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An Enjoyable Game Even with Its Flaws

blt123 | May 27, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA Overflow 1 - PC

Borderlands 2 is a highly enjoyable game that is held back by some annoyances. It wanders that area between good and great, and even wanders so close to the latter that I wish I could give it a bit higher rating. To begin, the game does have a great deal of positives. Weapon variety is a powerful addition to any shooter, and Borderlands delivers pretty well. There are six overarching categories of weapons (Snipers, Assault Rifles, Handguns, SMGs, Shotguns, and Launchers) as well as different sub-categories in each of those larger ones. It should be noted that just because there may be millions combinations for weapons in the game, that does not mean they are all that different. Many are just more powerful versions of a similar weapon, and fire and behave in largely the same manner. Even still, the gun variety offered is much larger than most other games on the market. The addition of co-op play is also a major positive for many, as good-co-op games are becoming more and more difficult to find, but Borderlands still has some problems with its co-op that will be mentioned later. Some other positives include the loot system, which is nice but rather bare-bones, and the enemy variety, which is usually different in most areas of the game. As mentioned earlier, the game does have some annoyances. A very major one is the bullet sponginess of enemies in co-op, especially for three or more players. It can become difficult to take down a single enemy on your own when highly levelled because of this, even with good equipment. It can make the game difficult in an annoying manner at times, especially toward the end-game. Another negative, is some skill placement, as well as only having one active skill. Some skills seem like they are in the wrong branch for a character, like a skill for the gunzerker that allows gunzerking to continue into the second wind chance residing in the gun damage tree rather than the survivability tree. The presence of only one active skill is a minor negative, but it would be nice to see some more minor active skills added past the major ones to add more variety to the combat. One last negative that can be added on is the relative mediocrity of the gun-play. While not bad, it is not really all that good either. Guns don't always feel powerful or weighty, and more work could be done to spice up the feeling of power or variety of the gunplay. Even considering the negatives in the game, Borderlands is still a very good game that almost reaches for greatness. I do think it is slightly overrated, and its flaws should not just be glanced over, if only so Borderlands 3 can be that much better. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone looking for a decently lengthy and interesting FPS with minor RPG elements that also offers an okay co-op experience.