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Where Portal and Psychonauts meet?

blue_award | July 18, 2012 | Review of Quantum Conundrum - PC

Not quite, but you cannot help yourself but draw some parallels. Some science, humor, special abilities, platforming, cartoonish aesthetics, scavenger hunts, extra challenge after beating the game (time trials and optimising the number of shifts...). It's a fun first person 3D physics puzzle platformer, where you acquire up to four different ways to affect the physics and thus what you can perform on a given level (e.g. the first one is the "fluffy dimension", which makes everything on the scene lighter so you can e.g. actually carry all the normally too heavy stuff around; alas, the physics can get wee bit random at times, which may come in your way - on the other hand, try to throw something in real life pricesely exactly the same way a few times). Be warned though, that very large part of this game is about precision platforming and it's just brutal and unforgiving. Perhaps third person perspective would work better for it? Also, take it from someone who has finished the main game: you WILL want the DLCs. Trust me, if you're buying this early - get the seasonal pass. Or maybe even wait until the DLCs are actually released and get whole package then.