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Ignore the bad press.

bradrg2 | June 7, 2013 | Review of Inversion NA - PC

I really enjoyed this title. It sticks closely to gears of war, throwing in pockets of Zero gravity just to mix things up a bit, even if it is way under utilized. Seeing as how we don't have gears on the PC, it's great to be able to play this. The biggest flaw with this game is that they throw waaaay to few bad guys at you. So you enter a room and may have two, sometimes three guys to kill and then you have to move on. With all the cut sequences it just breaks the momentum somewhat, so you never feel like you're ever in this grand scale war. If they brought out a patch that throws ten, fifteen, twenty guys at you in each room, I would give this another 20 points. Still it's good fun.