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Visiting memories. A true feel of going back in time

binura | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

When the game was first announced, I wasn't so interested because it seemed like another modern Sonic gave being pushed into the 2D action. I take it back, its not. If you have played Sonic games which came out from at least early 2000s, then there is no reason that this game can't bring a tear to your eyes. The presentation of remade old/new stages for both classic and modern Sonic is something that would amaze you. By biggest fear was playing Spagonia (My all time favorite stage) as classic Sonic. I thought the level would be ruined since no 3D action. I've never been so wrong in my life. The 2D experience was so well made, it could even run parallel to the original stage! The levels and everything could bring much nostalgia upon the players. The remixed music can bring you to a stage where you would just stand still and listen. Biggest drawbacks are the story-line and the repetitive 2D parts even in modern stages. The game flows in an arcade style where the story doesn't show much concern. The game serves it's purpose of giving the players a feel of their cherished memories. Not the best game to play if this is your first Sonic experience. but for a Sonic fan, there could be no other game to bring so much memories.