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Raptor Call of the Shadows

blade416 | Oct. 29, 2012 | Review of Raptor Call of the Shadow 2010 Edition - PC

Raptor: Call of the Shadows, is one of the funnest 2D shooters I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Gameplay is pretty standard for 2D shooters. Your constantly moving upwards on your screen, blowing up anything and everything that moves. Every kill you get gains you extra credits, which in turn grants you the option to purchase bigger and badder weapons to utilize. The graphics in this game are rather dated, but they get the job done pretty well. They are varied enough to keep the game interesting, and the varying map textures are quite good. The game has good replay value too! Multiple options for weapons give you the opportunity to play with different weapons every time you play. My only real gripe with this game, would be the lack of a co-op mode. But considering when the game was released, it's not something that was very prominent back then. Having 27 levels of awesomeness, I'd definitely recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun 2D shooter!


Borderlands 2 does not fail to disappoint!

blade416 | Oct. 22, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA post - PC

Borderlands 2 (This review is copied from my blog) One of my most anticipated games of 2012 does not fail to disappoint! The game starts out with a bang and continues on from there with non-stop action, hilarious characters, and laugh out loud quests! The game starts out by giving you 4 different class options for the player to choose from (5 if you've purchased the Mechromancer pack) ~ the Commando, whose able to deploy a turret the Siren, whose able to freeze enemies in place; the Gunzerker class, whose able to fire 2 weapons at once in short bursts, and finally, the Assassin who can disappear for short bursts of time. For my first play-through I opted to use the Assassin, due to my love of sniper rifles. The game starts out with some pretty standard missions, 'Find your way to this person", "Do a few side quests for that person" but after that, it picks up considerably quickly. The action in this game is very well implemented, if you like games where you only fight one or two people at once, this game is not for you! At various points in the game I would find myself stacked up against fifteen to twenty enemies at once. The game's chaos and randomness is one of its highest qualities. The story line in this game seems to be much better and consistent than in the original Borderlands. The characters have an emotional side to them, as well as active character development throughout the game, which adds to the entire plot line. The humor that is interlaced with the story line is very funny! I found myself laughing from the beginning of some quests all the way to the end. Yes! It is that funny! As far as graphics go, this is a very good looking game. It's cell-shaded, in a similar manner to the original Borderlands, but I found the graphics in this to be tweaked to a much higher level. The textures on the weapons in particular are very good. I also enjoyed the levels themselves, as they were very open and amazing looking! I had no issues with stability in this game. Everything worked as it was supposed to, with no crashes. Now, this was based so far only on the single player aspect of the game. You can play the entire game all the through with a total of four people. The difficulty and quality of the loot drops is significantly higher depending on how many friends you have in the same game. The multiplayer is truly where this game shines. Everything that is awesome in the single player, is made even more awesome in the multiplayer! As far as replayability goes, this game has a decent amount to replay through. There are a total of five classes with the DLC, so playthroughs will have very different play styles, which is a plus for sure. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes first person shooters and RPGs.


Highly Engaging First Person Shooter Experience

blade416 | Feb. 17, 2012 | Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - PC

Modern Warfare 2 is a very engaging and fun game to play, whether solo or with a group of friends. Gameplay:13/15 Modern Warfare 2’s gameplay is very similar to that of previous iterations of the Call of Duty series. Standard first person shooter, with very immersive environments. My only gripe with the gameplay was that it seemed very consolized. All in all though, the gameplay was good. Graphics: 12/15 The graphics for this game were decent, though nothing special. This game looks similar looks very similar to Call of Duty 4, but with better animations. The graphics are good but not revolutionary. Stability: 10/10 Game never crashed, always worked well for me. Sound: 9/10 Sound is good in this game, especially the sound effects for air support. The integrated voice commands in multiplayer can get somewhat repetitive though. Besides that though, the sound quality of everything else is great. Controls 8/10 Controls are your basic WASD first person shooter controls. . For the most part, the controls work well and feel responsive. There was no ‘lean’ function, and during driving sequences, the controls felt clunky; most likely because they were coded with a controller in mind. Replayability: 19/20 The single player lasts at the most 6 hours. Fortunately in addition to the single player there is another game mode entitled ‘Spec Ops.’ This mode lets you team up with another player, and work through missions cooperatively. It is quite fun with a friend. The replayability in this mode is fairly high, as there are a lot of achievements and such scattered throughout both the campaign and Spec Ops. Multiplayer: 15/20 Multiplayer is where this game shines. Points are gained by completing objects, killing enemies, and completing weapon challenges. As points are acquired, one levels up by rank. There are 70 ranks in the game, with the option of ‘prestiging’ which resets your rank to one, which sets you back to default classes, and lets you continue to level up. All in all a very fun experience. Unfortunately the developers opted to go with a peer 2 peer way of hosting this game, rather than your standard dedicated servers. (again, this was made with the console in mind) The ‘host’ is chosen supposedly by whoever has the best connection. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out as it should, leaving you with a laggy game experience. Also finding a game can sometimes difficult as there aren't many of people playing since the release of newer CoD titles. Conclusion: If you’re in the mood to play this game, I’d highly recommend it! Finding a game in multiplayer may take a few minutes, but it’s great fun once you're in.


A Great Coop Game For LAN parties

blade416 | Sept. 13, 2011 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

Killing Floor Review Killing Floor is a cooperative horror survival game, in the first person shooter format. Killing floor plots you against ever increasing hordes of specimens~A laboratory experiment gone horribly wrong. The game offers you 6 different distinct perks. Each one with its own unique abilities. Players can purchase weapons from a local trader in between each round. Gameplay 12/15 Gameplay is your standard First Person Shooter, nothing to special here, except that everything plays out quite nicely. The only major gripe i had is that there is no major story line, every level boiled down is “kill all specimens” But as long as played in groups, the gameplay is quite enjoyable. Graphics 14/15 The game’s engine is based off the Unreal 2.5 engine, so the visuals are fairly impressive, and the game’s ability to draw the many specimens on the screen fluidly is impressive. The textures look great, and the models are very decent Sound 7/10 Sound is pretty good, though the trader only has a few lines that get played over and over each round, which makes for a repetitive annoying mess. Besides that though, the weapons each have their own unique sound, adding to the game’s atmospheric gameplay. Stability 10/10 Nothing bad here, no glitches or bugs that i noticed, and the game hasn’t ever crashed for me. Controls 10/10 Standard adjustable controls, easy to master, and simple to understand. Replayability 14/20 Each perk has 6 levels, and each level has added bonuses to damage, lowered prices, higher ammo capacities etc. To level up, each perk has specific requirements to level up, so this adds some nice bonuses to playing over and over. The games lack of a story adds to the need for higher perk levels. Multiplayer 18/20 Multiplayer is where the game truly shines, considering that all of the perks can complement each other, building a team of up to 6 people with different perks is some insane fun. Enemie’s numbers are highly increased with the inclusion of more people on each server. An excellent game for LAN parties. Overall Killing floor is a fun game for multiplayer, but it can get boring quickly played solo. 85/100 Highly recommended for LAN parties


Co-op First Person Shooter Fun

blade416 | Sept. 13, 2011 | Review of Borderlands - PC

Borderlands is not your standard Co-op game, by any means. It starts off with your standard choice of RPG characters, each with his own unique abilities and skills. From there you traverse the land of Pandora, blowing people, buildings, aliens, and everything in between to bits. This of course, is encouraged by the game's unique weapon generator, there are literally millions of varied weapons found throughout the game. Game play 13/15 Combat in this game is your standard first person shooter combat. You can use rocket launchers, machine guns, sniper rifles, and varied “special” weapons littered throughout the game. Combat is intense, fast-paced, and very satisfying Graphics 14/15 The game’s engine is based off of Unreal 3, and is cell-shaded. Personally, I found the game’s artistic graphics quite entertaining. The graphics were enjoyable and the character models were superb. The Unreal engine does an excellent job in displaying the land of Pandora. Sound 8/10 The sound in this game is good, each weapon has its unique sound, making the combat seem quite realistic. The voice acting was pretty good, though near the end, the enemy NPC’s started using the same lines over, which was repetitive and slightly annoying, though for an RPG, this is to be expected. Stability 10/10 I ran Borderlands on my homebuilt rig, Nvidia 8800gt, and a low voltage, low performing CPU, and the game ran very smoothly. The game never crashed, so 10/10 in this area. Controls 9/10 The controls are customizable which is to be expected in a PC game. The only slight gripe I had with the controls was that the vehicle controls were slightly awkward. About a quarter of the way through the game I became accustomed to the vehicle’s handling though, and found them manageable. Replayability 9.5/10 Replay ability, it’s a big part of RPGs, and Borderlands delivers. On your second play through there will be more loot, and more varied enemies. The storyline remains the same, but with the new loot and enemies I didn’t really notice. Multiplayer 17/20 Multiplayer is pretty straightforward, players can host games locally or online, and play with up to 4 people simultaneously. The game play online is pretty good, as there is new loot and the enemies have more health. A Gamespy account is required to play online. Overall 9/10 Overall Borderlands is an amazing game. The Co-op, the enemies, the loot, and the expansive world all offer much fun to any type of player. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes first person shooters, or Hack-N-Slash RPGs. Score~ 89.5 (rounded up) = 90