition - PC

As soon as you hear the name "Driver" the first thing comes in your mind is a burnout by some American Muscle if you're a gamer and you have a love for Racing games! Driver San Francisco is all about High Speed chases, jumping on the streets of San Francisco, Drifting around the corners while burning down the rubbers! Driver San Francisco sticks to it roots while they introduced some of the new features as in the Shift a ability to take possession of any driver in the city. Driver San Francisco may not have the best story and plot to tell and not to mention the cheesy voice acting but it does offer some very satisfying driving experience and large number Licensed vehicles. In terms of Graphics Driver SF offers decently detailed and shiny cars while rest of the structures in the city use somewhat bland textures which could've been better but that is maybe due to the focus on the aging hardware on the previous generation of Consoles to stabilize the frame-rate although the city roads are populated with cars everywhere and pedestrians walking around but you cannot ram into them as they'll quickly dodge you no matter what except some of the limited breakable objects. The Damage and Weight of the different sized cars including all sedans, coupes, trucks etc. feels right as much as the collision and impact. There are plenty of dirty and nasty tricks you can do in order to achieve your mission objects by using the Shift power which will dramatically improve it's vision and expandable view as you progress through the campaign and the freedom move around the map. All in all Driver San Francisco is a fantastic game and though there aren't any particular customizations for your rides but having an average storyline with a ability to fly around and taking possession of any driver in the city makes Driver San Francisco different from other racing titles out there. For the best driving experience one should use a good Controller with analog sticks and triggers but still it feels quiet good on your everyday keyboard. I would easily recommend Driver SF to any gamer who is looking for a Racing Title.


Unforgettable Game

billie_boy86 | May 12, 2014 | Review of Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

Assassin's Creed II is the game that started the story of Ezio Auditore one of the most favorite character in the AC's Franchise. Assassin's Creed II was a giant step forward from it's predecessor and improved a lot in terms of Graphics, Control Mechanics from walking, running and climbing and gave the player more freedom to explore the gorgeous Italian cities during the 15th and 16th century era of Renaissance. Assassin's Creed games are very well known for the historical events which they mixed with fictional yet believable story in which players first steps as main protagonist Desmond Miles who then gets into the Machine called the Animus which reads the DNA of him which he can access to the relive the lives of his ancestors as Assassin in order to find Apple of Eden and to fight against the Templars. Assassin's Creed II is also a narrated story driven game but with the freedom and side quests it has to offer makes it one of the most enjoyable game of all times. The Brawling, Counter Attacks and overall the fight system and gameplay has been much more improved from the original Assassin's Creed which came out before it. I would recommend everyone to start playing Assassin's Creed games if they haven't played it yet.


A Must Have...

billie_boy86 | May 9, 2014 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Bioshock Infinite is not just another FPS game like the most of are available out there. Bioshock Infinite give the players to experience a very interesting story with full of twist and turns by putting you in the shoes of Booker DeWitt who go on a journey to save the beautiful Elizabeth from a beautiful world floating in the sky. Bioshock Infinite has amazing artwork and through out the game players will be pleased to see the beautiful crafted world around them. Bioshock franchise has always been famous for their concept which makes Bioshock different from other FPS games. Along the story there are plenty of weapons to choose from and to customize them further to improve them also there are abilities like psychic powers you can use on your enemies to beat them. Once you will go further in the game the battling between you and the foes will get a bit more difficult but not just that you will even have more options to use against enemies to defeat them by using tear power powers along with the combination of your weapons and powers. From Sound Effects to great Voice Acting, from mind-blowing Visuals to Unforgettable Characters, from a great Story Telling to excellent Gameplay with flexible Control Systems... I urge players to give Bioshock Infinite a go and get themselves to experience an epic journey in the world of Bioshock.


Best Game Ever Made

billie_boy86 | May 8, 2014 | Review of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Steam - PC

Yes GTA San Andreas is one of the Best game I've ever played in my whole life. This is the game which I played for almost 5 years since it was launched and I still occasionally play it with tons of mods installed in it to cruise around the world of San Andreas. This game is an unforgettable experience and once your in it you'll honestly forget about other open world games. From amazing voice acting, excellent script writing, memorable characters, intriguing story that will suck you in, intense action in immense world of SA where you can explore from 3 Big Cities to Country Side to the heights of Mount Chiliad and down to the wilderness or spend your time to the seashore or chill out over the beach! This game has so much to offer that you would be spending tons of hours even after beating the several times. The replay value of GTA SA is just so good that it never really gets old.


Near Perfection

billie_boy86 | May 7, 2014 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV Steam - PC

Grand Theft Auto IV might not to be the perfect game compared to it's predecessor San Andreas but it does took a leap forward in terms of Visuals, Handling and Physics of objects in the created world. GTA IV story isn't as intriguing as it was for San Andreas and does not offer much of side activities instead the player will be annoyed by getting the thumbs down text messages on your cell phone in the game which dramatically decreases your relationship bar with your friends and the one's you date. A lot of things has been stripped down in GTA IV like base-jumping, gym etc. The main reason I got GTA IV is due to it's vast variety of mods and the modding community. There are literally thousands of mods lying online for GTA IV from Vehicles to Character Customization to a whole new level in Visual Graphics which actually beats a lot of top-rated games.