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One of my Favorites

bobramp | June 24, 2014 | Review of The Lost Crown Steam - PC

A mysterious paranormal adventure that I think about regularly even years after playing it, is how I'd sum The Lost Crown up in one sentence. You'll find yourself conducting paranormal investigations, unlocking ages old secrets and ultimately artifact hunting in this strange place where time has stood still preserving all of it's secrets that are even now just out of reach, or are they? The characters are memorable due to wonderful voice acting. Atmosphere, music and sounds make for an immersive experience as well. Like any adventure game, there are some slow spots while you figure out your next move and traveling around the large island can get tedious but it does not take away much at all from the game as a whole. I don't want to give away anything and have kept this review vague for that reason, but I rarely write reviews and decided that this game was deserving of my praise.