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Gothic still rules over the rpg world ...

blacky | May 25, 2012 | Review of Gothic 3 Gold Edition - PC

Gothic. One word describing a wide range of options that keeps you alive knowing there is nothing as atmospheric, magic and beautiful as Gothic series. Part 3 is a superb game. To be honest, it isn't better than Gothic 2, but definitely better than first one. The nameless one finds himself in Myrtana where dangerous orcs keep destroying the land and small groups of resistance are waiting for the right moments to make surprise attacks on the ugly monsters. You can go everywhere you want, do everything you want and kill anybody you ..want. To collect the plants, or mushrooms? Yes you can. To make potions? Of course. To become a mage, warrior, hunter, or something between? No problem. From green valleys and dense forests, through deep rivers and majestic waterfalls to hot sands of deserts and cold peaks of mountains the player has an unbelievable experience as never so far and so powerful and various gameplay with multiple endings. The graphics are breathtaking even these days ( trees! the trees!) and music score deserves an aplausse, because firstly it is simply the best score in the series and secondly, the music is so kind, melodic, and also romantically poetic. Every true fan of Gothic series should own it and worship it, and every common rpg player should "at least" play it and of course like it. Hmm..what about bugs? Every open world game have it, there is nothing special about that thing ....(Note: The review does not containing the reviewing of the Forsaken Gods)