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New thinking in game.

bluegamer56 | Aug. 2, 2013 | Review of Legends of Aethereus 2 - PC

Right, you got it, great combat(walk not run) beautiful physics and friendly fire and environment use. Crafting out the yeng yang. with a thrilling luck factor, lots of customization of equiptment Character skill tree has many abilities including yells and punji sticks or javelins. Coop up to four players, single player is great, as will as pve/pvp arena. arena may make people thing this is mmo, but I haven't been in KOTH to see how many players max in.(has last stand mode, where you survive as many rounds as possible, fight other people one on one, or, as said, in King of the hill. Visually very nice, has good controls, clean screen and ui.The system menus give plenty of game settings and keymapping. Oh yeah, you die you start quest from scratch again, but you keep the loot you got. same in arena, die and lose what you earned. Game has its homework done, and I hope to see more content added in future, but the price is reasonable for the playability this game already has, and I enjoy it and am always surprised by the game and get good chuckles and scares out of the combat.