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Good Game

blacklightofday | June 8, 2013 | Review of Civilisation V GOLD (1) - PC

This is a very fun game, which can be played both very casually and very pro. The graphics are nice, soundtrack is also good (depending on what civ you are playing there is different background music). Gameplay is good, with the expansion bringing even more civs and depth to the game. The major problem the game has, though, is the bad diplomacy system, It's not bad in itself, but the AI doesn't manage to make full use of it and so you and some other civ might be best buddies and 5 minutes later he denounces you and doesn't want to have anything to do with you (even though you did nothing to provoke such action). Despite that, it's still a pretty fun experience for people who like this sort of RTS games.


Wonderful non-casual experience

blacklightofday | June 8, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

One of the best games to come out for PC, even if one of thw worst ports, also. The graphics are good, they can't be considered pretty, but they are perfect for the mood of the game. The music is simply breathtaking. All of the bosses have their unique soundtracks, which are recommendet for separate listening, since you will be too busy trying not to die to give them the attention they deserve. Gamplay is also great. It's not that difficult a game to learn, but it is challenging to master. It might take you a while to beat given areas, but once you do, the gratification is immense.


Great Game

blacklightofday | April 28, 2013 | Review of They Bleed Pixels Soundtrack (1) - PC

They Bleed Pixels is a great 2D platformer for those of you who like their games challenging. There are nit that many levels in it, even moreso when compared to, say, Super Meat Boy, but they are also longer than those of the meat. Graphics are not jaw-dropping, but they are certainly stylish. The music is also very good. The gameplay, aside from the jump-and-run mechanics, also has some beat-them-up elements, which are not really complex. I am not sure if it would have worked if they had went for something more complex. You start each level with three hearts and if you lose them, you die. The game also has a checkpoint mechanic, which allows you to replenish your hearts and not start form the beginning when you die. On that note, it is a lot easier than Super Meat Boy, but it is still a formidable challenge to beat.


Prepare to Rage

blacklightofday | April 28, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Super Meat Boy is a 2D platformer of the hardest kind. There are a lot of levels, some a bit easier than others, but most require a huge amount of skill, patience, some luck and a lot of willpower not to break your keyboard in half after dying for the 242th time. There are also a lot of gooddies to hunt down: hidden levels, unlockable characters. The graphics could be considered to be not-so-great, but they do their job of making you fell nostalgic, to which the music also contributes a lot to.The controls are also very precise, making it always your mistake when you fail.


Great Game

blacklightofday | April 28, 2013 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

This is a very good 2D side-scrolling MOBA arcade shooter. Like other MOBAs, you have creeps and mega creeps, you aquire money and buy items to power up your character and there are the enemy towers you have to destroy. Gameplay-wise, the biggest differense between this and other MOBA games is that it is a tad more casual and even if you do not have previous experience, you can still jump right into it. The graphics are very nice and cartoony and the music is good. Every character is unique and plays differently from the others and the all have a unique theme-song which plays when you get a killstreak. The downside are the sometimes one-sided matches due to the drop-in/drop-out mechanic.


Batman Fans, Buy This!

blacklightofday | April 27, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year (1) - PC

Arkham City is a great open-world game with a lot to do in it. Whether you are trying to find out the mysteries of Arkham City in the main missions, speeding to answer the phones or someone dies, or just gliding around collecting riddler trophies, this game is going to keep you occupied for quite a while. And that's when not counting the different types of challenges, which also have leaderboards and the Harley's Revenge DLC, which add even more hours to what can be a very long adventure through the streets of Arkham. It can also be very short, but that would mena you are playing it wrong. Visuals are great, voice acting is top notch, and we get to see a lot of our favourite DC villains and heores (also some not-so-famous ones). Absolutely great game.


Good Coop Game

blacklightofday | April 27, 2013 | Review of Dungeonland - PC

A coop centered dungeon crawler with some slight RPG elements (being able to choose some of your passives and abilities). Great humour, constantly making fun of the classics, starting with the premise of the game and ending with the ridiculousness of the bosses, very lighthearted, despite some "gore" (if you could even call it that). It's definitely not an easy game, requiring teamwork to survive the challenges. It's a blast to play with friends. You could still play it solo and it is still fun that way, but then it loses part of its charm.


Almost a Masterpiece

blacklightofday | April 27, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Nextway - PC

This game is an extraordinary experience! The music and voice acting are great, the story is good (true, there are better, but it still very good and does it's job). The setting is a marvelous mix between steampunk and magic and there aren't a lot of games who go for it (only one I can think of is Arcanum). The gameplay is very versatile, but in it lies the major problem with the game. There are a lot of ways to kill your enemies, but there there are practically only non-lethal ways to deal with them (and later on in the game there is one type of enemy on whom one of those doesn't work). Nevertheless, it is a great game which you should try.