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An excellent game

bootss1 | Dec. 19, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

This game really did capture the spirit of the original, and brought it gracefully into a new body. There are multiple ways of solving each encounter in the game and while the take down mechanism did simplify some matters it did not break the game. The only flaw with this edition is the boss battles - they are unavoidable combat encounters. Not so fun when you are making a no kills stealth character. For that reason I would recommend that you pick up the director's cut edition instead.


Three Great games, two average ones

bootss1 | Dec. 19, 2013 | Review of The Stronghold Collection - PC

Stronghold and stronghold crusader are great games - there has not been a game since their release that does the same things they do half as well. Stronghold crusader extreme is Stronghold Crusader with ridiculous unit allowances, if you want to play massive castle sieges then this is definitely the game to play. I have fond memories of playing stronghold 2, but it's by no means a great game. They decided to simulate a whole lot more of the castle economy with stronghold 2, so if you play sandbox/peace mode it is quite a nice game. If your doing the war campaign however it is pretty aggrevating to have economic fails due to your peasants stealing, which means that other peasants start leaving due to lack of food and the only way to solve this is to hire guards and jailers, and if you want an efficient jailing systems you need torturers. But how are you going to afford this? your economy stalled and no new peasants are coming. On what little I played of legends: it seems like Stronghold 2 with a magic system crowbarred into the game.