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Lo Wang quotes, fortune cookies and lots of demons dropped dead

borobobo | Oct. 28, 2015 | Review of Shadow Warrior - PC

This is a remake of the original Shadow Warrior in 1997 and having not played the previous one I can only say that this one rocks! You are Lo Wang a paid hitman using guns,shotguns,rifles,SMGs and of course a katana. That's what makes this game different from the other fps games out there. You wield a freaking katana and hack and slash your way to the top. You are trying to collect 3 swords which are combined to one that has the ability to kill the Ancients (rulers of the shadow realm). You are being helped-manipulated by another Ancient demon because he wants to reclaim his memory and in the end you become friends with him and also avenge his death by his Ancient brother. It has also some rpg elements like upgrading your weapons, upgrading stats and skills which help you slice or shoot faster and deal more damage. Many demons dropped dead and many bosses will kneel before your katana's blade. I played this game in insane mode and although it took me a while to finish it I really-really enjoyed every moment of it. Rest in Pepperonis you ugly demons!! Overall 100/100 and looking forward to Shadow Warrior 2 which is going to be more open world, co-op and more rpg elements.


Decent but not top stealth game

borobobo | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of Thief Steam - PC

Having played Dishonored and loved it a lot, when I ended up playing Thief I noticed the huge gap between those 2 games in matters of gameplay, story, combat system and level design. Well, the story is not bad, on the other hand is quite interesting. Same happens with the level design, the city in which the game takes place is not that bad too, it could have been better and had more points where you can interact with the environment but the whole issue is the lack of options to interact with things so it's your character's(Garrett) fault. The combat system is really silly, there are no big moves compared to dishonored, maybe the developers wanted to make a game not that flashy but mostly realistic. And I almost forgot to mention that you can't jump. You can't even jump a tiny box to get on top of it which sometimes creates some problems. Well, you can grab this game on sale which is the thing I can recommend as of right now but it's not that bad of a game, it's a decent game which deserves some playtime.70/100 by me.


What are games made for?

borobobo | Oct. 23, 2015 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

I chose the above title because a common answer to that question is that games are made for fun and maybe to entertain yourself or just spend your time before doing something else. Well, games are also made to educate you and give you another view on everyday problems of our society and how some choices might affect reality and have bad consequences. Spec ops: The Line is such a game. It's not your everyday shooter game like call of duty or battlefield. It might never be like them but it really has to offer a rich story that in the end will make you question your ownself. Did I make the right decision back then? How many people died because of this? Am I a monster? Were these people enemies or allies? The game has like 3 alternate endings as far as I remember and even though I didn't understand each one of them at first, the creator of the game made it so so that it leaves a gap for imagination or explanation on what that action really is or means. Anyway, it also has some multiplayer deathmatches,co-op missions and other stuff to interact with the community that you can have fun too. Overall it gets a 95/100 from me. And I really hope they make a sequel or a similar game.


Nice game with a Hollywood movie script

borobobo | June 18, 2014 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

Mafia 2 is an open world action/shooter/adventure game similar to that of Grand Theft Auto or Sleeping Dogs regarding the gameplay and free roaming. Though, the story is set in 1940-1950 period it offers an alternative gameplay experience to that of the previously mentioned modern time games. The city is Empire Bay, a fictional city well made by the developers regarding the buildings, sceneries, cars, people and the whole atmosphere in general(some nice songs that your radio plays from time to time are still really popular nowadays). The story of the game is really good and reminds me of many Hollywood movies that it might have inspired this game, with mafias,mobsters,police chases,killings etc. The main character is Vito Scaletta an immigrant of Italian origins who along with his friend Joe Barbaro join some mafia families in order to live their dream and become rich. After a long struggle, many killings of either bad guys or friends the game ends and leaves you with mixed feelings and you don't know if you are happy,sad or just convinced to deal with the way life really is. TL;DR: The game even though it's quite old, it deserves your time that you might spend playing it. I hope I helped :)


A gem in modern pc-gaming history

borobobo | May 4, 2014 | Review of Portal 2 (1) - PC

Metacritic: 95/100 My score: 99/100 Having played the original Portal back in 2011 I always thought it was a clever game with challenging and fun puzzles and a great story. I always considered trying Portal 2 at the first opportunity and so it happened in 2014 a month ago. While playing the game, it starts with some easy and already known puzzles from the original Portal and you think it is going to end soon, but this doesn't happen at all and you find yourself in another place trying to survive and use what you already learnt. In fact, I thought I was approaching the end of the game at about 3-4 times and this is something that keeps your interest in high grade and excites you even more. One thing that you might like in Portal 2 is that innovation didn't stop in Portal 1, you still have your gun with blue and orange portal but there are new cubes and the blue and orange gel that aid you in your puzzles(I am leaving this to be discovered by you :) ) A huge amount of humour in dialogues and animations also give a pleasant feeling that makes you want to play the game for hours over and over again. Last but not least is the co-op mode. Grab a friend and get ready to experience some hilarious moments where you "accidentally" kill your teammate in science or the opposite :P On sales this game goes for a 75% discount at least so it's a no-brainer pick for me. I assure you you are going to have fun playing this game! Hope I helped!