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Mortal Kombat is back, it's better albeit a little different

blurr_warun | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - PC

Mortal Kombat is our beloved brutal arcade fighter we've always known, it's different of course but that won't stop you from loving it. The biggest change would be the simplified control scheme which although good, it may not appeal to fans who've been accustomed to most other arcade fighters but it is a welcome change for new comers of the series however the controls won't matter in the long run. Apart from this, the developers introduced a new combo mechanism called 'X ray moves" Once the X-ray meter fills up, pressing the trigger buttons lets you pull off the devastating move which as the name implies gives you an X ray view of the damage dealt. The unreal engine was put to good use with a lively environment and some nicely detailed characters. There have been a few instances of a noticeable amount of lag with everything maxed out at 1366by768 on my 6670 depending on the environment. The game ran with a solid frame rate otherwise. The story mode on the other hand had a complete cinematic make over with a sequence of battles followed by cut scenes. The story starts off with Raiden receiving visions from his future self that guide him in saving the earth realm from the nether realm, you play as various characters in the game to understand their perspective of the events, it gets really intriguing as you learn the consequences of every characters decisions and it manages to retain your attention till the end. It lasts a good 10 hours, shorter if you're well acquainted with every character in the story mode. However the difficulty in battle sequences is uneven and it even seems unfair at times so much that it might prove to be a dent to your experience but it certainly doesn't mean the story mode is not worth looking into. The game is no Mortal Kombat game without its ladder mode and fatalities, in addition to those are the challenge tower and an online multiplayer mode. Speaking of fatalities they are as brutal and gore filled as it can get, characters literally rip apart their foes featuring full blood and gore with decapitation. The game really hits the spot on those grounds. The mutliplayer mode features various modes from a typical one versus one to a new 'king of the hill' mode where you keep fighting with other players until you loose while the rest of the players await their turn in a queue. Conveniently enough the game has 4 player offline multiplayer as well, you can always relieve your MK memories with your friends in this mode. If you're done with beating the crap out of your enemies you can spend your time unlocking artwork and new fatalities in the krypt using koins you earn in the challenge tower and the story mode. There's numerous hours worth of content in the game, rest assured you get what you paid for.