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Changes - But not too many

blackmagemerc | Nov. 3, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

Rome 2 promised a great deal, Live and Fight for Rome, how far will you go for Rome... But ultimately, it delivers somewhat less then the impressive trailers would have you hoping. Rome 2 delivers a classic experience with some changes, the most notable would be the creation of provinces, grouping two to four territories into one lump, and only allowing the fortification of one city. This has interesting results in war, and in the economy (for instance, food production/cost). Rome's army experience has changed as well, now each army can earn different upgrades, and while I did read about reviewers who spoke of, siege legions, and other specializations, that ultimately isn't very effective. While it's interesting to grow your legion, I rarely ever felt as if one Legion would preform the job better then than another based on it's skills, rather it was always what units the Legion held. Some of Rome's late game units are oddly steps backwards (Equities for example, actually have slightly better stats then Legionary Calvary, Eagle Cohorts are weaker then Veterans. ) This is of course just balance items, and Rome has been getting weekly large patches. The game has changed, not in a significant way, but in a way, since release because of these large patches. (Bear this in mind if your watching any campaign footage from release). Ultimately it's another TW experience. Mixed Navy / Army battles are interesting, but perhaps arn't quite where they need to be yet. Like most TW experiences, mod's will add even more life into an already interesting game.