Reviews by blueberry10


Eve Online Free Trial

blueberry10 | March 30, 2014 | Review of EVE Online Free Trial - PC

I tried Eve Online for a short time and the game is good, probably one of the best scifi mmo's out in the market, but it's not really my type of the game. Gaming experience can be amazing, but only if you can pass complex UI and days and days of learning the game.


Mass Effect 3

blueberry10 | March 28, 2014 | Review of Mass Effect 3 - PC

Mass Effect 3 is the third and final sequel of trilogy. The game is great, but not as great as previous Mass Effect's, combat mechanics are great, graphics too, and story is like I'm playing some good movie. Bad side of this game is that Mass Effect 3 lost some feeling, like atmosphere in gameplay, which its predecessors had, but overall the game is very good and cheap nowdays to get it.