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Interesting game - worth a look

britishlad | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of Damned

I didn't know much about this game and I couldn't find many other reviews for it so I gave it a chance and I'm glad I did. I love horror games and this one has lots of scares and screams, whether you're playing alone or with all your friends, this game is great. Despite still being in the alpha phase and in development, the small charge for early access is well worth it. Plenty of games going on all the time. This game will tap into your human fears and bring you back for more again and again. I truly believe that this game can become the multiplayer horror game of its genre. If it wasn't for all the bugs and crashes that still need to be fixed here and there, I would have scored it higher, but it's still in alpha testing and hopefully these minor problems will be fixed soon . Recommended


Good game

britishlad | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Blacklist

Not sure why this game is getting so many bad reviews because this is an excellent stealth game and a fine addition to the series. The Stealth system is so deep,basically they implemented every mechanic that you need in a stealth game.Lethal and non-lethal takedowns,hiding in shadows,cover mechanics,cover takedowns,aerial takedowns,human shield option,you can move bodies(it was fun to throw them around because the physics are great) and of course,huge variety of silenced weapons that you can upgrade. Also movement(walking,running and sprinting) is almost spotless with great animations and controls. Checkpoint system is being used and it feels more satisfying to "clean" the area in one go especially in BONUS/SIDE Missions (yeah BONUS/SIDE Missions that you get from your crew members).

If you enjoy stealth you don't want to miss this. Recommended for fans of the series


Great game and great remake!

britishlad | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

I love the original game and thankfully they kept the same feel of the game with the awesome back button that switches between classic and remastered visuals. The gameplay in this game is fantastic with the awesome new visuals and you can now play the co-operative (online) now, and it didn't feel like "dated" experience and the covenant are awesome, the weapons are fantastic and one of my favorites is the needler gun and there are some new additions in this game like: (skulls, kinect feature (i didn't really got into it but its kinda gimmick) And last for not least, the Terminals)

Overall this an excellent game/remake and highly recommended considering how cheap it is now


Excellent game

britishlad | Oct. 16, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls - Standard Edition

Haven't played a game in recent history that has delivered like Dark Souls. No DLC nonsense or pay for little extras - Just go in and get some. They have delivered again!! Similar to Demons Souls in playing style and fighting mechanics. Monsters are everywhere and are badasses. Word of warning however, if you see shiny stuff, don't just run up to it and try and get it, you are certain to die a painful death. If you do not own a ps3, and haven't had a chance to play Demons Souls no worries. This game can only be compared to the original in terms of game play and atmosphere. Mechanics like I said are very similar to DS but they have added a few extra things into the mix as well. The world is no longer 1-1, 1-2 etc..... they have made it a seamless world in which you are free to roam wherever you choose. Be careful though, because you may just end up fighting monsters 40 levels above you without you even knowing it, well besides death. Tons of new weapons and items to play with. Dark Souls should not be owned by anyone with 0 patience or your controller will become one with the drywall. Highly recommended


Good game

britishlad | Aug. 9, 2013 | Review of Need for Speed: The Run

This game is fantastic! The career mode (A.K.A, The Run) starts off with a bang. You are trapped in a Porsche Carrera and you are about to be dropped into a machine that can kill you and destroy you're car. The person you are playing as is Jack Rourke. He is wanted by the mob because he owes them a lot of money. The first race you participate in is when you have to escape the mob. After you escape, you meet a nice-looking woman named Sam. She tells you about a race that is from San Francisco to New York. That is over 3,000 miles! Making this game the longest NFS game ever. If you win the Run you get $25,000,000 dollars. Jack needs that money to pay off the money he owes the mob. During the run you meet some drivers that are as desperate as you are to win the race. These are called Rivals. They drive faster and more aggressively. I give the career mode a 9/10. The multiplayer in this game is awesome. There are over 20 kinds of race types you can do. Except for the bad-mouth voice chatters and the losers who always want to make you lose by ramming into you, the online component is awesome. And, for all you people who had hot pursuit last year, Autolog is back and better that ever! Highly recommended!


Great sequel

britishlad | Aug. 9, 2013 | Review of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Just completed Uncharted 2. I must say it was a lot more enjoyable than the first game in terms of production values and gameplay. I Loved the snowy mountains of Asia, a great change from the first game of jungles. This game was very well written and I found myself enjoying much of the dialog in the game. I laughed out loud a few times lol. The game play still remains the same from the first game, platforming, shooting, puzzles and treasure hunting. All up their game this time around except for the puzzles which are still fairly easy. The shooting part of the game is way more fare this time & it doesn't take forever to kill one enemy. The game features a lot of different enemy types and weapons that are really fun to use, of course you have your foot soldiers and special ops mercenaries, but you also have heavy armored giants, helicopters, tanks & mutated snow beast to fight in this game. The story picks up some time after the first game. Some characters from the first game return for this game., but this time around you start the game from the middle of the main story. Nathan Drake is stranded on a wrecked train, after the first act it goes to the beginning of the story where Nathan is asked for help by two old friends to help them break into a museum to steal a lamp. The very contents of this lamp will lead them to various locations in south Asia looking for a mysterious stone and a lost city. Its fun adventure, too bad the game is a linear game because once you reach certain parts of the story you can not go back to treasure hunt. The treasures of this game are very well hidden. Sometimes you even have to shoot treasure down that are stuck in the ceiling, that how well hidden they are. The makers of the game were very creative with the plat forming and there were many shocking and unexpected moments to enjoy. I will be starting on Uncharted 3 very soon & so far of the first two game this one is the best adventure yet. Great game


Fantastic sequel to an average game!

britishlad | Aug. 9, 2013 | Review of Killzone 2

The first Killzone was an average which was nothing special nor memorable however this sequel is excellent! I remember watching the opening scene for the first time and saying to myself, "Wow this game looks so amazing" and it keeps that level of visuals throughout the game. The sound is top notch which I expected nothing less than that with all the hype the game got. I just don't find the story to be all that captivating and it really left me with the feeling of "I just don't care what happens here". The gameplay feels heavy. You feel the weight of your players armor as you run, jump, turn, and aim. It isn't a bad feeling at all, just expect it to take a few minutes to adjust if you are used to games like Call of Duty. Overall I would say this is a game worthy of a purchase if you are a fan of FPS's or just like looking at beautiful graphics. I love how they made the game not look like every other game. This game is grey and dreary and it doesn't feel like you are on earth like most other games. Highly recommended!


Good game but just for the fans

britishlad | Aug. 9, 2013 | Review of One Piece: Pirate Warriors

I really like game however it's just like any other Dynasty warriors kind of game. Hundreds of enemies to take down in every zone/territory in each level with the freedom to choose which territory to attack next. This can get old quick because you can use the same move over and over and over etc. The trick is changing up how luffy and crew attacks the mops of enemies, that's the only way to keep the mid level battles interesting. But when it comes around to boss battles those can actually become a challenge later in the game for instance the fight Vs Buggy not that hard, but the fight Vs Lucchi a lil bit harder. Having the ability to play through each crew members part of the adventures is a fun alternate route of the game with each player having their own unique moves showing up on screen, Each player having their own specials that are used straight from the manga hit your screen is a highly addictive feature. The challenges' add a mix up of what ifs and make you think before jumping in to duke it out with many different bosses.

So all in all this game is for those that are One piece fans, if you are then this is a must have, getting to use the crew and all the different boss battles they face is a lot of fun. And for the non One piece fans that happen to want to pick up the game I would recommend taking some time to read some of the manga or watch the anime to get a better understanding of the story line, and see how each other crew members develop on the journey. It's a great game for the fans but others may find the game a little tedious and very repetitive!


Great game and great fun with friends

britishlad | Aug. 9, 2013 | Review of The King of Fighters XIII

This game is really fun playing against friends. My friends and I have spent hours upon end playing this game and haven't got bored yet. A majority of this game is played in teams of 3 in elimination style matches, so there isn't any hectic ridiculous combos with 3 character like MvsC3. Story mode is interesting, but there isn't any voice acting (my biggest flaw with the game) and the dialogue disappears to soon. If you aren't a fast reader, you won't know what is going on in the story mode. It was a terrible thing for the developers to do.

But the rest of the game is solid. Arcade mode has different endings, and you can choose your own teams of 3 in arcade. Best thing to do is play arcade mode with 3 friends and each person picking their own fighter. You can change who goes first, second and third after each match so you all can take turns. And you are only allowed to play with your selected fighter, idk, it's the way me and my friends play arcade. You have to reach 2,500,000 points by stage 6 to get to the last boss too. The game offers many game modes such as survival, time trail, and challenge mode. You can customize character's colors too. And there are 30+ characters to choose from, with just about all of them being good. Even the bigger guys are quick enough to be effective.

It's just a good buy if you are into fighting games. It's my personal favorite fighting game this generation. Highly recommended espically now that it's very cheap!


Good game

britishlad | Aug. 9, 2013 | Review of Tekken Tag Tournament 2

I love Tekken, but the series seemed to have went downhill a bit. Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament 1 are near perfect, and its hard to choose which one is superior. My problems with this game is the fact its too much like Tekken 6. Which is the reason why I dislike it so much; Tekken 6 introduced a bigger emphases on juggling which has completely ruined the game. You can spam the same move over, and over, and over without letting the other player get a chance and gets pinned in a corner and basically can drop the controller. It seems like that in the Offline modes, but its bearable to an extent. But when playing online it is unbelievable. However, what really made me sad was the Pair Play mode is only playable on the same screen. It would be amazing to be able to have Pair Play online; 4 different people, in different locations having a 2 VS 2 match would be a blast. Too bad, but apparently the reason is because there would be overwhelming lag. A good game but not great - only buy if cheap or a big fan of the series


Amazing games and fun for all the family

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

We all know what star wars is, and what Lego Star Wars is, but what is Lego Star Wars gaming. You probably know that from the last two entries in the long running Lego Star Wars series, but if you don't, this is the best place to start!

First of all, this game has got the best multiplayer expierience in a while. Every level, even if it messes with the Star Wars story a tad bit, has 2 player in it. However, what if sky walker wants to go to the left, and yoda wants to go to the right? There's just nothing that you really can do about it, but decide which way to go, and listen to the other player moan and complain because he wanted to go the other way. That sucks for him.

Now, this game has the coolest thing. 6 x 6 levels! 36 levels in all, 6 for every star wars movie! That, plus over 200 characters, a few extra levels, ten lego ship parts for level, super part pack to be earned for every level's challenge mode, all of that to buy, and a gold brick system. That means if you want 100% complete, it's gonna be a long time before you get it, which means the price you would buy this for, is totally worth it!


Fantastic sequel to a fantastic series!

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Dynasty Warriors 8

I love the Dynasty Warriors series and this game is fantastic and one of the best in the series. The game has polished graphics (though not Final Fantasy quality) and awesome gameplay. If you're a fan of the series you will love this, they listened to player response and improved in many areas. Great maps, unique move sets for ALL players, improved attack combos, counter system to add strategy, and they finally fixed the horses!!! I always used to wonder where my horse was after I called it, and jumped around it trying to get on. Now you hold the button and jump right on as it runs toward you. The Heaven, Man, Earth paper rock scissors style system keeps things interesting and is new with this version. The challenge is there for people who wish to up the difficulty, there's very easy, easy, normal, hard, and chaos. Don't expect smart AI, just increased/decreased stats.

The voice acting is well done though doesn't exist for the briefing screen. I wish it did but the rest of the voice acting is well done for the most part. The ambition mode is interesting and keeps you wanting to upgrade your facilities. Story mode is similar to DW7, and retains coop play both split screen and online. I haven't even hit the "What if?" scenarios yet, but I expect they will add some welcomed replay value, looking forward to it. It's not revolutionary, but it mixes things up enough to make it new and interesting to all Dynasty Warriors fans.

If you're new to the series there's no better place to jump in than Dynasty Warriors 8! Highly recommended for fans and non fans alike!


For for fans only!

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Deadpool

This game recieved mostly negative reviews from critics and gamers however If you are a Deadpool fan then this game is a solid pick-up. It is a throwback to old school beat-em-ups and has gameplay like God of War or DmC. The writing is done by Daniel Way, the same guy who writes the Deadpool comics. So, you can be assured that Deadpool is done justice. If you don;t like the or know who he is then do not bother picking up this game. If you are expecting a revolutionary game that changes everything then you are going to be disappointed. It is a very niche game for a specific audience. Does that make it bad? No. It makes it one of the best games to come out because it is specifically tailored for fans and doesn't care about non-fans. I recommend this game to anyone who loves Deadpool but no fans not so much


Fantastic game and the best in the series!

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Hitman: Absolution

Hitman Absolution is in my opinion the best in the series. It showcases some very well-constructed scenes. Controlling Agent 47 is very intuitive and easy. Another feature that is awesome is the instinct feature. With instinct, Agent 47 can detect enemy locations in surroundings, blend in when under disguise to avoid suspicion and the best being the ability to use instinct to point shoot. One can either play Absolution or Contracts. In contracts, you can either play featured contracts or even create your own contract for others to play. All in all, for all Hitman series fans out there, Absolution is a must-play. In Absolution, the game starts with the mission to kill Diana. All in all, Hitman Absolution is a thrilling edition in this series and I have so far enjoyed every minute of the game. Very Highly recommended!


Great game and better than Mario Kart!

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed: Limited Edition

Is this the best kart racer this gen? Yep. More importantly is this is a collection of all things Sega. Sega has always been a step behind Nintendo and it is good to see Sega come out with a greatest hits type game along the lines of Fighters Megamix. As for the game story, just racing. Everyone knows how the system works. You race other racers on tracks littered with weapons and speed pads. Sega through in a few time trials for good measure. However.....your car can turn into a boat to run on water of a plane / copter to fly when you run out of land. The boats are a bit floaty by design and the air vehicles feel natural with a bit of touchiness when you go up and down. The weapons are sadly a little on the boring side and actually hitting the target takes a bit of skill. The difficulty is well balanced however some of the later tracks are a tad easier than some of the earlier ones. Speaking of the tracks they are the best looking tracks in any kart racer. Period. There is no argument to be made. It looks fantastic. It looks so good in fact that some tracks like the "Nights" course or the "Samba" track are so cluttered it gets a tad confusing. Also the track design seems to be either a tad to simple or a tad to complicated. Some are trail and error. Not a deal breaker but it needs to be mentioned. But they look great - I highly recommend this game for gamers who love Mario Kart and those sort of games!


Great game and great fun with friends

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Colin McRae DiRT 3

I waited for Dirt 3: Complete Edition so that i could play with the classic cars and have additional trophies for the game. So Dirt 3 is a great game with spectacular graphics and the car sounds are great. The split-screen is fun playing cat and mouse with friends and hiding and let the other player find you :). The story is based on seasons, you have 5 seasons and each season has 5 chapters in it and each chapter has about 6-7 episodes (races). As you level up you get new sponsors that will give you more XP than the others if you choose to race with that sponsor but you can always choose another sponsor to race with. The Gymkhana is fun and not that hard and you have free roam too as you finish the seasons you'll unlock new zones to play. I haven't tried multiplayer because there is no one playing Dirt 3 online. I think it's a pretty good game to get when you get bored of the others and from time to time play it. I haven't finished the game yet but when i get bored i play it. If you like Racing Games Dirt 3 is definitely for you.


Good game

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Crash Time 4: The Syndicate

As soon as i started playing this game, i knew i was in for the long haul, it sucked me right in. The game is very easy to pick up and play with no real experience of driving games as it's so simple.

The graphics are very realistic and the engine noise is great, you get a real sensation of speed, especially when using your boost button.

I would say this game to anyone who likes driving games or just fun in short or long bursts. Overall this is a very satisfying game but I wouldn't buy the game until it's a bit cheaper


average game Mortal Kombat clone

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Injustice: Gods Among Us

Upon firing this game up, it's pretty evident right from the beginning that this game is very similar to many other games of the fighting genre, namely Mortal Kombat. While the usage of mostly iconic comic villans and heroes and their appropriate levels is fun and interesting, it certainly doesn't make this game stand above the rest. With all the usual aspects of a fighting game ranging from signature moves to interesting character intros/outros Injustice : Gods Among Us holds it's own in the wave of fighting games and is far from unplayable or bad, however the few differences ranging from alternate costumes and more or less interactive environments don't give it the extra mile it needed to go in order to not be called a Mortal Kombat clone. The game is fun, and if you're looking for a fighting game besides M vs C 3 to step in the suits of your favorite heroes this is the game, but if you're of no particular intrest as to who you are fighting with, there are better games out there.


Great game

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

The game is good follows the anime , so if you missed out on the anime the story mode in this entry will defiantly fill you in what you been missing but beyond this their best one yet ,but graphics could have been bit better I mean there good but stating that they look like the past games but can't complain and this one has add-ons but! Lets hope there characters but overall this game is a 8/10 in my eyes cause most fighting games these days are mostly the same or doesn't bring anything new to the genre but naruto does since it's different from other games and does its own type of gameplay witch is good and people that haven't go their hands on the game should reach out and get this it's worth the money and time , plus if you a fan of the anime this is what you need right here , so good story , multiplayer , and big roster even though a lot of them are the same people but good game


average game

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Street Fighter X Tekken

Let me start off by saying the following, this is not a bad game. It is a good game. Arguably, depending on your views on characters and system tweaks, the best of the recent bunch of Street Fighter games. Personally, while I prefer the super system in this game compared to the super/ultra system of the Street Fighter 4 games, I am not a fan of the gems system and think this is just too much faffing about. This is a minor point however. My main gripe is that after decades I'm getting sick of being ripped off by Capcom for the same game over and over again. There was a time that it was necessary for Capcom to keep bringing the games out. There was no online updating, if they wanted to give you new characters or a tweaked system, the only way to do that was through a new release. However that time has long since passed. Gone are the days of several iterations of the same game being necessary. I would probably be more enamoured with this game if I hadn't played SF4 and it's tweaked counterparts. But it feels like I am playing the same game, again, with a few rather inconsequential tweaks (to the core gameplay) and new characters to satisfy a fanboy's wet dream match ups. It runs on the same engine as SF4, and like SSF4 and Arcade Edition before it (which, granted, WAS available as a download update) could have just been available as DLC. I don't think releasing these games as separate with separate sets of achievements is value for money and I thank god I rented instead of bought or I'd be pretty miffed. I'm also sick of crossovers involving tag fighting. I just want to see Akuma and Heihachi go at it one on one please. Oh and then they've changed the tried and tested formula of incapacitating both opponents now, so instead as soon as one goes down the match is done. I'd still be a massive Street Fighter fan if I was getting decent time between vastly different games (eg SF2, SFA, SF3, MvC, SF4 would have been a nice spread), but I'm getting tired of it now.rnrnSincerely, a hacked a off Street Fighter fan. I supposed others will enjoy this game but I can't be the only one whose getting tired of cash ins.


Not as good as the previous games

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of SSX

Compared to SSX3 this game isn't as fun as the others in the series where you could go to big air or half pipe events and even most of the levels on SSX3 had that big air fun on this SSX you just fall off the cliff an its all over not to mention the AI level is WAY to high for even people who have followed the series an I don't get the point of the rewind option when it doesn't include the other player. I can understand in Trick It levels an even multilayer. I just loved the others from getting new broads racing down the mountain with a 60% chance of coming first on this new SSX the AI knows where to go an "If" it makes a mistake it still has a big chance at winning like it had infinite boost. On the others it wasn't a problem falling off the the map on this one they seem to want it to happen there are just to many cliff holes to do any tricks off especially on the deadly descents it kinda feels like a huge glitch when you cant even change the difficulty (I think they were trying to hard with the 9 DD) one more thing is you cant get any gear that's better if you want a really good one you need to spend over 1 million creds for one to pop up. Levelling when on level 4 or 5 slows down by 80 %. To me SSX tricky an SSX3 are still the best. I hope the remake them into HD so we can play on the 360

The new SSX is only fun if you turn down the AI by 15 to 20 % and take away the 9 deadly descents. or put the abilities in SSX3 as combos an ways to out trick out ran out race opponents. If the new SSX had more of Tricky an SSX3 where levels are out of this world like one of the levels on tricky I would love it. It's worth getting at a cheap price or you are a fan of the series


Great game but has some issues

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Rocksmith

As a very new guitar player, I put Rocksmith to the test. It was a bit intimidating at first but with plenty of patience I was able to learn the basics. In the journey mode, I felt that the game was pushing me through the songs very quickly instead of letting me master them first. I found this quite difficult since the songs are very different from one another. A better option would be to allow for me to choose a song I like and guide me through playing it perfectly instead of at Rocksmith's satisfaction. In addition to this, the automatic difficulty adjustment can throw me off my rhythm when it increases speed and notes in a completely new section of the song.

Otherwise, it a fairly impressive introduction to what I hope is a long running series. I hope future editions are more beginner friendly without taking away from experienced players.

Pros: - ability to take lessons learned away from the console - soundtrack - mini-games

Cons: - no manual control of difficulty - journey pushes the beginner through many songs too fast - freezing issues with PS3. Common problems in forums. No correction/response by Ubisoft. - load times and frequent tuning can test the gamer's patience

If you can get past these problems then you will love the game!


Fun game

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of those TV shows that I used to love, and today I can't barely stand it when is on TV, I could rant for hours about how terrible it is now but I can't be bothered however this game has some really amazing writting and a very good story that made me pick up the old respect the I had for the series.

The game starts a little slow and to me it felt that it was going to be a very easy ride, which by the way, the game is very forgivin, there's no space for frustration since if you end up dying you'll respawn right on the spot. The writting is so clever that they even mention that, and how todays games remove a lot of the dificulty that older generation games used to have.

Theres a great variety of levels and game play and an extensive exploratory component where you can find collectibles to unlock special features and level up the Simpsons. So oberall it's a quite well balanced game modes and ways to play it.

I will strongly recomend to give this game a try, it was refreshing and brought back my love for the series and you can find this game for very cheap, it took me about 14 hours to go through the game, taking my time to collect as many items that I could, so you're investment will pay off.


Good but not great

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Risen 2: Dark Waters

This is a good game but nowhere near as good as the first one. With that being said the combat in the game has improved quite a bit. Which was one of the major complains most people had. Risen 2 immersed me in its atmosphere, with it's amazing characters, music, and graphics. There is really not much to say here, I don't know why I liked this game so much, I just did. It was such a joy to explore every new island and talk to the npcs. I loved the enemy variety and the different items you could find. Even though the boss fights were so simple I still liked the overall variety.

Obviously there are some problems. The biggest one is that the game doen't take full advantage of its setting. A customizable ship with actual sailing and sea battles would have been awesome. Also more land to explore would add to the immersion of the game. And while the story was nothing special, I actually was quite impressed with the way it was told. It's a good game but it could've of been better


Good game

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of Tropico 3

Tropico 3 is a fun simcity style game from Kalypso that has incorporated some decent new features to the genre. You play as El Presidente and you rule a small Island nation in the Caribbean during the cold war [much like Cuba] . You can either support the U.S or U.S.S.R, issue many edicts like birth control, conscription, style of media and many others. The game is quite good at simulating a economy and also in construction.

The target audience is definitely casual as it's cheeky graphics and humor does not take itself too seriously, so most edicts and buildings are flat and only effect your current popularity. You can build an army, however you cannot invade and they only act as backup to your police force. You also can have a secret service, and they act basically as tipsters. You can arrest or even kill other political faction leaders and members, so having the three departments are a waste basically.

There are rebellions that are nice to watch, these firefights are not elaborate, as a handful of characters run about making pop shots at the other, so it will remind you of gangland style of fights rather than military ones. I just wish Tropico wouldactually took itself seriously and had more mature themes and simulation. As it stands, it's a nice casual economic and popularity sim that's a nice breath of fresh air on the PC and Xbox 360. Recommended if you enjoyed the first two games


Good expansion pack

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | Review of The Sims 3: Pets

For a while fans of the sims have been asking for the sims 3 pets, the sims 3 seasons, and the sims 3 university. now, ea have answered their calls by giving them the sims 3 pets, a delightfully animated and rendered expansion pack . since getting the expansion, just yesterday i've been playing it non-stop. from the momment the sims 3 was released i've wanted this expansion and it hasn't dissapointed in any way. firstly, the new gameplay features are super cool... rearing a horse for the first time is something that you never forget, i mean the horses are just so much fun to have around, you can simply watch them run, jump and gallop around quite happily if you don't want to go deeper into the experience. but if you do want to experience more of a horse-centric existence you can do so. if your sim is skilled enough you can ride around town on their horse, and even enter competitions. i'm only really mentioning the horses cus that's really all that's completely new to the sims in this expansion, which is both a good and bad thing... if you've played the sims 2 pets expansion before, you'll pretty much know and already have experienced almost everything in this pack, but if you have never played the sims 2 pets or you simply want pets in your sims 3 game then it's the perfect expansion!


The weakest in the series but still a good game

britishlad | July 14, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider: Underworld

Overall this game finished on a high note, but too many single glitches/bug and gameplay problems prevent it from being great game. They are 8 chapters; Prologue, Mediterranean Sea, Coastal Thailand, Croft Manor, Southern Mexico, Jan Mayer Island, Andaman Sea and Arctic Sea. As you can see, all are pretty different locations, and I like that because you get more out of the game. You can run, swim, drive, climb and it never gets old. But on occasions it got boring, single parts where your running around for ages or your stuck on a single puzzle for a while, it gets boring. Another annoying thing is the amount of times I got lost and in the end had to reload the level. I was sick of the amount of times I just didn't know where I was or I found myself either going the wrong way or going in circles. The game was also full of annoying glitches. In levels 4,5 and 7, you come across this strange blue gooey water. If you fall in it your supposed to die and restart from the last checkpoint but at times I fell in and stayed alive. This got more annoying as when you fall in you can't get out again and you end up restarting the game from the last checkpoint, but to do this you have to save and quit and that takes at least a couple of minutes, and because of that there's no real pace to the game, everything's stopping and starting, stopping and starting. It got seriously annoying when in level 4 (Southern Mexico) I fell in the goo and had to save and quit but when I restarted the game, I actually kept re-spawning in the goo and dying. I couldn't even press the menu button, so in the end I had to restart the entire game again! On the good side, the graphics were excellent and that's just as well because you'd expect them to be in all the exotic locations you explore. You got to experience all of Lara's tricks, you got to use a grapple hook, kick moves and athletics, jumping and good shooting with both hands when you use the pistols, just like in the films. On a down side, the puzzles got repetitive after a while and some of the puzzles too hard. But I liked the way the game took a risk with the story and wasn't afraid to make it 'over the top' with all the different creatures and magic of the story. Overall I'd recommend this game but buy the 'Tomb Raider Trilogy' because if you buy this game separably and the Trilogy, you'll end up with two copies of this game. But if you are going to buy the Trilogy and your not a full through Tomb Raider fan, I'd recommend renting this game (Underworld) on it's own to see if it's your cup of tea, as the games are pretty much the same, just with different stories, puzzles and locations or purchase at a cheap price


Good game

britishlad | July 14, 2013 | Review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

It is very easy for me to compliment this game, good gameplay, graphics & a lot of good aspects to the career mode to keep me occupied for hours on end, but I cant help but feel that this is a like it or hate it game. I am young, love watching & playing golf, as well as spending hours on my PS3, so this game was well suited to me but i feel if one of the previous statements is untrue for you then you might grow tired of this game rather quickly. Putting aside personal aspects though the game is truly brilliant, its physics are very lifelike and so are the players & courses, and the list of courses is almost never-ending, which is good for me because it means there is more likely to be an easy eagle around the corner on a short par 5 or easy 4, so overall very enjoyable and realistic, but definitely try before you buy with this game or get it at a cheap price


Even better than the second!

britishlad | July 14, 2013 | Review of Skate 3

Skate 3 is one of those games that comes around very rarely. It is just a blast to play! Without playing any of the challenges, you could be entertained for 40 hours, easily and it's even better than the second game I really enjoyed the second game. I do not nor have ever skateboarded in real life, but try to play this game at least 30 minutes a day (since it came out!) Whizzing around the huge world you are given, doing any trick your heart desires, it is impossible not to smile. The game is done with such class and style, too. The clothes and boards available are nothing short of amazing, and there are many to chose from. Personalities of pros and other skaters more than make up for the protagonist's lack of, well, talking at all. I have been waiting to write this review for a while. Just one of the best games out there, and it deserves it's high score! Very highly recommended!


Excellent sequel

britishlad | July 14, 2013 | Review of Skate 2

I really enjoyed the first Skate and Skate 2 has a great story, great graphics, and great sound but it has some added things that aren't that great. Skate 2 runs basically just like Skate 1 but with more tricks and you can get off your board which is awesome. The game is realistic which is great but I think they went overboard on some things. The game still takes place in San Vanelona but security got tighter so now there are more no skate zones, a lot of great skate spots have caps on them so you can't grind and a lot of pools have water. You can call people to remove the caps and drain the pools and hire big black if you need to get some stuff done in the no skate zones but you have to pay for it and if you get knocked down by a security guard in that area the caps will go back on the rail and the pool will be filled with water so you have to pay more and those are the reasons why I didn't give this game a perfect score because it takes away the freedom from the first game. Other than those skate 2 is great. You still have death races; own the spot, the game of S.K.A.T.E. the story is basically the same as Skate 1 with going into the skateboard mag and thrasher then eventually getting on the covers, getting sponsored, and winning the San Van-A- Slamma. You can also move objects to create skate spots which are a nice touch.

Overall Skate 2 is an awesome game and shouldn't be missed by any skateboard fan or anyone that liked the first game. Highly recommended


Average game

britishlad | July 14, 2013 | Review of Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary

Dracula: The Last Sanctuary is naturally quite reminiscent of Dracula Resurrection, with a connection so tight that the second begins with an ending cutscene from the first. Some later settings also look identical to those in the initial effort, and once again you play the role of Jonathan Harker trying to save his love Mina from Dracula. But Dreamcatcher has clearly listened to user feedback: this second release takes a lot more time to finish than its overly short predecessor, and it has more places to explore than just the three settings in the first. Moreover, unlike the original where you hardly interacted with Dracula at all (he just lurked menacingly in the background), in this sequel the best known vampire of all time is now more directly at center stage from beginning to end. This game is average and very dated (poor graphics) I can only recommended the game if you are a fan of the series to be honest


Cool skin

britishlad | July 14, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2: Assassin Stinging Blade Pack

Out of all the new skins I rated this one the highest mainly because the head looks really cool and the body looks awesome aswell. If you are only going to get one skin get this one!


Fantastic ending to the trilogy

britishlad | July 4, 2013 | Review of Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 picks off from the dramatic ending of its predecessor. Marcus and co. are in dire straits and when things get bad to worse, they have to take the fight to the Locust in a bid to salvage a future for the rest of humanity.

The campaign is an emotionally charged affair and will have you in tears. Cole reminisces about his days as the "Cole Train". Dom reflects upon Maria, Marcus wants to be re-united with his dad. The voice acting is still first rate and it all makes for an incredibly engaging campaign with plenty of replay value!

The multiplayer is the most robust, varied and exciting offering in the trilogy yet. Throwing in a new Beast mode helps freshen up the familiar online play. It's a shame that the game was not changed from the ground up in terms of gameplay mechanics. Though, Horde has some improvements in the way of earning money and using it to build fortifications. The basic gameplay has not been improved upon.

Regardless, Gears of War 3 is a resounding success. A game which ends the trilogy on an almighty high note.


Great sequel

britishlad | July 4, 2013 | Review of Gears of War 2

This game starts off right from where the first part ended. The enemy is same but the mission is different. This part had a amazing starting with you taking the action right into the mother land of the locusts. The whole was very done and really draws into the game and story! As far as i am concern the starting of game sets the tone for the remaining sequences with you driving into the motherland of the locusts with a whole army. As the counter attacks begins your team mission is differentiated from the rest of the army with your doing the major jobs (as expected).

The weapons are majority the same but there are few interesting additions such as flame gun. As the game progresses the game difficulty level remains the same which is much appreciated by many gamers. Though have to say the difficulty level decreases in last couple of sequences specially the last one. But never the less it was an amazing ride till those sequences even in those last two sequences you get to ride the most dangerous weapon of the enemy and destroy all their bases.

Overall this is a fantastic sequel and worth getting


Good game but requires patience

britishlad | July 4, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite V2

If you like sniping games then this is for you. The beauty of this game is the in depth attention to detail, making a kill requires patience and skill, not just a quick lining up of the target. The in game bullet cam and x ray are also superb. Its quite satisfying seeing the bullet rip through an enemys body. I waited for the game of the year edition and am looking forward to the online content. There are a couple of minor niggles, the AI is a bit erratic and you can't open doors and going Rambo will get you killed quite easily. However these are only minor issues and don't spoil the game. There are plenty of weapons to choose from and lots of challanges and awards, which is always a nice touch. Might be interesting to go back to the early levels now to get a better score and try a different strategy. All in all this is a great game.


Great game

britishlad | July 4, 2013 | Review of Halo 3

Halo 3 was the conclusion of one of the best trilogies ever created (obvousily not anymore). The comeback of the assault rifle was unexpected yet brilliant. Gameplay is satisfying. The storyline is somewhat gripping and keeps you playing the game. The fact that the Arbiter is by your side throughout this campaign is another cool thing about it. Visuals still look pretty good for a six year old game. The gameplay is unchanged from the previous games and some of the missions you feel like you've already experienced in a previous game (meaning that the campaign felt a little rushed) Overall though, a phenomenal game.

If you enjoyed the other Halo games, you should enjoy this one. You might be disappointed at certain points of the game but overall, it's a good game. It did have some other unexpected turns and twists that you just couldn't be expecting. It makes it well worth the run through the campaign. Considering the really cheap price this is a highly recommended purchase!


Good game

britishlad | July 4, 2013 | Review of Inversion

This game could have been better, there's lots of potential there for it to be better and there's a lot they could have done with it, but overall it cynically copies the formula of other Cover based Shooters and comes off as a fairly generic and reaction to this game hasn't exactly been fair or balanced, instead of judging the game for what it is, a solid if generic cover based shooter like Gears of War, this game has been judged for what it isn't, innovative. Judging it as a cover based shooter, it provides a solid experience, the story is actually decent even though the voice acting is at times a little hammy, and the multiplayer is at least fun and rewarding but sadly not many people are playing it due to the fact that the isn't highly known

King of Gravity is intentionally imbalanced and fun, other multiplayer match modes are standard and exactly what you would expect from a cover based shooter.

Covering the story, I won't spoil the twist but it explains how and why your planet is being invaded, and ties everything together fairly nicely. It isn't that strange a twist as far as sci-fi games go, this is after all an alternate universe, an alternate earth, judging it by how absurd it would be given our real world space program is missing the point.

Is this game worth buying? That's debatable, it actually is a solid game with fun multiplayer and the price is likely to go down, at the very least this is definitely worth a rental. If you have nothing else to play, check it out.


The weakest in the series but still a good game

britishlad | July 4, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty 3

Call of Duty 3 is a good game but out of all the Call of Duty games (including the expansion for the original) It's the weakest in the series

The singleplayer is intense, fun, and short. The story has you playing has four different soldiers throughout the game. The characters in the story are not very interesting though and neither is the story. When a character dies, you won't feel attached to them. You'll just want to get on with the next objective. Call of Duty 3 does do a good job of making you feel like your just a tiny part in this war. Instead of making you feel like the unstoppable hero that can't be killed. Overall - the single-player is good but not aswell polished as others in the series

The mutliplayer, however, is tons of fun. It's a class based mutliplayer game. You can choose from a scout, rifleman, support, and many others depending on your playing style. The maps are large and balanced. Up to 24 players can play on a map. The mutliplayer isn't for those who are looking for a game that will have unlocks and such. It's for people who just want to get away from all the hardcore players in games like MW2. The mutliplayer is great fun but since it's four years old online is probably dead now but the game is still worth trying if you are a fan of the series


Eight years old but still an excellent game!

britishlad | July 4, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty 2

I love the Call of Duty series and I have played every single one of them and Call of Duty 2 plays very well, kudos to strict quality assurance from the developers, with tight combat and varied challenges that are always engaging, despite the overused WWII FPS theme (at the time but not anymore). For those of you who've played Brothers-in-Arms, you would notice familiar scenarios and squad-based tactics involving house and bunker clearing, with the occasional heroic moments. These "flip-the-odds" moments are well scripted into the game, and I especially appreciate the sniping part in the Silo mission, as well as signalling for arti strikes, and I think you would too. Also, there's a scenario where you have to chase a tank that's running from you and your sticky bomb, I'm serious.

The tank missions, though brief, provide a good break from the running, crawling and jumping. Like the first game, you get to shoot stuff with a few cool gun fixtures, such as the Flak 88 and AA gun, but I feel it would be nice to be able to use more variety of such stationary weapons, as a sequel feature.

Nevertheless, the soundscape is as immersive as ever, bringing WWII to life, and the visuals still look good today in 2013 even though it's dated, because the game just feels timeless. A masterpiece yet again. Highly recommended


Fantastic game

britishlad | July 4, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty: World at War

So look, we have all taken a controller and played the mess out of a Call of Duty game. Although if you are like me and played Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 as your first ones well we had some great experiences. Tempted to try another branch in the series to find any difference and well, I must say, it was amazing. You felt apart of history and all together it was a great feeling to go through in the storyline. The voice acting/sound is excellent and the soundtrack is amazing!

I felt we basically all had the same guns, for the fact of you know, shotguns, snipers and ect. They were not super powered or that deadly, it only became deadly if you were good with it which made it great.

The maps also have to be my favorite so far, they are great. Really catch the essence of war which I must admit, a lot of Call of Duty games feel like gun fights just running around shooting and then quick respawn back to your map which easily you have explored.

Excellent game and very highly recommended


Excellent game and Very addictive

britishlad | July 4, 2013 | Review of Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is about a nuclear explosion is Washington DC, and a guy who is born and raised in the vault, and after (without warning) his dad leaves the vault, and the overseer at the vault goes crazy and tries to kill your dad and you, you escape the vault, and explore the wastelands. You discover lots of cities and towns, you kill mutants, monsters, and raiders and much more creatures, you can also choose whether to be a good or evil character, this is a game where your actions really impact your character's stats and reputation in the game, but you are looking for your father, while blowing away monsters and humans, searching towns for info, and much more.

The Good: wherever you save, you re-spawn at the exact spot you saved at, a huge variety of really cool weapons, a feature that allows you to zoom in on monsters and humans with your weapon and you pick a body part of your enemy to shoot multiple times, and you accept and watch the slow motion, gory, satisfying, damage you do on your enemy, fallout 3 is HIGHLY replayable, you can choose what you characters strengths are (strength, chemicals, explosives, medical, etc.), good looking graphics, many different, neat looking environments to explore, overall a very fun game.

The Bad: if you forget to save at certain parts, you may be re spawned further than desired; this can get frustrating, and i did encounter some annoying freezes and glitches.

However besides these problems this game is amazing and definitely worth you're time!


Good but not great

britishlad | July 3, 2013 | Review of NBA 2K13

Nba 2k continues to put out quality games. This is no exception. The problem is that when you put out a new game every year it gets difficult to improve on certain aspects. While putting jay-z on was definitely a way to sell more units, gameplay is the foundation on which real gamers weigh whether a game is truly an improvement. The right stick seems rather cluttered now. This means theres so much going on with it many times you dont know what move you'll pull off. Also defense is virtually impossible. You'll notice that players with the ball on fast breaks are typically way faster than the defender. These are two glaring issues I have found. Hopefully a patch can correct certain aspects of these pitfalls. Outside of these issues the game is decent but because of these issues it feels somewhat arcardish and lacks realism - If you can get past these issues then you will enjoy this game


Old but still good

britishlad | July 3, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Battlefield 2 for the PC is one of the greatest multi player games out there. But this series now heads over to the X Box were they change the game a bit. Is this a good change or a bad change? The answear is bad change. Thou this game still has a pretty good multi player, it has a bad single player. This time around they try to make it feel more like a single player rather than a bot mode. The single player fails to impress, but is the multi player really fun, and will keep you entertained for a while..

The multi player is pretty fun though it takes some time to get use to. The guns are hard to use, and they waste amo fast. The vehicles take some time to get use to. The weapons are not as cool as the PC versions are, there is actually fewer kits and so far I have not heard of any unlocks. The maps are different, but the PC version has the best maps. But the battles are intense, and some of the maps are pretty fun to play on.

The graphics look pretty good....back then but they are dated now but the sound still sounds pretty good. The PC version of Battlefield 2 has really amazing sounding sound, and that does not change for the Xbox 360 version.

Overall if you want a good (and cheap) tactical shooter for the X Box 360 then you should give Battlefield 2 Modern Combat a try


Average expansion pack

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of The Sims 3: Showtime Limited Edition

Don't take me wrong, the game is fun! It just does not have enough to offer to the game play itself and introduces a load of new bugs and glitches. I was exited for this game and I still play it now, but there could be so much more to the game than there is. The carriers are great and the feature of you designing your own stage is fun. There are a lot of Create-A-Style objects in this game (hairstyles, clothes) and even more if you get the Katy Perry limited edition, but the stability of the game has gone down dramatically. I have never experienced my game crashing before Showtime but now my game crashes now and then. It might not seem like a big deal, but if you have worked hard on your carriers and the game crashes - you lose everything and have to start over. It got to the point, where i had to use cheats to make my carier go back to the level it was. The town it comes with has the whole "Hollywood" feel to it and it is enjoyable, but i found myself going back to Bridgeport after a while. Go out and buy this game if you like the idea of stardome otherwise don't bother


Good expansion pack

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of The Sims 3: Supernatural Limited Edition

I found this rather easy to play since i have other sims games, i caught on to the game quickly. The graphics and general display of the supernatural scene have been made to perfection with no bugs along the way! I hope they bring another one out like this! It is a excellent idea for a Christmas present for the young ones! The features of the game could of been done with a bit more work but other than that all is fine. The creatures that lurk in 'the other world' are rather intriguing. From witches to fairies, they really have covered all myths from the paranormal side. I would love another adventure game like this. If you love the sims and want to try something slightly different then I highly recommend this expansion pack


Good game and highly underated!

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of WRC 3

This is a very good game. The graphics are miles better than WRC and WRC2, but the feeling of speed is so great in this game you'll be looking so far ahead that you won't have time to notice. Yes, the cars feel a little light, but they feel no lighter than they do in the DiRT games. The way the cars move around is very realistic, and frankly i'm happy than 1 missed braking point, or an over-enthusiastic tug on the hand-brake can mess your time up and force a re-run (i turned off that "flashback" thing as soon as i loaded the game up). Good. That's the way it should be. Also, a lot of the many stages (i think there are 13 locations, and 5 or 6 stages in each) are quite long, up to around 6 or 7 kilometres, so you can quite easily spend 4 minutes or so on a single stage, which is miles better than the 1 1/2 minute stages on the latest DiRT game and means that each stage is a lot more immersive that on those games. It's not a sim, like the old (and, for my money, greatest) rally game, Colin McRae Dirt (the first one), but it's certainly closer to that than it is to being a Sega Rally arcade game. If you like proper point-to-point British / European rallying, get this game. It's enormous fun, looks great and is very realistic.


Fun game

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of Tales of Graces f

This is a wonderful game that has lot's of surprises that make you want to play just a little bit more, then just a little bit more. The integration of other Tales d.n.a. and the wonderful way it brings back some of the old characters from previous Tales games is delightful. It's a breath of fresh air when it comes to the jrpg genre and I for one am so glad to see it. The game is polished and flows nicely. The combat has been tweeked with some new mechanics that make it fun to try to hit the combat bonus'. The story has depth as well as originality with enjoyable characters, it never gets dull or boring. I don't remember having to grind or repeat areas to try and overcome a certain boss either. Over all its good fun, will make you laugh, and I hope it is not the last we see of more games like it. Also the special edition includes lots of nice extras


Very good game

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of Risen 2: Dark Waters

I surprised at the many negative reviews I found on other websites of this game because I found Risen 2 Dark Waters to be much more entertaining, cinematic and engulfing than Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout and Dead Island put together. Additionally and most importantly I believe Risen 2 Dark Waters is lot more fun than any of the rest of the RPG's out there which I've had the opportunity to play.

Risen 2 Dark Waters is focused on a theme which I LOVE. Risen 2 Dark Waters looks clean. Risen 2 Dark Waters is uncluttered with organized quest logs. Risen 2 Dark Waters' GUI is just right and never gets in the way of immersion. The graphics are great though the animations are a little weak in places such as cutscenes

Yes, Risen 2 Dark Waters is a great game and highly recommended


Excellent game with lots of content

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 9 is a great addition to the already infamous series. It has a great roster with very detailed characters, a story line that had me playing for hours at a time, and an amazing tag team ladder that my brother an I couldn't get enough of. Plus the DLC characters are extremely unique. Test your might and test you strike were interesting challenges and test your luck is just plain fun. I wish there were more retro costumes, but there are some very good ones. I especially like how Noob looks and his part in the story line. Ermac is back with a whole new look and so is Striker. The Krypt is an interesting idea that gave me chills for a week. The best part though was definitely the fatalities. Between gruesome stage fatalities and hilarious babalities I was addicted to those finishing blows. Fun game highly recommended considering the very cheap price


Fun game

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of Sorcery

Sorcery is a really fun game to play and It's really easy to get into and nicely immersive thanks to the intelligent use of the PS Move. Graphics are good if 'cartoony' and the sound effects and music are atmospheric.

The magic system is enjoyable too. Before you have time to get bored with one set of spells, you find a 'nexus' to unlock a new set, and finding new spell combos is fun - as is finding how the spells are affected by environmental features such as fire pits and wind vortexes.

It's got good replay value as you never have enough money to purchase the ingredients to get all the potions, and some choices of path you take mean you can't raid every treasure chest in the game... At least not on your first run through!

The weak points are the storyline and a lack of imagination with the magic. Story-wise, you don't feel you have an objective, you feel as though you're stumbling along, reacting to things as you go. Magic-wise, you've got a wand but other than making a specific gesture to switch between each type of magic (Arcane, Ice, Electricity, Fire, Wind, Earth) you only need two other gestures - flick to attack a foe or wave to activate the secondary spell. I'd have liked to have been weaving some intricate patterns with the wand to cast additional spells, with the more powerful ones requiring more intricate, longer patterns to learn and complete, making the game more tactical and a little more 'RPG' than it is.

That said, it's good fun (Please note you need move controller for this game)


Good game but very repetitive

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of Warriors: Legends of Troy

This game was overall a good game but this game is a pure beat em up game you repeat the same thing over and over and over until the end of the game.The thing I thought was stupid was that you varied in characters including Achilles , Hector and other soldiers from GREECE AND TROY.I don't understand why you defend both countries so I was kind of confused playing during the game.I don't understand which side you were on during the game either.Another issue I had with the Legend of Troy game was how they left their topic a lot which also got people confused such as one minute it will talk about Achilles and Greece and then you will be Hector and then do his story which I really did not like in this video game. Also the boss fights in this game I thought were horrible every boss fight felt the same which was like a beat em up.I just don't understand why they made the boss fights feel no different then the other boss fights or the main boss fight in the video game.And the last issue I had with the Legend of Troy video game was that the difficulty of this game was very easy and barely gave you a challenge during this game and the same thing with the boss fights they gave no challenge or trouble while playing the game. It's a good game but only for a few hours


Great game

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of God of War III

The God of War games are fantastic and this second and final (probably) sequel has it all, GOW gameplay, very elaborated graphics, music and story and a fantastic sense of epicness. After playing all the other installements of the series, it's hard to get really excited about the final installment of the God of War saga, so if I had played this before any other games, This will probably be a very close 10.

The game really starts with a big bang and there are quite a few new implementations to keep it fresh and different from the others. It's especially graphic and very gory, entering quicktime sequences in first person view was really something different and enjoyable to watch. There are a few different enemies that feel quite unbalanced but it's not impossible to beat the game. I played it in Hard difficulty from the start and after quite several trials I was able to go through the whole game. The challenge modes that are unlocked are a good way to extend the life of GOW3, and the extra features unlocked give you a good look into the production of the game.

Overall it's a very solid game, top notch and really impressive magnitude from beggining to the end. Since the new GoW came out, it was the perfect time to play through this game. Higly recommended to anybody who likes well crafted games.


Fans will enjoy it

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Being an Ace Combat fan, and playing every game, I thoroughly enjoy flying around and blowing stuff up. My favorite being Ace Combat 5, Assault Horizon nearly makes it up there with 5. Yeah Assault Horizon isn't that great, but looking beyond the bad there is some good. The highly detailed planes, the locations, and the combat, all make this game not that bad. Making great use of HD, the design team gives us some pretty darn good looking planes. The locations, always cool to fly around and check out. And the new combat is sweet as well. When looking at the story, you've got you're typical protagonist and antagonist. It's one of those cliched stories where a bad Russian dude is trying to take over the world. Typical yes, but honestly how bad can it be? Overall Assault Horizon is not a bad game But I would recommend the game only at a cheap price


good game but hard

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

This is a great game but I'm not sure if younger gamers will enjoy it because it is a hard game in places. The "missions" are relatively easy but the boss battles take a bit more time (and they tend to wear out your fingers too). With the 4 boss battles I've done so far, when you get beaten, you don't get thrown back to start the battle from the beginning. This was frustrating in one of the earlier games but it makes it a bit easier to get through them in this one. Other than that these adventures are excellent and very satisfying to complete. I particularly enjoy playing as Sly and Bentley. The graphics and animations are first rate and some of the mini games inspired. Highly recommended


Great game

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of DmC: Devil May Cry

It's been a while since we have had a DMC game but now it's back with a new look and a host of weapons and abilities that make DMC a complete blockbuster. Sometimes through the game you might just feel that Dante has been awarded way too many powerful weapons to kick demon ass.

Some of the enemy design like the Dreamrunner, blood rage, ghost rage, butcher etc is excellent. The enemies wary in numbers and variety and always keeps you on toes. Most of the enemies could be easily dealt with using the Aquila or Arbiter which are very powerful weapons and the combos that you can pull off with the upgrades is just too good. Nothing better than entering a room and slicing through demons using various combos of weapons and dodges.

However, the boss fights are way too easy in the game with the exception of the very last one, which is just a bit challenging compared to others. Dante fights the main villain Mundus in this one and Vergil makes his way back along with a couple other characters.

The level design is beautiful and the jumps and leaps you perform using angel and demon pull are also awesome. Some of the more complex parts of the game involve using a variety of moves, jumps and pulls to reach the next area. The side missions are fun and challenging, perhaps more than the game itself. You can get decent upgrades up there. The storyline is nothing special and the new Dante is cocky as hell and some of the dialogs are just plain stupid and kiddish and the average voice acting doesn't help either!

But what makes this one a winner is sheer gameplay. The brilliant fun and satisfaction you get through ripping across a demon horde of various size and numbers is satisfying. The enemies are smart and provide challenge when you face various types in one room. Some of the enemies take damage from a particular type of weapon only, so when more of these different enemies are put together, it makes for a great fight. Highly recommended espically now that the price has dropped!


New cotent and more bugs!

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | Review of The Sims 3: World Adventures Expansion Pack

This expansion pack has three new places to explore (areas mimicking China, France and Egypt) along with new hairstyles, furniture and clothing to buy (most of their style reflecting on the place your sim has purchased them from) and new skills to learn (photography, kung-fu and wine making), this expansion pack can easily add on around ten hours up of gameplay.

But there are also plenty of new bugs introduced. Ever since this expansion pack was downloaded on my computer, my entire game (not just the add-on cities) began to suffer from lag. Also, relationship status changes after a visit to one of these vacation points. For example, I had met a girl over in the place who I had liked and had the status as my 'girlfriend', entirely disappeared off my contact list when I went back to Riverville.

All in all, this is a very good game and fans will love it butto the majority of us who cannot ignore the tirsome bugs, I would recommend a pass (you cannot rent this game for it requires the new world adventures disk to play once you downloaded the game...even if you choose not to access the new places). Recommended if you can get past the bugs and long loading times


Amazing game!

britishlad | June 22, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Game of the Year Edition

This game is over six years old but it's still a fantastic game and very fun! The game play in top notch, with each gun feeling real in your hands. Enemy AI has improved a lot,so has squad AI. You'll even see squad mates throwing back grenades with supreme fluidity. Sounds have gone up too, and it never felt more war like, ever. Play this game for the terrific experience more than anything else. Yes the single player campaign is pretty short, but its that crisp short campaign that makes this game so memorable. It doesn't really have many drawbacks,but yes,the campaign could have been longer. With Captain Price by your side (during the SAS missions) and glorifying game play presented through terrific graphics (which still look great today!),it feels as if CoD have been doing this since ages. Highly recommended


update of the original

britishlad | June 22, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Tomb Raider has steadily grew into one of the most popular games in the world. With millions of copies sold for each game, why not remake the original? You play as sexy explorer, Lara Croft. You are sent around the world to retrieve all three parts of a legendary artifact, which a woman named Natla wants. From Greece to Egypt, Lara travels in full speed, climbing mountains and battling ferocious mythical beasts.

The controls are great and take no time to get used to. Lara can perform amazing acrobatic skills on poles, ledges and tightropes. A large trademark for the Tomb Raider series is the puzzles. Some puzzles are damn right frustrating, while others require the lightest thinking.

Tomb Raider Anniversary is a must have for any Tomb Raider fan or any old school remake fans. Highly recommended for fans and fans of the genre


Good sequel to an excellent game!

britishlad | June 22, 2013 | Review of Portal 2 Classics

Portal was a game that reinvented gravity and dark humor. It was a short game but did not outlive it's welcome. Portal 2 created new mechanics and extended the length of the game to liven the experience. In Portal 2, Chell is dragged back into Aperture Laboratories to fight for her life again. She finds a new companion with a recognizable voice, and his name is Wheatley. The voice acting in the whole game is great, and it truly feels like a first person experience. The portal gun is the best thing invented since sliced bread. More chambers and tests are available, as well as Easter eggs of Ratman and the turrets. You just have to find them. Portal 2 has recreated the word teamwork. As two robots, four portals are needed for puzzles. Highly recommended espically for the co-op mode!


Good has fantastic visuals but poor gameplay

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Shift 2: Unleashed

This game has fantastic graphics! Visually the whole experience is refreshing, the cars are modelled well enough although I've seen much better, the same goes for the tracks but where Shift 2 stood out for me was with everything else. Bits of tarmac and tyre rubber are strewn across the tracks and are kicked about by passing cars, crash modelling is very nice with parts falling off and panels caved in. Crash animation is also impressive, think Burnout but a little more realistic and you may get an idea of what you'll experience. Sadly the game is let down by poor gameplay, or more accurately, controlling your vehicle. The adjustments are extensive including steering, throttle, brake and clutch sensitivity and deadzones, but whatever settings you settle on your vehicle always feels like it's racing on ice. Same goes for tuning, Engine, body, steering, suspension, turbo, nitros, visuals, racing mods and tyres(including tyre pressures) are all upgradeable and adjustable, but again you cannot get a setup that feels like a race car stuck to the tarmac.

In conclusion, it looks great, it sounds great (repetitive music but outstanding sound effects), but it plays awful. Which spoils an otherwise potentially great racer.


Good game but very easy

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Gran Turismo 5

I never really understood why gran turismo 5 is popular? It took 2 days for this game to start be boring... I mean, in GT 2, 3, 4 you had to do licences first and then buy a cheap car. Start making money through basic races, tune it, and by painful and long way you could have afforded better and better cars But in GT 5 I got Mitsubishi for free at the beginning and after 2 days I have skyline, dodge viper and a lot of other fully tuned cars and every day I get new cars for free! Why did they make this game too easy? I chose "full damaged" but never even got a scratch. If you crash into another car or sides of the road, almost nothing happens... It takes hell of a great space in HDD but it still loads long. The in-game music is terribe and if you decide to choose your own, you have to do it every time you start the game. Also the game has some glitches and bugs which ruin any fun this game has. It's not a bad game but it is a very big disappointment.


Good game

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Need for Speed Most Wanted

This game interested me in the previews - The concept of an open world racing game has always intrigued me. I get the freedom to find all the stunt jumps, run though the rear fender of a police car and disappear in a high speed chance. This is why I play need for speed, not because I want a realistic car that requires me to slam on the brake down to 30mph to take a sharp turn, but because at 85 mph that same turn looks really cool as I simply bounce of traffic for traction. On to the point, I rented this game and I'm glad I had my turn playing it. In the week I had it I took down almost all the Top Ten Racers and demolished their cars with glee. the key to how quick you can beat this game is what makes it that much harder to 100%. You start in your Porsche (or Maserati if you don't like the 911 as much as me) and simply drive through the town looking to GTA on some high (and low) class rides parked with key in ignition just begging for a joy ride. I think I unlocked 80% of the available vehicles, including the F150 Raptor, Land Rover, and a series of rally cars not seen in most driving games. It's a good game and I highly recommend considering the game is dirt cheap


Good game

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Crash Time III

It's a good game as far as crash time goes , single player cases are fun, but some time annoying. The mission's are some what the same to what you are used to in the crash time games , drive as quick as you can from point to point , stop the bad guy and do some random racing. the multi-player is much the same as the last crash time. There is a good choice of race tracks/ routes in this game as they was in the other games, also there is a good choice of more then 40 different cars and trucks and the sort to drive much like in the other crash times. For single races and multi-player games i fine racing at night fun experience, as for me half the time you can't see the track which is always fun. As for the graphics in my opinion are better then the last 2 but sound and game play is much the same. There are at least 500G achievement easily available on this game for a little effort. If you like the last two i'd buy this game and considering how cheap the game is on green man gaming I definitely recommend getting it!


Rubbish game

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Agricultural Simulator Historical Farming [Playfire]

This game is not worth you're time and you need a really good PC to run it despite the average graphics! The company changed the interface to their farming francise. Previous versions used a menu system. This system is a clicking-style interface. While the new interface is better in terms of micro-managment it is terrible when it comes to physics.

The game was release with many bugs. A few patches have been released however, after several attempts to question about further support I receive no responses. The developer has a history of dropping support for previously released games which are also bugged-riddled.

I cannot recommend this game - purchase Farming Simulator 2013. It is more stable.


Good game but a simulation game

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Airport Control Simulator

If you're looking for an Airport Control Simulation, this isn't it. This is more of a casual game of landing planes all by yourself, so you have to guide each plane's speed, altitude and direction, and aim for the runway and it is a very good but it's a shame it's recieved a lot of negative reviews

Once you bypass the notion that this is a simulation of you in an air traffic control tower giving orders, and then hoping the planes do your requests obediently, then this is quite an interesting game. One plane's easy, you just put your finger on the plane, bring altitude down low enough for the runway, guide it towards the runway, and slow it down enough to be able to land. Now try it with two, then three, then seven! Now it gets a little like a puzzle game, which do you go for first, which ones next.

The only negative for the game is the penalty if the plane gets close to the edge of the screen. Granted, that's not where the plane should go, but some maps have the runways very close to the edge of the screen, and that loses it a star - although the cynical amongst us would say this is intentional, try to land a plane with limited moving space, and get a penalty if you fail on the challenge. Well, it still loses the star, as you get the penalty if the plane hits your HUD on the screen as well!

Otherwise, this is a puzzle game, not a simulation. Understand that, and if you like puzzles, then this is a good game to enjoy.


Good game but no single player component

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Sail Simulator 5

This is game is very well made! The simulation is very nice looking (in terms of graphics and animations) and the game play is good and realistic, but there's no option for racing computer opponents. The only way to compete is to find and join races on the Internet which depends on other people being on-line when you are and racing the type of boat that you want to race and this game doesn't really have much of an online community sadly and without artificial opponents, I got bored with this simulator pretty quickly. Only recommended at a cheap price


Fun game and great price!

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Slamit Pinball

I like pinball games, even if I am not a very good player. It's the kind of game you can load on your laptop, play for 10 to 15 minutes (unless you are a good player, in which case you play much longer), then go back to what you were doing before. It's a great stress reliever! The presentation of the game has been done very carefully. Music, sounds and graphics are all top notch (better than most of the pinball games actually on the market).

Ball physics, although realistic, is a bit odd at time. A few times I was expecting the ball to slow down, but instead, it bounces an obstacle and increases its speed. But that does not happen very often. Most of the time, the ball reacts correctly, and in some case, even better than other games (like ProPinball or FX Pinball).

Nudging is also very funny. You can SLAM you keyboard, or just use the DPad of your gamepad. The table jumps accordingly on the screen, as if you hit a real table.

The game offers only one table, and fortunately, I like its design. In fact, I prefer to have a pinball with one good table, rather than a pinball with average tables (like FX Pinball). The goals of the table are not easy to find, but it's still fun to play.

Sadly the game crashes from time to time. It crashed two times on me. It was frustrating since I had a big score both times and there are no patches to fix this game but despite this problem I think it is a very good pinball game for the cheap price on gmg!


Average game

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Hellforces

This game isn't as bad as the reviews I've read but it is a hard game even on the easier difficulties! game play is decent,and the graphics I would put on par with The Suffering.Physics did surprise me,as trash lids fall off when they are knocked over,and you can shoot through fencing,and through the body of a zombie with his guts missing. The Soundtrack is pretty cool, upbeat and driving.It is a "been there done that",shoot the zombie and run like hell.But not real buggy,as some of the recent titles I've tried.I wouldn't pay the international shipping to rush a copy to your door,but if found in a bargin bin,or picked up online for a 20 or less,not a bad filler if your waiting for the next big first person shooter. Recommended at a cheap price


Good content but not really worth it

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Crysis 3: The Lost Island (EU)

This is a good dlc package - The new maps are great and the two weapons are fun too easy and a great addition but sadly there are not many people who are playing the multiplayer at the moment and most of the fans (like me) of crysis 3 wanted a single player campaign dlc but sadly this is not the case. Also this dlc is way overpriced for four maps and a couple of weapons. I only recommened getting this at a cheaper price


Great game

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition

This game is worth being played. It reflects a great idea about "what rpg games should be" The unlimited sets of weapons and armor , give the players a big field to choose from , if it was a dagger or a nord great sword .. It influences players and leaves the choices for them .. Skyrim is truly a game that takes players back to the middle ages and let them experience the old battles and how they were fought (i know the game isn't based on earth but it feels like the middle ages) and let players enjoy the good taste of triumph . In my opinion , this game has so many levels , you can go off fighting dragons , or you can get married and built a house from scratch (Heathfire).The graphics and animations of this game are also truly amazing, you can feel the breeze of the cold mountain because it looks so realistic and so close, and characters have a great moving engine which allows players to see the emotions of the characters and the sound (voice acting/music) is also excellent! I highly recommend this fantastic game!


Good game

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Expeditions: Conquistador

This game is one of those turn based games you don't see often anymore. Which makes it a an interesting expierence but it's not for everyone because this game requires patiences and thinking. How many games of this type gives you option to choose your party,manage your party,have elements like hunting,guarding has very good AI and in some cases it can be a bit to much challenging especially for casual players,but you can modify difficulty and even on normal (and most likely on easy) its very satisfying,my point is its very in-dept strategy game and it has wide range of options both for casual and old hardcore players who were dying hard for challenge.

Also you need to worry about random events like disease,you need to worry about supplies especially food,because you can't venture and explore without it and not raise rebellion among your followers and a lot more.

The story is pretty good and there are standard perks like leadership,tactic now every one of them including diplomacy is important,because depending on which you choose it will affect your character and at the end there is moral element in the game.

Graphics are nice for a turn based strategy game and it keeps a retro look and it still look like modern game.There are a lot of feature and they did very good job with tutorials and tooltips so with a little of reading and watching illustration you will learn mechanics and features in no time... Good game


Fantastic expansion

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | Review of Rising Storm

Red Orchestra 2 was an excllent game and this expanision pack is even better! The game itself is all about multiplayer, up to sixty-four players in one game at any given time you can never find the action too little at any given time. Based on the battles of the Pacific Theater during World War 2, players battle as either the Empire of the Rising Sun (Japan) or the United States of America (USA) replicating the most famous and otherwise infamous of battles toward the end of World War 2 including Iwo Jima, and Guadalcanal.

With maps this large, the battles take players from front line to front line either defending or attacking in a series of brutal assaults. The layout of these maps is amazing to say the least. Maps you want to have the best graphics cards for to soak in the pure beauty and creativity around them.

The Gameplay itself is creative and carries on a system from its predecessor that is highly rewarding and welcoming for careful and tactical play. Players can choose between a variety of classes and in a realistic sense a limited scope of weapons based on the character of each player and their ability to play as a team.

Highly recommended


Just as fun as the other Lego games

britishlad | June 12, 2013 | Review of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

LEGO games are know for two things, 1) the charming humour, 2) the friendly accessibility the games deliver. This game still stays with those trends. LEGO Batman 2 sees you return as Batman trying to stop The Joker and Lex Luthor from causing chaos in Gotham, though Batman soon realizes he must request the help of Superman and The Justice League to stop them. The game has some cool features going for it, like the addition of the batmobile and other types of vehicles. Also the whole city of gotham is nicely detailed for a LEGO game. Through the city you can find gold bricks to collect, as well as other characters and vehicles. The story itself is actually pretty decent for a LEGO game considering its not based off of a movie or t.v. series. Though the game has issues with the gameplay. The driving is a bit of a headache and it takes a while to get used to, the same goes for the flying mechanics on certain characters. Also the fighting seems to be broken at times. The fighting in every lego game is easy, you just hit a button and your character attacks, but for some reason in this game when you attack certain npc's it doesn't damage them or they don't die. Overall LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heros is a fun game that has a few flaws but not enough to disrupt the fun. Great fun for all the family and highly recommended!


Great game and great fun for everyone!

britishlad | June 12, 2013 | Review of LEGO Lord of the Rings

Just like every other game, LEGO Lord of the Rings is just plain fun and made for everyone. If you have played various other LEGO games you will realize that it is the same year after year, kind of like Call of Duty. Except LEGO games have a different story each time, with different elements that don't feel the same. This time you are playing through the entire LotR trilogy, the only downside to this is that the story length is pretty short (4-6 hours long), but that is made up for the detailed LEGO world of Middle Earth that you can free roam and find various missions, items, treasures etc. There is a lot of replay to be had with this game and I found it to be surprisingly longer than any other LEGO game I have ever played. There is also one small detail that can be a little odd. The game uses the audio and dialogue from the movies. So when the characters talk its exactly the same as from the movies. It takes you out of the game at first because it doesn't match LEGO characters, but after a while you get used to it, and forget about it. Overall this game is extremely fun and worth playing for any fan of the LEGO series or lord of the rings.


Harder but better than the original game

britishlad | June 12, 2013 | Review of Dragons Dogma - Dark Arisen

To make this brief if you enjoyed the original you will likeluy enjoy this expansion pack but be warned it's even harder than the original game. It surprised me with enemies that I cannot challenge at all which made me I run away to fight another day. I loved how they are trying to mimic Dark Souls in many ways which you'll see for yourself if you play the game.

The creativity in hiding secrets in this game is astonishing. At one point I had to cling to a succubus in order to reach a high area which was unexpectedly hidden and can not be reached other ways.

I can summarize the game into the following points: - finding secrets are so much fun and rewarding. - unique combat system. - challenging enemies. - Alchemy and crafting is so much fun. - Continuously changing party members never gets old. - One of the best character creation I've ever seen.

Excellent expansion and well worth the cheap price


Good game

britishlad | June 12, 2013 | Review of Dragons Dogma

I really enjoying this game but at first it was difficult to find my feet and learn the ways of the game and fighting smoothly. But after a while and understanding the game play, using pawns, and the special attack system, i really got into the game it because one of my favorite addictions. I decided to pick the staff at the start of the game to become a mage and i made the right chose. As the story progressed and your skill levels enhanced from fighting the amazing systems creatures you were able to purchase spells and attacks with the points you earned from battles. I was amazed how graphically rich the game and fighting was i loved using spells like Maelstrom and Levin to destroy all my enemies. My favorite monsters were the chimeras and cyclops to fight but i also loved the harpies and goblin groups all over the world map. It was fun and exciting and the battling system with your three pawns was really interest and intense to play at times. The graphics and sound are good but nothing special. A great game and if your up for a long interesting adventure then this is a perfect fantasy game for you - Highly recommended


Good but not great

britishlad | June 11, 2013 | Review of Remember Me

I really enjoyed this game for the most part. It is a good console-kind of an action. The best thing in this game is definitely the story. After just finishing blockbusters like Crysis 3 and Battlefield 3 (a bit late on this one), the story of Remember Me really made an impact on me. At least I can tell you what it was about after a few days pass (unlike the other 2 games I just finished).

The idea it is focused around is pretty interesting and somelike of the movie Inception but instead of dreams, the focus here is on memories. The graphics are excellentand the sound is good enough to keep you immersed in the story. The city it is based in is called Neo-Paris and is very interesting and beautiful. The story keeps revealing twists so you don't want to stop playing because it keeps tingling your curiosity even though the unvarying battles and jump and run gameplay are a bit simple. Good thing they are not long enough to bore you.

The gameplay itself is nothing new with the exception of the combos. Fighting is pretty straightforward with one button for dodge, and 2 buttons for 2 attacks. The attacks can be linked in pre-made by you combos in which every hit gives you some boost (dmg, heal, etc.) Battles are really easy with the small variety of common enemies and a few bosses which are also as easy. The other part of the gameplay is running,jumping and climbing on some edges and stuff in the city which is extremely easy. You have a pointing arrow thing which shows you exactly where you have to jump or go in every moment so very little time is lost in wondering. This is the biggest con for this game. It is very very linear. It is a pity having such a beautiful environment as Neo Paris and not being able to roam even a little in it. This is shame but other than that this is still a good game


Dull game

britishlad | June 11, 2013 | Review of Police Simulator 2

I must admit I have only played this game for a couple of hours but probably will not put it in my PC again to be honest. The description makes the game out to be reasonably exciting and fun game to play but it's a chore and a bore to play. The graphics are ugly and the music/sound are poorly done. Maybe if I had persevered with it a bit more the latter stages are a bit more entertaining but I won't be giving it that chance.


Fun game

britishlad | June 11, 2013 | Review of Euro Truck Simulator Gold [Playfire]

Euro truck simulator is a fun game! You start out by picking which european country to start out in, the you pick your first truck then you get going! You earn money b driving trailers from one city to another city. Its really strait forward, you drive along the highway, get gas if you need it, drop off the trailer and get money! You use money to repair and upgrade your truck, buy new trucks, for gas, and to gain access to other countries you do not have access to at the beginning. Graphics are good, best of any 18 wheels of steel game! . There are many types of cargo from ice creme, to acid. This game will provide hours of fun for any trucking fan. If you do not like driving, trucks, or your impatient I would not recommend this game but if you are then I highly recommend this game!


Good but not great

britishlad | June 3, 2013 | Review of Shift 2: Unleashed

Shift 2 is a game that really wants to be a Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport and while those two franchises are the pinnacles of sim-style racing, it is nice to see another developer throw their hat in the ring. And to be honest, Slightly Mad Studios did a good enough job that you will feel like you are playing one of those two other games that's until you get slightly bumped by an AI opponent which sends your car into a tailspin that just wasted 3 laps of perfect driving.

The AI is very aggresive, even on the easiest difficulty. And the punishment for any sort of collision is usually severe. When you combine that with the flighty handling, it can make Shift 2 very frustrating and tedious to play.

Combine the above two problems, with the smaller list of vehicles, unskippable cut-scenes that are extremely cheesy (with dreadful voice acting), terrible music, lack of track variety, & "been there, done that" feel to the career mode, & you have a game that screams 'rental' or buy at a very cheap price.


Average game

britishlad | June 3, 2013 | Review of Twisted Metal X

I have always enjoyed the twisted metal games but sadly this one is a big disappointment and deviates too far from the arena based mayhem that the old games brought.

The biggest and worse part of this game the enemies don't shoot each other, that's right for some reason all the psycopaths are allied against you! Instead to deliver game play you are given silly hoops to jump through. The missions get more and more ridiculous and repetitive as you go on. The single player doesn't play like twisted metal predecessors. I really did not enjoy it, it was frustrating constantly having the entire arena gunning for you! It's makes the tedious to play...

The developers also made the darf mistake of not adding your velocity to projectiles things like the ricochet you run over shortly after you fire it. The combat feels like it has too many lock on skills this time around. Also the button combo's were removed but that is forgivable. Removing the environment weapon power up also seems like a mistake to me, the lightning and other crazy things in the old games were fun.

Vehicle movement is extremely arcadey, you don't even have to be moving and you can spin around like a turret. You can actually win entire levels without moving just sit in place and spin with machine guns, the AI is terrible to the point where they are a zero threat to you! Vehicles are not specific to your driver and many drivers are missing from the game. You only see the preselected stories the devs wanted you to see unlike in the old games where you saw the stories of whoever you chose to play.

It's a decent distraction but the game has no replay value. I would not recommend this game to fans of the previous games to be honest


A big improvement over the previous games!

britishlad | June 3, 2013 | Review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Most of the previous pro evolution soccer games have been either average or terrible - They are usually let down by bugs or weak gameplay however this game is a massive improvement and the best in the series! Here's my list of good and bad things:

The bad: The graphics has been one of the problems of the series making some of the animations and the overall graphic to seem lower than what they can put out there. There is also a little too much focus used for other modes such as UEFA Champions League mode and Libertadores mode. The latter one could have been implemented in some way in the football life making it possible to have world tournaments with teams, rather then just having the teams there without using the teams there. Online mode is still a little clumsy and also suffers a little lag sometimes, but not has been improved.

Good: Football life has been improved so much from last years game that you can use all of your time just on that. With putting on shoes, increased skill earned with in-game credits or deciding training the way it is suppose to be. All these aspects have been improved in every way in Football Life. The Gameplay itself has also been improved in both offense and defense. AI's are more intelligent. Making better runs and working better with the player when attacking, instead of having to push the whole team forward. Players will now go on runs and support when playing offensevily. Defensively the palyers are now able to take the ball from the ball handler better than any time before. You don't have to control every player to place them in the defense where you want them. Instead they put themselves where you want them after what tactics you have put up.

Overall this game is great addition to the series and is worth playing. Highly recommended


Good game

britishlad | June 3, 2013 | Review of FIFA Street

This is a good game and if you bored of the fifa series and want to try something else then I recommended fifa street. The game itself is perfect in setup the in game graphics are just the same as Fifa 12, yet the game play has many positives from the the past games. Such as tricking out your opponent, pulling off a successful trick, and finding ways of making creative goals. It also brings in new variations of street ball that will not let you get bored for one second. At the same time there are places it falls short, the A.I. is terrible in moments during the gameplay, for example not taking an open shot or not being able to take an open ball on the ground. Yet one of the biggest appointments so far seen is not being able to play club teams online. Though this a big and stupid issue that could have been simply implemented in the game there maybe hope later on for updates. In the end though looking past the few flaws this is a game that will not disappoint, it is very creative it has a real street ball feel to it but still allows for tricks to be done that the average person cannot do. The music is perfect the world tour part of the game is very long and fun and its a game that can be played for hours. I would have given this game a a higher rating if it wasn't for the A.I. problems and and the online.In the end though the positives out way the negatives and this is a game worth the money espically now that the game is cheap to buy - Recommended


Great game and some improvements over the last game

britishlad | June 3, 2013 | Review of FIFA 12

Fifa 12 is the next installment in the series which is basically an update (aren't they all?) but this game has made some small changes (which may not please everyone) and some improvements aswell.

Fifa 12 is the first in the series to make it feel lie you are controlling most players with manual defend. Whilst it can be hard to master but if you play it enough you will either love it or hate but it's worth checking out and the game gives you a tutorial to show how it works. Also in this game you can for the first time play as the Goalkeeper but to be honest it isn't that good.

Apart from those changes Fifa 12 is basically the same game you have been playing for almost ever year but the game still has nice flowing gameplay and a ton of modes to play and putting in a screamer from about 30 yards is always a joy to behold. There's plenty of content here that will last for hours and hours!

In terms of look all the stadiums team and players are there as well. It has a challenge mode as well where you get certain challenges and have to achieve them. As well as be a Pro which lets you turn your created player into a first team regular.

Recommended for fans and non fans alike


Great game

britishlad | June 3, 2013 | Review of Wargame: Airland Battle

This is a fantastic game however be warned this game is not for the people seeking a game similar to World In Conflict or Command and Conquer, but more of the serious armchair general who wants to play a strategic rts. The game relies heavily on knowledge of unit capabilities and weaknesses. If you are the type of gamer who simply wants to tankrush your way into victory, you will lose 80% of the time and find it frustating

I would recommend this game to anyone who seeks a challenge and is willing to learn the nuances of the game and has patience. A game like this will have a heavy following of initial newcomers who are expecting a quick/easy game and simply rage-quit when things do not go their way. This gets annoying quickly, but is not so much the game's fault as the players'. On the other end of the stick you have the hardcore followers who spend every waking minute playing the game and know every nook and cranny of it.

The game reenacts large scale battles that requires strategic use of limited resources (fuel, ammo, ect), big-picture thinking, and lots of micro-managing. Sure, there are areas that could have been improved upon in terms of gameplay and controls, but for the most part, this game is what a lot of modern/cold-war rts players have been waiting for. Highly recommended


Great game and better than the first!

britishlad | June 3, 2013 | Review of GRID 2

I enjoyed the first game a lot and I had high expectations and finally the developers have not let me down! The graphics and sound are first rate but it's the gameplay that makes the game. The online multiplayer is the best part, you will be hooked right away.the tracks cars and gameplay is what you expect from code masters.the sounds of the game is perfect would be even better with rain and nascars butrust me its worth it game of the year so far none better at this point.i will be playing this for a long time to come and so will whoever picks it up And you should as soon as possible don't just take my word for it see for yourself , you have to drive to be the best the online is very competitive if you think you don't like racers you will love this one,and if you do like racers you have to get on the grid or your not a true fan.he race gods have spoken grid 2 is a racers dream ,fun,addictive,fast,and full of unlockables and achievements.

If you loved the first Grid then you love the second even more! you will not regret buying this game.


Average Sequel

britishlad | May 31, 2013 | Review of Dragon Age 2

Dragon age was a very a good game are there are several things that were made right in Dragon Age 2. Unfortunately, there's also lot's of things done wrong. Combat is pretty much what you remembered from Origins ( a bit more watered down), lot's of spells, skills and tactics for you to thinker with (and as always, some work, and some are broken). The story is average( not remarkable) but what shines the most is the personal relations and interactions between main character, companions and NPC's. IN that particular point, Bioware did a remarkable job, even if at times some side quests stories don't connect as well as they should with the whole story. But the moral dilemmas, the personal feelings, and the balance between them, is a major asset of the game. Unfortunately, while these previous settings would make the perfect mix for a great Dragon Age game, you end up with a bland feeling on the whole thing. the fact that the maps are limited and reused quest after quest, and the absence of the need to search for new equipment and armors turns the whole experience into something really bland. You do have armors, but only for your main character. and the Black emporium (present in almost every copy of the game) makes it even worse, since if gives you all the powerful armor you will need, turning the need to search the maps, useless. So, all in all, In my opinion Dragon Age 2 was a lost opportunity, and a bad example of how developerscan ruin franchises for the sake of sales. Only worth buying at a cheap price


Average game

britishlad | May 31, 2013 | Review of Medal of Honor: Warfighter

I've played Medal of honor since the very beginning. All of them were worth playing, but somewere forgettable. You played them, enjoyed them, then either sold or left to rot on your shelf. Well Warfighter, at least for me, is about the same.

I'm not saying it is a bad game by any means. It has great graphics (you do have to download a 1.7GB HD version, if you want HD) and great gameplay. The style of weapons, how they sound and how they fire, are quite realistic. Beautiful environment to run around in. As for the story, well it was somewhat interesting. It did have its parts where it brought you in, but then you went out on some mindless missions. I do agree with GameSpot's review about the driving missions. They are quite fun.

Multiplayer wise, if you played the previous MoH or BF3, you have the multiplayer for Warfighter and to be honest it's pretty much dead online

Overall, don't expect much from this game


Good game

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of Deponia

This game is a must if you enjoy classic adventure games. The art style is great and would have taken a long time to create Im sure. The quality of the musical score suprised me, the quirky odd music is really well done and fits the game world well. The voice acting is not top perfect but certainly good enough to carry the game. Even though, as someone else already said, the bitrate of spoken dialogue is for some odd reason very low. It's very noticable during the first minutes of your play session, after that your brain is busy and it tends to move into the background. Still, there's no excues to have such low quality sound samples.

The only other thing that could be improved on is maybe the difficulty. I don't like adventure games where the solution to progressing is so unlogical that you get stuck every time you play, but in this game it might just be a tad too easy. In a lot of situations it was too obvious what needed to be done. Also the ending of the game is weak and comes out of nowhere!

Good game


Excellent game and a must for fans!

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

What makes this game fantastic is the story. It is very well done from start to finish and makes for a great Holmes narrative. There are some weak points such as when you have to control the family dog which seemed a bit cheesy and unnesscary!

When it comes to the technical achievements of the game this one is a bit rusty around the edges. The gameplay mechanics such as movement aren't as tight as many games are these days and graphically it is a bit below average with weak animations. Yet, graphics alone don't make a game so the adventure did continue in some great ways. If you can get past these problems then you will enjoy the game

This really hit the spot as something a bit different from the normal fair of this genre. I'm glad I took the time to play it. If you're a puzzle hound you'll really enjoy the range of difficult ones that are scattered throughout. Thankfully, you can skip some of the challenges that get you tied up which, though feels like cheating, is a nice addition so you don't get frustrated.

Overall, a fun diversion and I genuinely hope they take the time to make another!


A bit dated but still an excellent game

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of Counter Strike: Source

Though this game is over five years old - It's still an excellent game with a active online community. This game has no single player component- Multiplayer is what this game is all about. Very addicting game that requires teamwork. No one man verse all! Gaming is fast-paced with a variety of weapons and gear. ( The Awp is a sniper that is a one hit KO. A little cheap but people can live with it and not get killed) .

Graphics are dated but if you can past that then you will enjoy this game

Game modes are rescuing hostages and planting bombs and defending it. Even though those are the only two, people can really play with them a lot and not get bored out of their minds. That is because even though you play a lot of the same game map and mode, you still get a different experience each time.

I really recommend this game because you never ever get bored. I've played ever since it came out years ago and it's still a great game. Highly recommended


A good game

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty: Black Ops II

As a Call of Duty fan, I will say that although this does not live up to the first Black Ops though it is much better than Modern Warfare 3, it does present a new playing field that immerses you in epic combat as well as a good plot with excellent characters and interesting villains. When looking at the campaign, the going back and forth between the past and the future is kind of cool to do. Playing the history of a character as well as playing in the year 2025 presents a nice variety in the story. Of course there is the multiplayer option as well. Just like any other Call of Duty game, multiplayer is a must-have. Without it, it's just plain boring. The available options of modes in multiplayer give it variety. One in particular that has grown on me is the One in the Chamber mode. One shot kills and if you miss, well you better run or you better fight with all you've got. Also thankfully the multiplayer mode is NOT infested with cheaters unlike modern warfare 3. And last but not least, zombies. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about our living dead friends. The introduction of zombies in games like these present a profound new experience that provides us with some good old fashioned shoot 'em up joys. Nuketown zombies as well as the disc content are just as fun as any other game. Team up with another person and just watch the bullets fly.

Black Ops 2 is a good game, no doubt about that. It is glitchy at times, but it is a great addition to the franchise and I am without a doubt satisfied with the final product.


A big letdown but not the worst game ever

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of Aliens: Colonial Marines

This game should have been amazing but sadly it isn't. The game has been making in the years and now that it's finally out it doesn't live up to the hype - Here's a list of good and bad things:T

The Good: kinda fun to gun down aliens and enemy soldiers, one decent stealth level, cool locations and maps. Lots of references and homages to the films

The Bad: Repetitive gameplay; no joke all you do is shoot aliens and pick up a log and then open a door and then repeat (with the exception of one level), The graphics are awful and outdated, the story is bland and uninspired, the characters have stupid dialogue; "any thoughts on the exploding chest issue?" is a perfect example, and the part where two female soldiers are about to fight is just laughably retarded and unbelievable, the weapons are OK when the aliens are about 4 meters or closer but trying to shoot the xenos with these weapons from a distance is a pain in the @$$, there is no suspense or tense moments (except for the stealth level where you avoid a couple of lurkers and then have to evade a big alien), The aliens are dumb; they run at you with their arms wide open and it looks like they want to give you a hug or something and when they do attack, they do some lame claw attack, I even remember walking into a room and bumping into an alien, and when the alien first sees me, he jumps back in fear and squeals, oh yea, and the aliens also squeal like baby pigs with down syndrome.

It's not the worst game ever but I only recommend it to the die had fans at a very cheap price!

It should be noted that gearbox have released multiple patches which includes slight improvements to the graphics and have made the alien AI more aggressive


The first one was excellent - This is even better!

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2

The first Borderlands was an excellent game and the sequel is even better! Borderlands 2 is very entertaining if with or without friends. It's humor and voice acting can cause you to believe anything. From taking pictures to inspire a "to die for" poem to solving murder cases, you'll have no problem laughing at the sick and twisted humor Borderlands brings. Now to fully enjoy Borderlands I'd advise you to play with friends. That could be on the couch with one or online with 3. Playing with others ramps up the difficulty of the enemies so it won't feel like your cheating. Borderlands also will increase the rarity of the loot found and dropped when playing with friends. After beating the game you are given the choice to start the game over with your character starting with all the items and experience you had before. This is an amazing way of keeping you from being bored, and I can almost guarantee you that you'll laugh at the same jokes even the second time. Borderlands also features a system properly called the Badass Rank. Completing small objectives can level you up. After you level up you are awarded a Badass Token. You use this token to permanently upgrade various things such as gun damage, grenade damage, fire rate, and other things. If you feel cheap playing with permanent boosts, you are given the choice to disable this.

My only problem with Borderlands is sometimes guns do get repetitive and sometimes you gets guns that are very underpowered and though the game has an upgraded physics compared to the original Borderlands, sometimes I think that it still needs some tweaking. If you don't mind laughing uncontrollably with some good friends once in a while then I'm sure you would love to play Borderlands 2.

Highly recommended


Very good game

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of Zone of the Enders HD Collection

The original game was a fun game and the HD version updates the graphics but nothing else. The gameplay is great fun - Firstly of all the controls are just great. It's easy to pull off amazing stunts/combat moves. And for some reason you hardly end up doing unintended things. Yet the game itself despite of this still feels like challenging.

The music is defintly not my taste and I think it is noone's taste but they accomadate the game greatly and sort of grow in on you. Hard to describe

The graphics are outdated, yes they are smooth and HD but thats pretty much about it.

The price is sort of steap for the effort that the developer has put into it if you ask me. Yet it turned out that Zone of Enders especialy second runner had very little supply for a high demand. So for a lot of people this is your 2nd chance to get actualy get the game.

In any case do you like fast paced action piloting giant robots and maybe a bit of anime this game is great


Great game

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of Borderlands DNS

Borderlands is an incredible game with a great story line. I won't go into that because you should really play it in order to get the most out of the campaign. . The campaign never slows down and new characters and challenges keep the game from getting boring. Even though the locations are huge you can always have fun getting from point to point in the vehicles provided. I often found myself trying to ram my friend off the track just for the amusement. The graphics and art style are excellent however the story is simple and the ending is rubbish to be honest.

As a single-player game it's incredible but when you start to play it with friends it just can't get much better. A must for first person shooter gamers


The average Spiderman!

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of The Amazing Spiderman

This game has very fun and satisfying gameplay but the game is very easy and very short you can finish it within 4-6 hours! but the combat is the best part of the game is fast and very amazing. Another bad thing on this game are the indoor missions wherethe action feels very slow and the stealth combat is also boring and tedious .Some of the boss fights are a blast especially the outdoor ones because you can use web rush to have a better position to fight and finding all the collectibles is also exciting because of the comic books they give you.

The graphics are average and the story is okay (It more or less follows the film) I recommend the game at a cheap price


Worst of the three sadly

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 3

I really enjoyed the first two Deadspace games however this game is quite a departure from the first two games in terms of feel, atmosphere and direction. You control the same character from the first two games but this time you have to battle whole human armies as well as monsters and the scary atmosphere that was in the first two games is almost gone here, replaced with an action tone which in my opinion was the wrong move.

There are still puzzles to do but they are just as simple as before. Instead of having a store to purchase weapons and upgrades, this time you collect metal parts to craft weapons yourself. I really missed having the store but you will certainly see a lot of benches!

The campaign is the most lengthiest of all the games. It took me around 11 hours to complete though this was a solo playthrough. Graphics look good but sometimes the textures and monsters look weak.

I would recommend renting this sequel first before buying. It's not a bad game but it makes you wonder the developers removed all the fantastic features from the first two games


Better than the original!

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is basically a updated version of Dead Rising 2, but in the view of Frank West's perspective - However this game is much better than both Dead Rising games! The story line of this game is mostly the same as Dead Rising 2, but the story has been twisted a little bit, as well as Overtime Mode to show what Frank West would have experienced a second time in zombie hell. This game welcomes back the camera feature as well as an amusement park, new weapons, psychopath, and vehicle, as well as DLC's and Cheat Codes! Jump scares have been added, but are really unnecessary and pointless. The game also features a Sandbox mode instead of a Terror Is Reality competition game show like Dead Rising did. So now you can freely roam the map without any time limits! It is easier than the first Dead Rising and it's much better than the original!


Excellent game and the best of the series!

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is an excellent game with a whole new cast of characters and gameplay. The game is one of the most balanced in any game i've seen before, but a couple of the characters such as Phoenix are pretty over-powered. A bunch of the classic characters are back in the game, such as Spider-man (more on him in a minute), Hulk, Ryu, Zero, you get the idea. Spiderman is another one i think i have to complain about, having the least tools of any character and not doing much damage. But don't let that deter you, the gameplay is amazing, if you have played a previous one or any fighting game, i would recommend this to you. The Biggest problem with the game the netcode is very mediocre, and you may get disconnects here or there and some matches can be laggy which spoils the game

Despite this problem it is a fantastic game and the best of the series!


Dreadful game and a cheap cash in

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of Fast & Furious: Showdown

I was looking forward to this game as I am a big fan of Fast and Furious films however this is a simply a cheap cash in with no redeeming factors and Here's why:

Graphics are below average and the animations (espically in the cutscenes) are terrible

Driving and controls are terrible compared to most driving games

The soundtrack is average and the voice acting is weak

The game is clearly unfinished with lots of bugs and glitches

Avoid at all costs - I do not recommend it for the fans either


Excellent game

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of The Thirty Nine Steps

I am a big fan of the book so I was interestesd in this game even though I wasn't sure what type of game these was! The 39 Steps is an interactive story. It's a beautiful, highly evocative, interactive story - and not like anything I've played before. It's not a game. There are no puzzles. There is no way to fail. But for 6 or so hours, I found myself lost in an incredible story, which took me on a journey back to 1914 London, across the rolling hills of Scotland, and back again. It's very immersive and very well made! The whole experience keeps the reader perspective - so you're not actually a character in the 39 steps. In fact, for the most part, you don't see any characters - instead your mind racing to fill in the blanks, alongside some of the best voice-acting I've heard in a video game for a long time and I have played hundreds of video games!. Imagine if a book had been turned into a giant art installation, a complete visual journey through the text, and then put behind your computer screen. The production values are incredible, and it's obvious that the developers really cared about what they were making here. They pay attention lots of little details that most developers would ignore!

I highly recommend 39 Steps though it's hard to know what I should recommend it as... it's not a book, a game or even an interactive film. It's a just a great and unique experience! Though be warned you will have to do lots of reading!


Very good game

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav

This game is another point and click adventure but it is well made and if you love these sort of games then it is definitely worth you're time. The game has great graphics and brilliant art style. The story is very good. The gameplay is simple but fun and satisfying though you must remember to left and right click on your mouse everything you find look at, read, or pick up in your inventory. Only thing I did not enjoy was the conversations, too long and sometimes not relevant. Spent hours playing it and enjoyed it immensely


Better than average point and click adventure

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | Review of A New Beginning: Final Cut

This is a very good game and well made. It has an engaging story, believable characters although a little cliche. The art is beautifully immersive! The typical point and click mechanics have been built upon and there are some novel ideas in the way you interact with the environment. The writing is quite good and genuinely funny at times. So nearly everything about this game is good - so why the average rating? Because the game is let down by dreadful voice acting! It's hard to get drawn into the storyline when the voice acting is just awful and it completely spoils the storyline and game!

Very good game if you can grit your teeth through the dialogue scenes!


Fantastic ending to the trilogy

britishlad | May 23, 2013 | Review of Gears of War 3 DNS

The end of the war, finally, for better or for worse. War is not all glory and GEARS OF WAR 3 explicitly demonstrates that more than the first two acts of the trilogy. Sad and moving goes the story of humanity's three-front battle for survival. Big changes are in store for the characters we have come to know and for the world we, as players, have come to immerse ourselves and fight in. Though if you have no interest in the story (and simply want to play the game) you may find the endless cutscenes to be tedious This game is fun - there is no denying that - even though all that transpires is madness and sadness and more than ever a deep feeling of desperation. There are more bangs in it for your buck also.

As all good things must come to an end (and it's been worth the wait), this final act is a fitting conclusion to a modern classic action series and it's worth the cheap price


Very fun game and a must for the fans

britishlad | May 23, 2013 | Review of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

I enjoyed Transformers: War for Cybertron - it was a good transformers game, but not the dream game that the fans wanted however this game is! and it's fantastic! It's clear the developers learned a lot from WFC and listened to the criticism and problems with war for cybertron. Everything is better in Fall of Cybertron. At first glance, the graphics may look the same. They are not. The perspective you play from is closer to the action, the transformers models are ultra-detailed, the environments are varied and beautiful, and the animations are much better than WFC.

This game has excellent sound effects - Explosions sound powerful, weapons pack a real punch (unlike WFC), and the voice acting is superb. Now, let's talk about story. In WFC, the story was good, but took a back seat to the action. Not so with Fall of Cybertron. This game cares about it's story, and it's far and away better than WFC. Cutscenes are all over the place, and many scenes are dramatic. How about gameplay? Again, this is much better than WFC. They're are tons of great guns that can be upgraded, as well as upgrades to armor and health. The moment to moment gameplay is more intense than WFC, with massive fights that feel epic. You also have great variety because you play with different transformers with different styles. It's just excellent!

I did not expect Fall of Cyberton to be this good. I expected more of the same. I was wrong. I can't think of a single thing that could have been better with Fall of Cybertron. It's that good. A must for fans and non fans alike


Excellent game

britishlad | May 23, 2013 | Review of Battlefield: Bad Company 2

This game is fantastic and to be honest I enjoyed it more than Battlefield 3. Once having tried this gameout, there was no turning back, as it says on the cover, it defines online warfare. The teamwork necessary to successfully win a battle provides you with great sense of achievement and respect to other players that no other shooter can give! Sadly though this element can ruined by too many snipers not going for the objective but this criticism can be applied to Battlefield 3 aswell. The game contains a perfect battle formula, which is similar to that of rock, paper, scissors. Every class/veichle/gadget exceeds at one thing or another, however each one has a perfect counter(e.g. a tank can kill normal infantry, however if an engineer is around, he can then take the tank out), thus balancing everything out. This idea almost forces players to play as a variety of different classes in order to win, although a nice change of pace once in a while can open your eyes and realise that you might enjoy another class even more than you first thought.

The maps are fantastic, each map was unique and captured a great atmosphere due to the brilliant visuals and size. Although the big battlefields had some downfalls, especially in Conquest Heavy Metal map, people often found themselves at their base deployment with no means of transport, which left them with a very long run to another base, or they would just quit and pick a different map.

The main focus of the game is multiplayer however this game does have a single player campaign but sadly it's average and has no replay value. I wont spoil it for anyone who hasn't played it yet, but it basically gives you a front row seat in an action movie, which is fun, but only when you want to take a break from testing your skills online.

Overall its a great game, a definite must buy even if you are playing Battlefield 3 at the moment.


Something different but not really worth playing

britishlad | May 23, 2013 | Review of Worms Pinball

I love the worms games but I'm gonna make this clear if you don't like pinball you can forget about this game! This is a pinball with none of the gameplay elements from any worms game. However as a pinball game it's not bad and it contains enough options, mini-games and multiball mayhem to keep any but the most hardcore pinball fans happy. There are two problems with the game though - firstly it's difficult to see the top of the table where the ramps curve around because the score LCD is in the way, and although you can dim it to make them more visible it still doesn't really help; secondly, like the original, it's more fun if you play it with people of similar skill, otherwise scoring 100,000,000 to 10,000 isn't much fun. It was interesting that they tried something different but it failed to be honest


The original and still a fun game

britishlad | May 23, 2013 | Review of Worms

I was going to say the best in the title review but to be honest most of the other worms game are better than the original however this is still a fantastic and fun game.

The gameplay is very addictive and once you mastered the controls it's very satisfying however graphically it's hopeless, the video clips don't play, and the sound belongs to a "pre-soundblaster" era altogether, but boy! this is addictive. I particularly enjoy the fact that you can rename the various teams to suit (boss, managers, friends, enemies, family members etc) and enjoy blasting their worm doppelgangers to bits with uzis, rockets, airstrikes and exploding sheep.

Fun and definitely worth the very cheap price!


Try the demo before playing

britishlad | May 23, 2013 | Review of Spaceforce™: Rogue Universe

This game looks like a fun game but sadly the game was clearly either rushed or unfinished. There are a huge number of bugs which make this game frustating and tedious to play. Great idea, Elite and Frontier clone, games that everyone wanted to see resurrected on PC, but this game just failed. If developers just spent more time on fixing bugs, it would be perfect ! This way - disappointing. Pure idea is perfect, trading, combat and upgrading - that is what every fan of legendary Elite wants. Even when patch was released recently, it did not fix this game. There are even some new bugs after it ! Often game should be reinstalled so that some bugs disappear. That means playing from beginning, and it is frustrating if you reached certain level. I do not like when game is released before it is even finished. This one is like that. Gamers expect and wait for this kind of games for very long time - they are all disappointed now, unfortunately including me also....Try the demo first before buying


Excellent arcade shooter

britishlad | May 22, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez®: Gunslinger

I am a big fan of the call of juarez series however the last game which ditched the western setting for a modern one was terrible however this one was goes back to the western roots and it's fantastic! The previous games had the ability to explore areas, do the odd sidequest etc however Gunslinger ditches these infavour of arcading shooting which basically shooting hundreds of enemys in each level (and nothing else) and it is great fun! The combat gameplay is satisfying and doesn't get old. However the boss fights are rubbish and tedious

Production values (graphics, sound, music etc) are all excellent, the story is good and surprisely funny! The game also has an arcade mode and a duel mode which is worth trying

The campaign is about 3-5 hours long and may not be worth buying at full price however this game is only £8.99 and is worth every penny!


Return to form

britishlad | May 22, 2013 | Review of Sonic Generations

Even though Sonic the Hedgehog lately has been tarnished by inept developers and dreadful attempts to make sonic modern, thankfully SEGA never gave up on its finest mascot, and this game, Sonic Generations, is proof positive we should never give up on the blue blur. (P.S. This is coming from a huge nintendo fan)!

Sonic Generations is an awesome platformer game that takes stages and bosses from Sonic's 20-year history and blends them into an awesome game. As for gameplay, you basically play as two Sonics (as if you havent already guessed by the box art), and they both play beautifully.

The whole package is fun and well worth your money, so buy this game. Even if youve been burned with Sonic titles of late, buy this game and remember why we love Sonic and SEGA in the first place!


Strange but fun game

britishlad | May 22, 2013 | Review of Lollipop Chainsaw

Get this game right now if you want to be blown away by some crazy-cool style, bawdy language, fun combat, addictive gameplay, tons of unlocks, and I could go on and on. The zombies are kind of cool but they are just the dressing on this insanity salad. The first level alone left me so euphoric I was replaying it just to get my score higher and laugh and the hilarious scenarios again. I play a lot of shooters and this is definitely what I needed to clear the palette.

Ignore the self-proclaimed professional reviewers who ditch this game because it should be "so much more". That's like saying Robert Rodriguez's "Planet Terror" should be so much more, which is the closest work of art I could say captures the feeling of this game. If you think Lollipop Chainsaw is supposed to be like Ninja Gaiden, God of War, or anything in that vein, you would be mistaken and this game would not be for you. But, I know I'll be playing this one a long time.

Fun and unique game - I hope we get more games like this!


Good game with some faults

britishlad | May 22, 2013 | Review of LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

This is a great Lego video game however it does have some faults. The Star Wars Complete saga is still the best among all of them. Here's my list of goods/bads:

Good: - Lots of things to do perhaps more than any other Lego game to date. - Great graphics, sound and music. Just like the other games. - Gameplay is good fun

Bad: - This game has a ton of features and magic you can use that can over-complicate things for some people. Sometimes you'll get stuck not knowing where to go or forget how to use a wand or an item to proceed. - The vertical line in co-op mode makes this game unplayable to folks who get motion sickness playing games.

Good game but not perfect


Dreadful game - please avoid!

britishlad | May 22, 2013 | Review of Epic Mickey 2 - The Power of Two

The first one was a rubbish and this one is even worse! The game looks very sharp and clean on my HD TV. The textures are a bit bland but it may be from the cartoony look to it. However the frame rate is awful to the point where in some areas or while shooting paint the game feels like its running on slowmo which It must of been a rush job so we end up with a sloppy port

The game it self is not very hard. But it can be very unclear as to what it wants you to do next.

Kids or fans of Mickey may get some enjoyment out of the game. It is interesting as an adult to see some interesting Disney themes in the game. There are much better games then this so i would pass unless you are a big disney or epic mickey fan.


Good game with some small issues

britishlad | May 22, 2013 | Review of Anarchy Reigns Limited Edition

Anarchy reigns is a game that should have been released practically a year ago. With it's final release and price cut I can without a doubt say it was worth the wait. The game is supposed to be an online multi-player brawler in a market full of online multi-player first person shooters; it fulfills it role diligently.

The graphics are good but nothing special however the soundtrack for Anarchy Reigns is definitively one of the best things about it. It's comprised mostly of a Hip Hop and rap album with lyrics suited to the overall fast paced action of the game. The music also boast some of the most memorable lyrics I heard in quite a while.

Of course, the game-play in Anarchy reigns holds up to the rest of the game as well. While seemingly simple at first, Anarchy reigns hides a deeper combo system that doesn't seem apparent at first; but as soon as you start seeing infinites in one on one cage matches, you'll probably spend some time in the game practice mode.

This being Platinum's first online title, some hicks are to be expected. But the online play while fun most of the time, is rather bare bones. The most frustrating features a probably not being able to kick players or even mute them if they're running their mouth on the mic. But when you can get a good team together, the game shines.

Despite the issues this is very fun game and worth the cheap price tag


Amazing game!

britishlad | May 19, 2013 | Review of Metro: Last Light

Metro 2033 is one of my favourite first person shooters of all time and this sequel is even better! but to make it clear this game is NOT an open world shooter - So many of the reviews have criticised the game for being linear...why? 95% of first person shooters are linear...There's a little bit of exploration but not much. This is a corridor shooter and an excellent one at that.

The graphics are simply amazing are will push you're PC to the limit if you run the game at a high setting but it's worth it

The music, voice acting and sounds are all excellent and you also have the choice of having the dialogue in russian just like the first game

The problems with the first game such as broken stealth have been fixed and greatly improved in this sequel

The campaign is between 8-12 hours depending how you play (stealth or otherwise etc) and how much you explore your surroundings. for example I speny to much time listening to the chatter of the npc's in the refugee sections

The gunplay is fantastic with a good range of guns and lots of attachments

The story is excellent with good twists and many characters returning from the first and with two endings

I really enjoyed Last Light and in my opinion it is better than Bioshock Infinite and it's probably going to be my game of the year! It should also be noted that this game was made on a small budget with only a handful of developers. What they achieved with the limited resources they had is amazing!


Good story but average game

britishlad | May 18, 2013 | Review of Asura's Wrath

This game requires patience - first off the introduction was nearly twenty minutes long! Now don't get me wrong I love cutscenes/story and this game has done a good job with both however I nearly turned it off because intro just went on for too long!

The game is a hack and slash with lotsof cut scences and after a while it gets very annoying and I ended up skipping half of it. The controls are fairly simple but it gets a bit fiddly when you have to move and aim while locking on to your target, I never really mastered it but muddled my way through. There seems to be a lot of bosses that keep re-appearing even after you have supposidly killed them and all bosses have simple patterns to defeat and it wont take you long to master the chinks in their battle play. The game has moments of great play and differs from most hack and slash i have played before. You swap characters half way through which is nice but all their moves are samey and you cant learn any new combos throughout the game. Their are lots of hidden trophies and you dont seem to get any reward for tough battles and difficult parts but instead you get rewarded for dying, staring at someones breasts,getting scalded by a drink and loads of wierd pointless stuff, yeah great for trophy whores but strange logic behind rewards.

Worth playing at a cheap price


Interesting game let down by average graphics and gameplay

britishlad | May 18, 2013 | Review of Deadly Premonition - Directors Cut

Deadly Premonition has an excellent story but a hard game to get into due to some pretty big flaws but if you can get past these flaws you're patience will be rewared

My first issue with Deadly Premonition was the poor combat mechanics and the rough graphics, but this really is not the point in the game- it is not striving to be a shooter or anything else that you may have previously encountered. This game is about involving the player, and it does so in varied and clever ways. One of the best examples is how our lead playable character, Agent Morgan, has an imaginary friend that he consults with called, Zach. You take on the role of Zach in certain parts of the game and in doing so get to answer questions and make decisions. It's a very clever mechanic and certainly made me feel like I was along for the journey.

The second issue with this game is that the productions values (graphics, animations etc) are terrible to be honest

The town of Greenvale is intriguing, but not beautiful, so although there are side missions, you may not feel the inclination to explore. Some of the levels involving combat require you to push on through locations that are not visually inspiring and sometimes a little boring. But despite these floors, the game still shines, which is sheer testimony to a game that did not receive the big budget or attention that we are used to.

Deadly Premonition is a good game but it's hard to ignore the flaws but it's still worth a try


Good game

britishlad | May 18, 2013 | Review of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction

Conviction is a good sequel that maintains its roots while exploring new territory and is successful in doing so. The gameplay hasn't changed much from previous games and it does add some new features such a cover system and a mark-and-execute mechanic which is simply awesome

The graphics are pretty good kinda grainy but I like the effect they were going for and achieved if you asked me. Even how when you press "select"(for your mission objective) it projects it across the scenery. I also like the variety of weapons and the many chances through out a level in which you get to change your load out. But considering the secrecy of the game and the silence and sneakiness required I find all non suppressed weapons to be useless unless you want to play this game the long way. By that I mean fire a shot get spotted and get an extra twenty guards sent your way and the game becomes frustating and hard

All in all if your a fan of the series its a pretty integral to the overall story, even if your new to the series it has enough new content to stick on its own.


Very fun game

britishlad | May 18, 2013 | Review of Saints Row: The Third

If I am honest I have never played any of the saint row games but I thought I will give this one a try due to popualar reviews and thankfully they were right! Saints row 3 is an outstanding game that is very fun to play. I enjoy the game alot. It is so fun and has a lot of extra content in it. The best thing about this game is the Co Op. The co op is very enjoyable and if you are having trouble on a mission, which mostly likely you will you can have someone else join you mid game Another good thing about the game is the customize. They allow you to create a player to start the game. I like the clothe and looks they have for the create a player. You can also design you vehicle. I love how they allow you to do that. This game also allows you to buy weapons, shops, and other buildings.

The graphic for the game isn't the best but its okay. They could have done a much better job with the graphics. And they could done a better job with the faces. Most of the characters has the same face. The music in the game is very good. There is a lot to choose from. They have Rock, Metal, SCreamo, Rap , Classical.

this is a great game to get. I recommend this game. If you love playing game with a free world then you will love this game. One of my favorite game to play.


Average game

britishlad | May 18, 2013 | Review of Jurassic Park: The Game

I was interested in this game for two reasons. 1. I was a big jurassic park fan and 2. The makers of this game (Telltale) also made The walking dead which was an amazing game though this game was made before that one. The whole story centers around the can of shaving cream from the first film. In this can are Dino embryos that a rival company of Ingen wants. You play as......well you play as a lot of different people throughout this journey amd like the walking dead it felt more like an interactive movie rather than videogame with lots of Quick time events but they did however work well for the action scenes. Pulling off a challenging QTE while fighting off your own nerves was a real joy.

That brings us to our next point, the action. Jurassic Park the game does a fantastic job at creating heart pounding action scenes that keep you on your toes. Missing a certain button press could mean a missed opportunity or certain death. Of which the death scenes are fun to see and you'll find yourself trying to see all of them. The reason that all this action is so great is due in part to the look of the game. Telltale did a great job creating the look of the dinosaurs who make you feel a sense of fear. The human characters on the other hand seemed stiff and kinda rushed.

The story is where i think the game fails. Without spoiling anything, it starts out great but slowly becomes blah. It didn't really connect me to any of the characters in the plot, and seeing as some of them tend to keep betraying one another, (sometimes on more than one occasion) I didn't really care what happened to them unlike the walking dead which had the opposite effect

At the end of the day the game was just lackluster. Unless your a big Jurassic Park fan I wouldn't recommend this game. Lack of control and some awkward story telling, make Jurassic Park an average game at best


Good game but has lost it's survival element

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil 5 GOLD Edition

This game is more action packed than than the others in the series however I felt this game was loosing its survival horror element and just going for a straight up shooting game. While the graphics were very good and it had some impressive bosses this game lacks anything original, Its pretty much Resident Evil 4 in Africa. The game seemed rushed and its a shame Wesker is only in it for such a short amount of time it seems. The enemy AI I will say seemed pretty good and I was also shocked to see that the partner AI was also very good (Sheva only let me down once). There are no scenes in this game that strike fear and its also very predictable. Chris however was developed nicely and even though he seemed to be on steroids (He punched a bolder into lava. Really?) kept his humanity through it all. Ive never been a fan of partner systems but this game I kinda had fun with it. It's a good game and very well made but I just hope Resident Evil 6 goes back to its roots


Below average game

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | Review of Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

I mostly play mostly first person shooters and for ten pounds I took a shot on Steel Battalion game. A few of my friends bought it, too, so we can play co-op. First off, you cannot play co-op until you complete the game single player campaign which is stupid! The graphics are average and your AI partners in the game were so so sometimes they are helpful and other times they were useless. You are the driver of the machine and you have 3 others with you inside. Sometimes it seems like they are incapable of doing something, and they shouldn't be...because you cannot do everything and the games expects you to. Using the Kinect is absolutely horrible. I found myself getting frustrated QUITE often. The missions are pretty easy. Nothing to write home about. I honestly don't think I would even spend the ten pounds on this game, and would probably not recommend it to anyone.


More call of duty than ghost recon....

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | Review of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier DNS

The Ghost Recon series has always been a favorite among gamers. Its about tactics and strategy, not run and gun like most shooter games like BF3 or COD. Don't get me wrong I love arcade/fast paced shooters like call of duty but I also like something different such the Tom Clancy/Ghost Recon series. When this game was announced I was relieved, I finally thought that I had something worth waiting for. Sadly that isn't the case.

The game feels incomplete, with the campaign being the better part. The campaign follows a team of four Ghosts as they complete missions for their country. Honestly I don't feel the story at all, it just feels rushed. There are quite a few missions to complete with challenges to unlock weapons as a bonus.

This gets me to my next point, gun customization. Truly this is where the game shines. Every gun is customizable, from their optics straight through to the trigger type. A lot of fun to completely custom build your own unique gun, and then use it in the game.

Final topic that I want to discuss is the multiplayer, which is different from anything you've ever played. Everyone knows that this game is tactics and strategy based, and so is the multiplayer. But with so few people understanding this concept, the multiplayer is a joke. No team work, bad connectivity and a host of glitches cause this to be the worst part of the game.

If you the read to this point and think I should not buy this game, then you sir or madam are correct. Run to nearest exit of the store holding this game, because it is the biggest piece of garbage that I have ever played.


A big letdown!

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

I have always loved Resident Evil game but this one is terrible! I remember biting my nails, hearing my heartbeats, jumping up and down even running through an empty street if there's going to be a sudden action. Now, when I'm playing Operation Raccoon City, I just feel like enemies, zombies, enemiess, zombies, more zombies. Kill, run, kill, run... Nothing to explore, nothing to do... So, nothing to feel and appreciate in this game. Just a pure disappointment. The average graphics, useless AI teammates, jerky movement and buggy gameplay don't help either....

If you're playing this online or with friends, you then may have some fun. But even then, the game won't be meeting the demands and hopes...



Good game but hard

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

Dark Souls is a fantastic game - it has excellent production values (graphics, music) and excellent gameplay but it is very difficult, at least until you get used to the combat style and how the bosses work. You need to patience with it and try not to get frustated over it. Fantastic game that everyone should try, but again, the difficulty may put some people off.

This edition has a hell of a lot of new content - It's worth the extra few pounds


Good game but feels like an overpriced dlc

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | Review of Dead Island Riptide pre

I enjoyed the first game and I like this game aswell but sadly this doesn't feel like a sequel - It's more like an expansion or overpriced DLC because the problems with the first game such as bugs and glitches. Also also things such as the terrible voice acting, facial animation and dialogue are still terrible in Riptide. Here's a list of things I liked and disliked:

Things I like:

Defence missions are awesome - setting up defenses (gun emplacements, mesh fences, laying mines) is great fun for me but perhaps not for everyone

some cool new weapons such nail gun, harpoon, stun gun etc

guns do damage this time round where as the first game they were useless

The game has mini sidequests where you can upgrade your AI teammates by collecting certain items they need (e.g 7 batteries) to make them better in combat during the defense missions and it does work

Things I dislike:

Ranking up is way too easy compared to the first game

Not enough side missions - The first game had hundreds this one not so much...

items and money in travel bag respawn at ridiculously fast rates

driving a boat around and getting endless drowner zombies climbing into the boat is annoying and is hard without teamates

Overall I liked Riptide but I cannot recommend it at full price


Much better than the first

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | Review of Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

I never the first Army of two - The graphics and gameplay were terrible however this game is a complete rebuild of the Army of Two series. Gone are Rios and Salem as main characters, and gone are some of the fun time wasters you could do with your parter, like rock paper scissors, slapping them, or giving them props. The focus is on, say it with me, CO-OP. Now find a friend, and go play and have some fun. In this entry, the cover system has been very much improved and gone are the days of clicking the RS down to change positions behind cover, or ducking behind cover and HOPING that your character sticks to it and remains out of fire. The game play is much improved, along with the A.I., no longer do enemy combatants just sort of "flood" the area. They themselves utilize cover, and will try and flank you and your partner.

It's a fun game with excellent co-op mode. Definitely worth it!


Awesome game

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | Review of Darksiders II: Limited Edition

If I am honest I have never played the first game however I loved this game! I shouldn't have though but It doesn't do anything new or exciting - but what it does, it does very, very well. There are no groundbreaking controller schemes, input methods (quick time events, for example) or gameplay ideas and usually this would cause me to ignore a game. Which is what I did. Until I got Darksiders for free. It took a while but I got hooked, finished it and immediately ordered this one. The first game, for me, played as a God of War clone: lots of enemies on screen, lots of hacking & slashing. And puzzle solving too. DS2, is a hybrid (in my eyes) of the Prince of Persia games (wall running), God of War (arena-like combat with tons of enemies big and small) and even a sprinkling of RPG's as you can level certain weapons, etc. Sadly a sequel is not likely due to the fact that THQ/Vigil have gone bust!


Could of been better

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | Review of LEGO Batman

So this game is lego star wars re-skinned into Batman and it's half okay but a bit dissapointing Basically all the prisoners break out of arkham asylum and it's your job to get them all back into their cells!

There are 3 chapters for hero missions and in every mission it will have you solving puzzles and smashing stuff to get to the boss at the end, the fact that this game is so easy is what really lets it down! I was never troubled in the completing of this game and it didn't take me very long, just over 10hrs. But the best thing about it is once you complete the hero missions you get to play the villian missions and it is undoubtabely way way more fun!

In the missions you will have to collect 10 minikits, get true hero ( when you collect alot of studs) and a red brick. You will need to come back and play these missions in free-play mode to be able to collect all those things and that is where the replay value comes in! With your studs you can buy characters to play with on free-mode in the villian missions but in the hero ones you unlock different suits that you can switch around into!

The game does have it's downsides for example It's best to play with a friend because the Friendly AI is atrocious and the game lacks the humour which is a shame

So overall a decent and half fun game that would be better if longer, less repetitive and harder


Fantastic sequel to a fantastic game

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year

let's be honest when it comes to xbox, there isn't a very wide selection of action/adventure games. Especially good and well made ones. Arkham City is probably the best one out right now. Plus you get to be Batman. It's pretty much a win win situation

Rocksteady takes the superhero video game and gives it top notch graphics, a big city to explore, and a lot of things to do, whether you get into the main story, or just do the side quests. The game has great voice acting, and some of the most entertaining cutscenes in current games. Most of the scenes consist on one on ones with Batman and one of his many foes. A bundle of Batman's villains are incorporated into Arkham City, whether big roles or small ones.

Arkham City is pretty addicting. The combat system alone is like a thing of beauty. Theres nothing better than the kind game that can make you feel like a badass by doing the smallest things. Arkham City delivers that feeling big time. Even flying across the city crawling through spaces looking for those riddler trophies is fun enough to spend ages on. Even though the game is overall solid, it still has a few flaws. The game isn't all that challenging with the exception of a few parts. Flying into a group of unarmed thugs is almost too easy to beat them all. The boss fights are too easy, but still pretty fun. The story and dialogue is decent enough, thanks to Mark Hamill's great Joker.

Arkham City is one of the better action adventure games out now and should definitely be tried by those who like the genre, even if you arent into comics.


Excellent game

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I am going to be honest - I love the call of duty series even though every single one of them are the same but they are great fun. Everything about call of duty modern warfare 2 has just been absolutely amazing from campaign to special ops and to multiplayer. First off, the campaign In this particular game is a continuation of Call of duty 4, has same characters and basically the same story, destroy the bad guy like all typical games! but this does it exactly but with a sweet twist. The campaign for me just had the right "feel" to it. the atmosphere of the game was just outstanding. immersion was also better than that of the previous game cod 4. when it comes to special ops, I like to call it a short cooperative campaign. its fun fast and actually can be somewhat of a challenge! which is great. multipayer has done it again. addeding new guns perks and amazing new maps. it has very fast paced action and sniping is just unreal! literally. Worth the price


Good game but please make a sequel!

britishlad | May 15, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs

I recently finished playing Sleeping dogs, and to be honest...I didn't want it to end! This doesn't happen a lot with me, but this one was actually a great game to just have fun with. The story was excellent and i can't wait for a second or some DLC (hopefully) The game has great mix of driving, fighting and shooting and thankfully the game mechanics for all three are done very well. The game has a solid and lengthy single player campaign and the productions values (Graphics, sound etc) are all excellent. Good game and I really hope we get a sequel


Excellent reboot

britishlad | May 15, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider

After a string of average sequels the developers decided to reboot the series and brought us this fantastic game! From start to finish this game will have you wanting more and more! a fun and clever story with great gameplay! even the cut scenes are exciting which is helped by the excellent voice acting and animation. I cant find any faults to this game besides the fact that the main story ended in a short amount of time. i would of loved more to the story and to keep playing it (this will probably come in the form of DLC). the game allows you to keep playing after the main story completion to find things you might of missed and extra achievements etc, but its clearly not the same, the boss fights were a bit dismal and very easy, the puzzles were ok but again they werent very puzzling. the whole game was a little predictable, but overall this is a great game to add to your collection and i cant wait to see if the bring out a sequel!


Better than the last game

britishlad | May 15, 2013 | Review of Crysis 3

I loved the original game and crysis 2 was a good game but a big stepback from the original but thankfully crytek almost did everything right on this game. Well...almost. Superb graphic, refined gameplay, awesome music, amazing set pieces! but the campaign is shorter than Crysis 2 infact it's only about four to six hours long which feels like a waste of opportunity since they made quite a lot of customization options. it's a shame but every level is well crafted and delicate. The multiplayer surely doesn't have too much to say but also has few thing to gripe on. It was fast pace and intense. It's a great replacement when COD gets old. It's a very good game and very well made but due to the short campaign I suggest to wait for the price to drop


Fun old school game

britishlad | May 15, 2013 | Review of Alien Shooter: Vengeance

A sequel to the original and right from the get go you are faced with hordes of aliens that would just love to taste your blood, fortunately they are easily disposed of with one of the many types of guns at your disposal ranging from simple handguns to futuristic cannons. As you work you way trough the sixteen missions you can upgrade your gear at shops or if you get lucky you might find something better, though my experience is that it doesnt happen often and so you mostly rely on the shop for equipment upgrades.

The single player campaign is sadly only four to five hours long however offer a survival mode in which you can try to set the highest score holding out as long as possible against an endless stream of aliensThe game has a nice storyline though be it simple, it even has an alternate ending, it does lack any cinematics but does pretty well without them nonetheless. Worth it at a cheap price


Starts off well but goes down here quickly

britishlad | May 15, 2013 | Review of The First Templar

I was enjoying the game for the first five to six hours, some useful combos, settings and for a game that isn't high proflie it had a surprisely good story. It's not really an RPG game but more of a simple hack and slash game. It was fun for a while however, it is now just frustrating due to forced stealth sections which are very hard. If you fail towards the end you have to start from the very beginning! Overall not a bad game, but no RPG here, combos became limited, basically a button masher and not fully thought through as a user experience, which is a shame because I like the style and story, graphically quite nice as well although not fully optimised.


A fan made expansion pack (Stand alone)

britishlad | May 13, 2013 | Review of Painkiller: Overdose

Painkiller Overdose is a fan made Stand alone expansion pack. The game is alot of fun and is enjoyable throughout but it's still the same engine and same gameplay - nothing has really changed since the first game. Many of the same enemies make a return, along with some new ones, some new weapons and 16 new levels. The graphics still hold up pretty well and the sound effects as well.. The music is downgraded somewhat to a just ambient most of the time. It's worth you're time if you are a fan of the Painkiller franchise and it's definitley worth it at a cheap price


Excellent game and the best of three

britishlad | May 13, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3

This game is excellent! In terms of production values (graphics, music, voice acting etc) It ticks all the right boxes. Like the last game it's open-worlded and there's just so many things to do. The choice of weapons and size of the map makes the game even better, offering a wider variety of gameplay in comparison to Far Cry 2 and there are plenty of side missions.

But what really surprised me is that the developers looked at the flaws and problems with the last game and pretty fixed them! for example the last game had enemy soldiers respawning at the checkpoints and outposts everytime you passed them - In this sequel you can take over them and use as fast travel (It also unlocks more side missions)

Excellent game and the best of three in my opinion


Not worth 6.99

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of Aliens: Colonial Marines - Reconnaissance Pack DLC

So Aliens: Colonial Marines was a pretty bad game and not very well recieved but what was worse is that many people purchased a season pass so they can access to all the dlc but with all the negative reaction I got the impressions that apart from the bug hunt dlc there wasn't going to be any more but thankfully I was wrong. So what do you get in this dlc?

Three new Team Deathmatch/Extermination maps including ‘Shipwreck’, a multi-tiered map where environmental awareness is key in getting the drop on your enemy

A new Survivor map called ‘Off the Grid’ located around the iconic Derelict ship outside the Weyland-Yutani military base

New skins, fatalities and heads for each Xeno class

This content isn't bad - the new skins are nothing special but the maps are good and a welcome addiction but for a dlc it's not enough and it's not worth £6.99! Though since the release of this dlc another massive patch has been released the game. It's has some small improvements to the graphics and gameplay. It's not going to save the game but at least gearbox are trying to solve some of the problems with this game


Dreadful game - please avoid!

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of Chernobyl Commando [Playfire]

This game is the definition of cheap cash in because If you have tried another game called sniper: Manhunter, you have played this game. It basically uses the engine - some mechanics, character models, guns, sounds, music or textures. Very little has changed and yet somehow, this one manages to be worse and very buggy. About the only "change" is the number of turret sequences. There are tons of them! All with the same gun. Oh, and rather having a different sniper rifle for each setting like in Sniper: Manhunter, they just give you all 3 snipers from the beginning for a total of 6 weapons in the entire game. Why on earth would I need to carry 3 different sniper rifles at the same time?!

The enemy respawning in this game is beyond daft. Most of the time they respawn right in front of you! At one point in the fame I killed 30 enemies in one go because they all kept spawning in the same place!

I enjoy the odd low budget game but this is simply terrible and not worth you're time


Forgotten classic!

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of Chaser

Chaser seems to be a forgotten classic as not many people have played it and the company made were not exactly a high profile company. The game resembles Half-Life in many ways and often betters it in a lot of places. I really loved this games in the earlier parts, but as it wore on, the warts started to show and left me frustrated.

Perhaps the part of the game that really made me aware that pursuing greatness for this game amounted to chasing its tail (forgive the pun) was the underwater level. In this level you pilot a small sub through a sunken shipwreck. Your way is lighted by yellow lights that change to blue as you pass through them. The level looks very nice, buy you have no way to renew your health or armor which is repeatedly worn away by turrets that fire at you. You can destroy the turrets with your weapons, but I found that the alternate fire is almost useless, and if you don't rely solely on your primary fire, then get ready to look at that load screen! But even worse is that this level is huge and very difficult to navigate. Once you get through it you breathe a sigh of relief only to realize that the next level is more of the same. Uggh!

Another problem is that Chaser requires you to crawl through some tight places in which you need to find just the right combination of jumping, crouching, and forward movement. You can end up spending many frustrating minutes that seem like hours trying to get through these places. Why Chaser's developers seem to think such ordeals are fun is beyond me.

Whilst the game has a fantastic soundtrack and the sounds for guns are good the voice acting is terrible espically from the protagnist!

Chaser's combat seems to have been developed so as not to be too easy, and it seems to be well balanced in the first half of the game or so. However, from there it gets very difficult. In many places you get killed by being hit just once! It's as if the developers decided after finishing half of the game that it was too easy and decided to make up for it in the latter half by making it much more difficult. Also while the game have some boring and tedious levels others have some amazing set pieces such as running through a space sport with no weapons, escaping from a prison and my favourite is running through city whilst debris (from a space station you just escaped) smashes through the buildings

The graphics are a bit dated (exept for the water effects they still look amazing!)

If you love sci fi first person shooters give this a try


Good DLC

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC

Duke Nukem: Forever was a love and hate game...though I believe more people hated it and then loved it however despite it's flaws i enjoyed it. The worst parts of Duke Nukem forever are gone for example there is only one small section where you shrink, and it lasts, literally, about 5 minutes. No awkward platforming sections, and a couple of driving sections, that are actually quite fun to play. There is alot of landscape change, going from factory's to building blocks, to desert landscapes and even the Moon! It's good fun and the campaign is about 3-4 hours long which is great value for dlc!


Poor game

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of Code of Honor: The French Foreign Legion

The first low budget game from city interactive I tried was SAS secure tomorrow and I enjoyed so I thought I will give another a try...sadly that was a mistake. You are cast as an NCO in the French Foreign Legion with various missions in some imaginary West African state - presumably, given the presence of the FFL, an ex-French colony. Despite this the enemy seems to labour under the impression that you are yank! Most of the features from sas secure tomorrow are in this game with the addition of some french weapons such as the FAMAS assault rilfe. This game is a lot unpolished compared to some of the other low budget titles from city interactive for example the movement is rather jerky and the game has a lot of bugs and glitches. Also for a game with poor graphics it takes ages to load!


good game but not a rpg

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of Dark Messiah Might & Magic

This is a good action game. It has a very satisfying combat gameplay though there is not much to do other than fight; you are allowed to roam slightly in the town where the main story begins to find the house of the man you are supposed to find, but other than that, there is not much "free-roaming" or exploring. You have 3 distinct fighting methods; using melee weapons (swords, staves, daggers, etc), magic or archery.

Please note: this is not an rpg like The Elder Scrolls 3/4- Morrowind/Oblivion; the skill points you gain can be used to develop your character, but in a very limited sense since you will be limited to the skill tree provided in the game, which has 4 categories (skills based on the three fighting methods and misc. skills). Also, and perhaps most importantly, the game is very structured and expects you to advance in a particular way; you are not free to make your own decisions or choices and see the outcome (save for maybe at the end of the game) and so if you want to be able to proceed in the game, you have to do everything in a particular way. So, unlike some other rpgs, you cannot go through the game as you would like and in a free manner, but in a structured way that fits the script writer's storyline. Doing anything in any other way usually results in your death or for you to be stuck in that level. Even the skill system is indicative of this - you get skill points as you complete objectives and advance in the game. This is so that you can open up new skills and items as you advance in the game and the enemies get harder and harder and not before. The structured stroyline also means that once you reach the end of the story, its game over... Then again, you can always play the multiplayer against other players...

Also, keep in mind that this is an old game (2006) and thus the graphics are not state-of-the-art or fancy (looks similar to morrowind in the graphics aspect). Other issues are the fact that you only have around 20-24 inventory slots and no other so inventory space becomes a concern.

On the downside the story, voice acting and dialogue are dreadful and there are a few boring levels where all you fight are spiders and zombies. Other than that this is a good game


We want a sequel no this!

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Alan Wake's American Nightmare - If you have not played the original game, I recommend you to at least read the wiki to understand the story. It is very weird, and you will be more implied in the story if you already know the characters and why you are in this world.

The combat game play is exactly the same than in Alan Wake - though it's more action packed and a lot more weapons to choose from (nailguns, assault rifles etc) Infact the biggest problem is that survival is too easy because the game gives you too much ammo and resources. So basically survival element of the original game has been removed sadly as it was one of the best features!

The graphics and sound is okay though the voice acting and facial animations are little bit of step down from the main game

There is a challenge mode in which you have to survive each round by fighting of various enemies etc It's quite fun for an five minutes

The Biggest problem with this game is that there are only three chapters and once you have reached the end you have go through the three chapters again which only some slight changes and then you do it again! This makes the game extremely tedious and boring and because that the game has been lengthen artificially, I cannot really recommend it. Try the original and avoid this standalone expansion pack


More of the same? No it isn't....

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

The first Fear had excellent gunplay and AI....what happened? The first thing I didn't like was the way the character moved, it felt too slow and the melee attacks were rather inaccurate, mostly the slide kick. I played it on the hardest difficulty straight away and it was still rather easy, I played FEAR 1 on hard and that was on the PC and that was just as easy to. The weapons were weak and the smart AI from the first game was gone...

On the plus the graphics were pretty good - The game has some awesome level settings such as an underground hospital, creepy school and a dead city and many more. The story was pretty good but it's just the gameplay was a big step down from the first game.

Not bad as a stand alone game but as sequel its rubbish


The original and the best

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of F.E.A.R -

This game was excellent in it's day. The combat was fantastic, The AI was amazing the story is interesting and it gripped me as I played the game. This should of been an amazing and successful franchaise but sadly the game spawn two poor expansion packs and two very average sequels.

I never once lost interest while playing at all which actually tends to happen to me a lot playing today's games. It has it's spooky moments as well if you're looking for that fear factor, trust me on that one and If you're looking for a freaky spook game that involves hardcore FPS then this is pretty much what you're looking for. You won't be fighting demons in this though, mainly just soldiers that sort of resemble half-life enemies in a way. Can't really judge it's graphics due to it's age, so I'll just say that it gets the job done for what it tries to do though the environments are bland and repetitive (prepare to see lots of warehouses and office buildings!)

Definitely worth a try if you love first person shooters


Max Payne 2

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of Max Payne II: The Fall of Max Payne DNS

If you haven't played the first Max Payne then you should before playing this, they are more like interactive films and need to be seen in order to enjoy the developing story the most. Don't expect happy endings, MP doesn't do them. And the Matrix style bullet time slomo makes the games a blast to play.

If you have then it is more of the same, just better. Bullet time is still there and the gameplay is similar but without the annoying/frustating trial and error dream sequences of the first. It isn't difficult on the first play setting and allows play through with a challenge but without getting stuck or frustrated.

The graphics still look pretty good for a ten year old game and the sound and music are fantastic, right down to the reoccurring Late Goodbye by the Poets of the Fall (which can be downloaded from Itunes). The 24 second piano rendition by one of the cleaners is fantastic and it is a shame it ends and you have to shoot him. Despite its age it runs on Vista with no glitches, bugs or crashes.

Fantastic Sequel Fantastic game


More of the same - Is that a bad thing?

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

I don't know why people complain about the linear progress of the single player game. This has always been the case with COD from the very first game many years ago and it's always been about big setpieces and epic shootouts etc The story is surprisely good for a call of duty game and has many references and flashbacks to the first modern warfare game and the story comes to a satisfying conclusion.

Spec ops is an excellent two player co-op mode where you can play a series of missions (about 25) or play survival mode. It's great fun and has plently of content to last for hours

Call of duty is famous for their popular multiplayer mode however I found it unplayable due to amount of people who use cheats or glitches. However this was when the game first came out a couple of years so perhaps Infinity ward fixed these problems though I seriousily doubt it

It's good game but to be honest the others (Black ops 1 and 2) are better than this


Nothing can beat the first game

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of F.E.A.R. 3

The first game had amazing combat, AI and story. The second had none of these! Sadly the third one only has a good story and average gameplay. The minor point is that FEAR 3 does not know what type of game it wants to be; one minute you are running round, shooting soldiers, and the next minute it's all horror scenes and screams of who knows what. The horrors parts are the best; very spooky and it even makes you jump at times just like the first game. The combat is just average but a little better when played in co-operative since the second player plays as Fettel (The antagonist from the first game) and he is much more fun to play as since you have access to powers such as being as able to possess enemy soldiers. Sadly this game is a couple of years old and finding players on co-op and multiplayer is hard and the single player campaign is only 5-6 hours long

Also in terms of productions values (graphics, music, voice acting etc) is simply average. It's not a bad game but it's a downgrade from the first game and it's worth buying at a very cheap price


Good expansion pack

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | Review of Crysis Warhead

This is a stand alone expansion for Crysis and probably one of the last expansion packs (before dlc) for a first person shooter. In this one, you will play as Psycho (Who sounds and acts like Jason Statham), another member of the team which have been sent to retrieve an alien's container.

Like its predecessor, this game put you against the Koreans and aliens. In this one, the combat will be more mixed between aliens and Koreans. It will not be against only one or the other clan. That will occur sometimes where you will see both fighting at each other. That will be a good opportunity for you to run aside from the fight.

The campaign last 7 missions and is good for about 10 hours. It's more of the same but it has some excellent set pieces and it's better paced than the original. It's definitely worth a purchase if you are a fan of the series


Good sequel to an excellent game

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | Review of Left 4 Dead 2

I loved the original game and they game is just as good as the first even though the four main characters are a little bit irritating and not as likeable as the characters from the first game. Here's a list of goods and bads:

Goods Plenty of guns and all of them are satisfying to use melee weapons such as machete, baseball bat, frying pan etc and are all satisfying to use more variety - more kinds of zombies to kill in more imaginative ways Plenty of campaigns (the campaigns from the first game have been ported to the second for free!) There's lots of vs modes and online is still quite active

Bads Some new levels are set during the day and the make the graphics look a little bit ugly and dated Playing with bots is extremely frustating because they are too stupid and useless Average soundtrack As I said new characters are annoying

A very good game and definitely worth the cheap price


Good game for fans and non fans alike

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | Review of Warhammer 40000: Space Marine

This brief review is for single player only and for the record I have no interest in Warhammer 40,000 and that sort of thing. Basically, this game is graphically beautiful, with an entertaining, simplistic story line. It is full of creative violence, and it's designed with a simple and effective combat system that feels nice. When you chainsaw an orc, you feel the rending flesh and spurting blood.

Just awesome animations too: not every chainsawed orc dies the same way. Lots of blood spurts from bullet wounds, and the orcs all reel under the concussive force of explosions, gunshots, and melee stomps, kicks, etc. It's very gory and very satisfying

The word here is "simple." There is no complex open world--just a simple linear quest design done well. There is no complicated combat system--just a fun, brutal bag of choices that are each satisfyingly implemented and displayed. The gameplay is ferocious, but never too difficult. Yes, you can change difficulty to get a harsher experience.

The voice-acting is top notch. The protagist is voiced by the excellent Mark Strong. It feels pleasantly like participating in a movie.

The campaign is about 6-10 hours long and has definite replay value


Excellent game

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite

BioShock Infinite delivers a spectacular adventure into a new environment without shying away from the feeling its predecessors gave off.

It has a steady pace throughout the game that allows you to relax every once in a while and take in the beauty Columbia has to offer before you start obliterating the next batch of bad guys. The story is another masterpiece to be reckoned with that starts off slow (yet familiar) but picks up along the way as you begin to uncover the more sinister undertone of the plot before you dwell into the big accumulating mysteries that await ahead though if you don't pay attention to the story or the details in the backgroud (audio daries) you will be scratching you're head at the ending. Graphics will leave you with jaw-dropping awe in most parts. The game mechanics are wonderful and without flaws.

My only problem with this game is the fact corpses disappear frequently which is a bit strange for a modern game

BioShock Infinite has one of the most well crafted twists in a story I have ever come across, for that it has left me mind boggled and has earned a very special place in my heart. It's simply excellent on every level


Favourite of the three

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | Review of Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 is the Third Installment in Rockstar Games Max Payne Series & is set 8 years after the Events in the Last Installment. No longer a Cop, Max is close to washed-up, drunk & addicted to painkillers. Without a job on The Force, Max has left the greater New York Area, & finds himself in San Paulo, Brazil working as Private Security. Remedy Studios may be Developing Max Payne anymore but that doesnt stop Rockstar from Publishing/Develop it. The story of Max's decent from vengeful, leather-jacket wearing Detective roaming The Alleys of New York to the broken, shaving-headed man out for Justice on unfamiliar streets far from home is at the center of Max Payne 3.

The graphics are excellent - no pop ups or weak textures anywhere

The Story is Phenominal, Voice Acting is Terrific especially hearing James McCaffrey returning to voice Max Payne himself. The Orchestra Soundtrack gives Max Payne that Ballet/Noire touch like always & Art Design is Fantastic and it really flows with the action scenes. Combat System has improved but can be a bit of a hassle for those new to the Series. Weapon System has upgraded so now you can mix & match weapons for that action movement style.

However some may find certain aspects of the game frustating and tedious for example some levels are very hard even on the medium setting and the cutscenes are very long and you cannot skip them until the level is loaded but I didn't have a problem with this because the cutscenes themselves are excellent and very well made

Excellent game


Single player review

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | Review of Homefront

The game itself has an interesting concept, North Korean occupation of the US and the intro and the first level are excellent at drawing you into the story but sadly the graphics are average and the dialogue was out of sych which took me out of the game. The most frustating thing about this game is how linear and restrictive the game for example you cannot explore your surroundings, you most follow npc's to the objectives and you have to wait for them to open a door etc It made the game a frustrating and poor expi

The campaign is only 4-5 hours long and has no replay value.


Good sniping but that's it

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | Review of Sniper: Ghost Warrior PRE

The sniping elements in this game are fantastic, satisfying and they feel realistic (though I have no idea when it comes to this sort of thing). Sadly for a game that touts being a Ghost Sniper you aren't very stealthy and why are there other portions in this game that FORCE you to use a M4 or other automatic weapon without a silence which is daft considering your supposed to a "ghost"

The graphics are dated but decent looking. The character models are pretty bad and the story is non existant

I had a great deal of fun during the sniping portions of this game (and even being a spotter for the sniper in one of the later missions), but the automatic weapon sequences were horrible. The sniping was affected by your heart rate (and breathing), wind direction, stance, and bullet trajectory. Those 4 things in conjunction with one another are so rare in games with sniping. It made for a quite interesting, one of a kind experience. Unfortunately the rest of the game was not as much fun and more an exercise in frustration and trial and error

Only worth getting if it is very cheap


Fantastic game though a little dated now

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto III

This game is probably the most fun game I (and most gamers) I have ever played. Driving through the city, shooting innocent pedestrian as I drive by, running over hookers and stealing their money, speeding over a bridge with the cops on your tail. It doesn't get much better then this. There are many people for you to kill, cars to steal, and missions to be completed. But this one is not for people who are stupid or young enough to think you can do all of these things in real life, because you can't. But, it's good for a laugh and to help you relax after a long day.

The game starts off with a scene of three people robbing a bank. As they're about to get away, the girl shoots you and you're arrested. Then, you escape when the convoy that was taking you to prison is attacked by a gang that wants to break out one of their members. They then bomb the bridge and you're free! Then, your friend helps you get some work with the Mafia, and the rest is history.

When the game was released on the PC there was a few bugs and glitches though I never had any problems myself but I can't say if these bugs were fixed in a patch or not

This game is great and like most gamers probably got plenty of hours out of it!


Good DLC - very well made

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | Review of Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall Nexway

In this dlc you play as Daud - The asassin who murdered the empress in the game. This has an okay story but is unfinished and obviousily concludes in the second dlc which we will get later on in the year.

There are three chapters - The first being the longest and the third being ridiculousily short (I swear if you ignore the sidequest you can complete this chapter in ten minutes)

There's lots of new characters and the new locations are fun to explore, the game has a couple of new weapons and powers such as the ability to summon another asassin to fight alongside you.

It's a great little dlc that is well made and definitely worth purchasing if you loved the original.


Excellent prequel

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Like a lot of people, I was skeptical when I heard about a new Deus Ex game. The last game, Invisible War was a big disappointment to me and the fans of the orignal but thankfully I was wrong

Deus Ex is about choice, and Human Revolution hits that out of the park. Do you want to sneak past your enemies with a cloaking augmentation after watching your enemies move routes through walls with the eye aug, or do you want to sneak around and pick off each enemy with tranquilizer darts, hiding each body from view like a silent predator? Do you want to augment yourself to be Cyberpunk Rambo? You can. Grab a machine gun and utilize your defense aug, making your skin hardened against bullets. Do you want to be a weird Hulkified dude who's obsessed with throwing fridges and dumpsters at your enemies? Put some points into strength augs. Want to be a hacker and use hostile security terminals, turrets, and robots against your enemy? Done. Like to talk your way out of situations? Invest in the cerebral aug that lets you better read people's expressions, helping you find each conversation's weak points.

There is so much choice in this game, and there are so many paths in each level to take, that I think Human Revolution rivals or even surpasses Deus Ex. It's that good. The levels are huge - especially the city hubs where you can talk to various NPCs and get a bunch of sidequests.

The gunplay is good (and a massive improvement over the original), the stealth is good (with nice little touches like patrols that turn around and walk backwards for a few moments). The hacking minigame is actually fun and involved, unlike most minigames. It also evolves as the game progresses, becoming more difficult and varied, with more ways to hack as well. The game has top notch production values - The graphics, sound and art direction are all excellent Everyone should buy and support this game. We need more like it. I don't want to wait another 10 years for a new great Deus Ex game.


Good game and good sequel

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | Review of BioShock® 2

Bioshock was a wonderful game that had many twists and turns that had me utterly gobsmacked as I made my way through Rapture. In a return trip to Rapture, I found things felt all too familiar, yet I was still affected by the narrative and ambience of the wondrous world. Bioshock 2 is a separate story from the original game. In this fame you play as a big daddy. You are a decommissioned (murdered) Big Daddy who is resurrected for unknown reasons, drawn to the little girl who was your original Little Sister. Playing as a Big Daddy should've of been an awesome experience being be powerful and heavily amoured but this simply wasn't the case. The game explains it away as you are only at half strength, but it would have been nice to have those powers and roam around that world. The added nemesis of the Big Sister was truly excellent and fighting them was the most epic part of the game.

The graphics were top-notch, again, the sound perfect. The little details were there, clearly apparent in the final level where you get to see things in a different light. It is these sorts of things that make the Bioshock franchise stand out from others. I would have liked a more original story instead of a game that felt far too familiar and there were no amazing twists like the first game, but the time spent in Rapture was a delight, despite the sameness to the game.


Wonderful game

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | Review of BioShock

I was going to talk about how excellent the story is but I don't want to give anything anyway so I will onto gameplay. The combat in this game is good and uou can have many different weapons with different ammo types, you can genetically modify yourself with plasmids, the ability too shoot fire, electricity, ice etc. from your hands. You can also customize phyical tonics and engineering tonics and more.

But the best thing about this game is rapture. The city is beautiful, scary, strange. It is unlike anything i've seen in a game before, so unique. It perfectly resembles a world gone wrong, and it is just a mystery waiting to be solved. Bioshock is a linear game but you can explore to your hearts content, and when you do, you might discover some of rapture's secrets..

As good as this game is, it's far from perfect. The gameplay can become repetitive as the game get's further along. The combat could be better as you can only use one hand at once which isn't very logical. The game does lose some of it's initial mystery once your used to the rapture, and exploration could of been more of a factor, as i was itching to explore rapture fully, but there wasn't that much to explore.

Overall a great game in a unique world. The campaign can be completed within 10 hours


I love the Call of Juarez series but this was rubbish!

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez: The Cartel

I love Bound of blood and even though I thought setting the game in modern time and a lot of the reviews were pretty bad - I still gave this game a chance....big mistake

So first off the outdated graphics. Mind blowing late texture popins. Poor voice acting. Bad and glitchy during gameplay, for example the game was never tested and that resulted in, glitched out enemies, deaths, and sometimes gets you stuck in areas unless you restart the level. Long load times. The game is like Mind Jack, Two Player co-op completetion is not the same with the single player, good luck with finishing the game twice, on your own! The game is pretty much unfinished and has been rushed.

The guns carry the exact same ammo. The map is useless. Too many missions where if you go out a certain piont, you failed. The car is too hard to control, it doesn't let you see anywhere exept for the hood of the car. The weapons feel like water guns due to them not having any recoil. And the games choices really takes you out of the action instead of bring you in. There are too many scenes with slow motion. And the ending is either common or anti-climatic depending on the choices you made.

I gave it a chance but it's just not worth playing


Amazing game - I cannot wait for Gunslinger

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

I was never a big fan of Western movies or games until now and I never ever played the first one (though this game is prequel to that one) Playing it, it became immediately apparent that the developers had shovelled unusual degrees of care and attention into making you care about the main characters' story. From their desertion during the American Civil War, to their arguments over women and their pursuit of a legendary treasure, they never feel as shallow as normal game characters. Even by halfway through the excellent writing and constant background banter had made me more interested in them as characters than most games manage in their entire length. Although their 'good' brother (and fifth wheel for most of the plot) is never quite convincing, lead characters Ray and Thomas are a standout duo who play off each other superbly. You can pick either for most missions, and it's likely you'll develop a favourite based on personality or combat style. I ended up playing womaniser Thomas almost the whole game as he gets access to throwing knives and bows etc, while Ray gets the heavier hardware such as dynamite and Gatling guns. The plot drives the action relentlessly, and you find yourself staring out across incredible sunlit vistas one minute (which still look terrific on a decent system) as you head to a mission, and racing to escape a town on horseback the next.

It's not very free-roaming, although there are sections when you can choose your own side quests and how to get to them, but I didn't care - even as a huge 'free roaming' fan. The story's that good.

The graphics are pretty good but it's the sound that's amazing - Everything from voice acting, music, gunshots etc are all Excellent!

By the end, I thought of this as the best Western Movie I'd never watched and actually got me into the Western genre A terrific singleplayer game, and unreservedly recommended.


Fun game but lower your expectations

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nuken is in FUN a hell of a lot of fun but you wont see anything new or revolutionary here the game however you do get some features that don't really appear in modern first person shooters such as puzzles (though none of the puzzles are original) The ganeis just outright fun The aliens are back and its up to Duke to save the day as usual yeah there is not much story here but a great story is not really needed in a Duke game.

The graphics look okay is some sections but pretty bad in others such as the las vegas streets and the desert

The game has very funny dialogue and makes digs at other games such as halo

The vehicle sections have been blasted by the reviewers, its really not that bad and for me was really enjoyable, at times you shrink to a miniature size for a completely unknown reason and making your way around the kitchen as "mini duke" jumping over plates and avoiding fire from the cooker is hilarious.

The boss fights are interesting and this is a very challenging game you wont find a harder shooter out there than Forever. The last stage of the game which introduces an extremely frustrating underwater section just has no place and hurts the game.

Overall Nuken is a very fun shooter, but don't expect a classic


Has potiental but wait for futhur patches

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | Review of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Overflow

Pros: The game is very quick to learn and is great for anyone who just wants to log on and bash some heads in. Getting that kill blow in just before your opponent is very satisfying, especially when you chop off someone's arm or decapitate them! The gameplay is completely dependent upon your own reaction time and skill, which is very frustrating in the beginning and becomes rewarding with the passage of time! The weapons are of good variety, and generally are all variations of range of attack, speed and damage. The graphics look fantastic on a high end machine but if you lower the graphic settings the game looks very ugly

Cons: Although addictive, the game plays like a beta test. Menus with mouseovers have letters obscured by nearby graphics due to font size changes during the mouseover. The game kept resetting my keyboard controls - I had to change them three times! which was extremely frustating! Occasionally, your character will swing their weapon wildly when no buttons are pressed. The "animation" of jumping in 3rd person view looks more like something you would expect from an 8-bit video game rather than something modern (think original Super Mario Bros). The game will repeatedly switch to the desktop during the middle of battle leaving your character at the mercy of your foes until you can Alt+Tab back into the game.

Summary: Very fun and addictive if you can stomach the bugs. It will be that much more fun once the technical issues are patched!


Worth trying but only at a cheap price

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

This game is one of the most brutal darkest games I haver ever played. The character are all unlikeable and they through hell and back without any sort of like ability to there characters. Which in terms of story and characters make this a unique experience for a game but I cannot not recommend buying this the campaign is only five hours long and co op and multiplayer are both dead (PC version)

Now on to the performance of the game. The shooting mechanic is vastly improved in this game, and the cover system works perfectly. About 99% of the game runs beautifully at a very constant frame rate and the action blends nicely into the ongoing dialog the two characters, Kane and Lynch, carry on throughout the game. Also, I actually enjoyed what they did with the camera, making it look like the entire experience was recorded.

So in closing worth trying but only at a cheap price


Amazing graphics but just not fun

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 2

It looks and sounds fantastic and has some neat ideas such as the buddy system but there's about all I can say that's good about this game. Here's a list of things I didn't like:

There's way too much driving around, and it isn't nearly as much fun as driving around in a lot of sandbox games.

The enemy AI - as lots of people mention - is unforgiving and will spot you from several miles away it seems and they constantly respawn at every single checkpoiny

The saving system is cumbersome, resulting in lots of replayed missions. Your character frequently has to deal with outbreaks of malaria which cause him to faint. Hardly fun is it?

Everyone wants to kill you! There are no neutrals or civilians in this game. Everywhere you go you'll be shot at. Even when you work for a particular faction their guards will still attack you!

The story is non existant

Guns jam too frequently and is extremely frustating during firefights

The glider is useless. Don't bother trying to use it. Enemies spot you a mile off and a few shots bring it down. Totally wasted concept.

Graphically and technically amazing but just not fun


Developers worth supporting

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor

Thhis game is basically Left 4 Dead, without missions. You starton a map with other players (max 6) and kill a bunch of mutant zombie freak-type enemies. There's a trading shop at the end of every round on a map, there are 10 rounds. You get in-game currency while playing. You get more currency for how well you do in a given round so you can buy better weapons and whatnot. There's a number of different classes to choose from, such as a pyro who uses fire-based weapons, to a melee class, healing class, marksman (headshot) class. Bunch of different classes. Cool thing is they all start at level one when you're a beginner and you can level them up as you play them. As they level, you get better bonuses and bigger advantages.

The Biggest problem with this game is the graphics are dated and look pretty ugly to be honest. This game requires teamwork, and you can choose what difficulty you want to play on. Harder difficulties are very challenging and require teamwork. There's an ungodly amount of custom-made maps by players that are absolutely brilliant that you can play on as well. Also the voice acting is terrible and laughable but when you play this game you can tell it was intentional

Lotta DLC for this game. brand new one just came out which gives you

Simple game, but in this case simple is best. No story or missions or any crap like that at all. It's a great game and it's definitely worth the £14.99 price tag considering I have got 48 hours of fun out of this game.

Also whilst they do charge for extra skins (at a very cheap price) they released 7 new weapons and loads of new maps for free! It's nice to see game developers rewarding there fans rather than charging a ridiculous amount for dlc


Good but the first game was better

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | Review of Prototype 2

I really enjoyed the first prototype even though the graphics were average and the gameplay whilst very satisfying was very repetitve - Prototype 2 just doesn't reach my expectations.

The first problem I had with prototype 2 is it's protagonist, Sgt. James Heller. He is a loudmouthed,hotheaded badass. The badass part I like,but he doesn't quite have the personality Alex Mercer had. I don't know about others and this review is just my biased opinion,not any constructive criticism. So it's safe to say,I didn't like the protagonist and it made a poor impression on my mind. Game play is almost the same as the first one. Mutation is a good pathway to make James a demigod. And it feels good as James powers up and turns into the ultimate killing machine. One of the best abilities In prototype 2 is that you can glide and it makes for a joyful ride over plagued Manhattan. It feels almost as if you were flying. And it's always a pleasure to crash into a fight with style. The story felt ruined. Prototype had an average storyline which felt interesting because of the memory collected. But prototype 2 doesn't offer something a lot new. Instead,I felt as if it was ruining the whole prototype story. Characters aren't that memorable but fighting other prototypes are. And they give you new weapons which feels good. Ultimately,it isn't something entirely new or it's protagonist won't make a hell of an impression,but the gameplay is very much enjoyable. And that is enough.

It's worth a playthrough at a cheap price but if you didn't like the first game then avoid


excellent game if you lower you're expectations

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | Review of RAGE: Special Edition

This game from the makers of doom had very high expectations from gamers and sadly did live up to the hype for many reasons for example a lot of had technical issues but thankfully most of those problems have been fixed. The game comes with it's own utility to set the optimal settings for your system. The game did not recommend the highest settings, so the engine must have some feature improvements typical of the older id software titles, designed to run for the latest video cards.

Gameplay-wise Rage is like how other reviewers have stated: somewhat repetitive. But there is a progression of weapons and inventory and equipment, like your cars, so that gives me something to look forward to in upcoming missions.

The combat gameplay was quick-paced, the enemy AI get tougher with their dodging maneuvers that makes the game a plus, and side missions add hours and hours of extra play time. Sure the game isn't as "open world" as people hoped for, but that wasn't id Software's entire focus.

In terms of graphics the game is amazing and look fantastic if you have a high end PC

The other problem people had with game is the ending - The story doesnt come to closure and it ends on a cliffhanger and rage 2 has sadly been cancelled!

It's still an excellent game if you lower you're expectations


Good story - Average gameplay

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake

From the makers of Max Payne comes Alan Wake - The story is the main draw of this game. It is excellent, and somewhat reminiscent of Stephen King, if you're into that at all. The music, graphics and voice acting are all excellent!

However the actual combat is nothing really special, and can get frustrating at times (especially one part involving a bulldozer). It is also linear and the combat and get repetitive after a while. It's still a good and interesting experience but it terms of gameplay there is very little replay value....


Nothing much has changed since 2004

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | Review of Doom 3 BFG Edition Pre

Doom 3 BFG is the same good game that it was 8 years ago -- and that's exactly the problem. At the time it represented a milestone in the FPS genre, sound design and graphics. It was one of the creepiest games I've ever played and it's still fun. However, it's exactly the same game with a few small but important alterations: the game is no longer as dark as it was, and there's a flashlight available at all times. One of the key elements that made this game so scary was the darkness plus you could only use a gun or a flashlight, but not at the same time. So there's no longer that sense of dread and doom that made me jump out of my seat 8 years ago. The game did not improve by these changes in my opinion.

More Importantly, the graphics have not improved at all and they show their age. While awesome that the time, they are now laughably primitive. The excellent level designs as well as the sound design were already great and withstood the test of time, however. To sum up, it was a good game, and one for the gaming hall of fame, but there's really nothing here for veterans of the first version. In fact, this is the inferior one of the two, and I recommend that people who have never played this game should stick with the original - it's cheaper and better. For people who already played the original, there's nothing of value here. The so called lost missions is only 2 hours long and not worth playing to be honest.


Good game bad sequel

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex: Invisible War [Playfire]

Being a great fan of the original Deus Ex, I have for a long time been looking forward to playing Deus Ex Invisible War. The game sadly is not a worthy successor to DE. The absence of the skills system from DE; the relatively small levels (generally rather disappointing given that the Unreal 2 engine which was used for DE IW should be able to handle large outdoor scenes); and the A.I of the enemies which was somewhat weak. and the game choices wer limited compared to the first gameBut also a lot of improvements to the original DE, apart from graphical side (both games of course falls short of todays standards, but that is hardly surprising given that DE are from 2000 and DE IW from 2004, and cannot hope to compare to the new fabulously looking DE 3) : good story, probably better than the original, and the whole atmosphere : music, leveldesign, the snippets of political and philosophical thoughts which also characterized the original DE game and the whole general "feel" of the game, sneaking around, taking guards out and avoiding surveilliance hardware - very much a worthy follow-up to DE. So give this, by now ageing, game a try, if you like games with a complex storyline and freedom of play.


Not as good as the original but still a good game

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | Review of Mafia II dns

Simple Review

The Good

The Graphics on this game is fantastic. The amount of detail put into every corner of the world is astonishing. Posters cover walls. Windows on full display of the products in the stores. The Traffic lights and even the traffic is amazing. Rain and night scenes are beautiful with realistic reflections. It is just awesome!

The story line is good. It's not totally ground breaking, but it's a tested formula that works well for any Mafia game or movie. It's nowhere near as engaging as the first game but it's better than most games out there

The music and voice acting are both excellent

The Bad

It's actually not that great in terms of game-play. The amount of shoot-outs you have is really limited and can probably be counted on your 2 hands. You're stuck doing menial jobs like taking things from one spot to the nex which can get quite tedious very quicklyt. Killing a guy here or there (which is most of the times a cut-scene in which you have no control anyway.

No Side missions which is a bit of a missed opportunity for a sandbox game

So not really a great game to play, but the visuals all but make up for the lack of variety in the game. Also this game is so much easier than the first game and there is one AMAZING moment for fans of the first game


Dreadful game and a cheap cash in

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead

Okay so this game was developed in less than eight months and was released when series three of the tv show was being transmitted and here's a list of why this game is bad:

Terrible graphics - Very dated and ugly to look at

The main focus is finding gas for your vehicle and other supplies which is ideal for a survival zombie game but it's just tedious and dull

Gameplay is some of the worst I've played in a good while. Melee combat is you punching a zombie in the face 3 times until they simply fall over. Alternatively, you can sneak up on them and stab from behind, watching the same animations over and over and over and over... If you get grabbed by a zombie, expect a good gangbang out of it every time. As you kill each zombie with a QTE, a new zombie will immediately take its place, and you will keep killing them with the same QTE over and over until either your or them are dead. Simply boring and repetitive

You're also given a gun, which of course you want to avoid using due to walkers being attracted to the sound. Unfortunately, the gun is a bolt action rifle, which forces you to empty the chamber every time you fire, which gives up precious time you need in order to reload. So the weapons overall, are clunky, awkward, and unrealistically weak.

The only thing I liked about this game is that you pick up members to join you in your survival and you can send them out to find gas, food, ammo, etc. You'll have to divide up what weapons you have among them and if you give them a rubbish weapon they will mostly die. It's a cool concept but they never pick up more than two things (usally some bullets and maybe some canned food)

Buy Dead Island Riptide instead


Something different

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | Review of Mirror's Edge (EU)

Mirror's Edge is an unique game and it's all about free running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop - Here is my list of good bad


Graphics and artstyle are amazing and still look better than most games that have come out this year (e.g. alien colonial marines)

Fun gameplay with lots of exciting freen running and jumping with the optional melee combat and shoot outs


Too short - campaign can be completed 4-6 hours and there is no multiplayer

Uninteresting storyline with dull cutscenes

Even though the checkpoint system is good and saves quite freqently you still get the odd frustating moment which you have to do over and over again until you get it right

Mirror's Edge is an unique game and beautiful game. I think everyone should experience and it's definitely worth £9.99


Worth it for the story alone

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops: The Line dns

As a third person shooter this game is good - The gunplay is good, The cover mechanics are good and the AI is good. Both the graphics and and sound are very good. Everything in terms of the actual are good but not great - The campaign is only 3-5 hours long and the multiplayer and co-op are dead online sadly

However the game is worth for the story alone - I don't want to spoil anything but the story is amazing and has some excellent and shocking moments. I never thought a miltary shooter would have such a strong anti war message. You will never get this sort of stuff in a call of duty game


No reviews....seriousily?

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series

Surprised there are no other reviews...This game is AMAZING. I'm not really into point and click adventures (I prefer first person shooters) However I really enjoyed this game - It's very simple (puzzles are easy) but It's all about the characters and story. You have to make a lot choices (choosing to save one person but let another die) and a lot of dialogue choices (which effects how other character treat you) etc

The game is simply excellent in the way it draws you - I have NEVER played a game where I was angry at another character for treating me like dirt simply because I didn't do what he wanted (this can be changed) and I have NEVER been so emotional over a ending for videogame ever!

Also the graphics and sound (voice acting) are both excellent

The game is about 5-6 hours longs (just over and hour for each episode) It is short and feels more like an interactive movie rather than a videogame but it's still amazing and it's definitely worth £19.99


Excellent game

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Nexway -

Excellent game - Here's my basic review: Pros Gameplay is excellent whether you want to stealth it or murder everyone in sight The graphics and art style look simply stunning Music and voice acting is wonderful Cons The game can be quite buggy and for me it crashed a couple of times If you are trying to achieve zero kills for the whole game it can be VERY hard It's frustating that the game wants you to go the stealth (to get the good ending) which is annoying the combat,kills and asassins are very satisfying Excellent game


Excellent game but ver short

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | Review of The Darkness II dns

The Darkness II is like an excellent game. It has a great story with awesome characters. Gameplay is excellent, no complains here. You can tear enemy with your demonic arms, kill them with a gun, throw a bucket or metal strips to them, also later you can get more abilities, like use swarm of insects, use energy instead of bullets or drop vortex that will suck all around it. But that's not it, you can grab enemy to perform one of four finishing moves, which will grant you different bonus, like health, ammo, shield or faster restore your abilities. It's a nice bloodbath with good variety of gameplay.

Sadly It's only 4-6 hours of gameplay including co-op and the campaign ends on a cliffhanger


Budget game but great fun

britishlad | May 7, 2013 | Review of SAS Secure Tomorrow

Your probably thinking "why did this guy rate it 70????"

Why because A it was only £2.99 and B is was great fun for a budget game. Don't have high expectations and expect call of duty productions. lower your standards and enjoy!

The game has dated graphics, rubbish cutscenes, terrible voice acting and can be completed in 2-3 hours however the gunplay is VERY satisfying and the weapons are fun to use.

Now all these budget shooters from City Interactive are the same (same guns, same engine etc) So if are ever going to buy one get this one


Good game

britishlad | May 7, 2013 | Review of Syndicate (EU)

Syndicate is a first person shooter set in a futuristic environment, where companies rather than government rule the world and it is a remake of an old game but they have very little incommon - Here's a list of good and bad things:


The gameplay is simple but fun and the gunplay is very satisfying

The graphic are really good but some people may be put off by the constant bloom

Good voice acting from actors like Brian Cox


CO OP is good but it's pretty dead now and it is very difficult to play on your own

Story is rubbish and forgettable

Boss battles are naff and not fun to fight

No multiplayer

Single player campaign can be completed in 4-6 hours

It's a good game but not at full price


If you hated dead island avoid however

britishlad | May 7, 2013 | Review of Dead Island: Game of the Year DNS

This review is simple If you hated dead island avoid at all costs simply because nothing has changed graphics are still the same, annoying bugs from the first game have not been fixed etc However if you are me and enjoyed dead island then give you might wanna give this a shot. Here's a list of things I liked and didn't like: Things I like: Defence missions are awesome - setting up defenses (gun emplacements, mesh fences, laying mines) is great fun for me but this is perhaps not everyones cup of tea some cool new weapons such nail gun, harpoon, rocket launcher etc guns do damage this time round The game has mini sidequests where you can upgrade your AI teammates by collecting certain items they need (e.g 7 batteries) to make them better in combat during the defense missions and it does work Things I dislike: Ranking up is way too easy compared to the first game Not enough side missions - The first game had hundreds this one not so much... So to sum up I enjoyed Riptide but it's not really worth price as this game feels like expansion pack rather than a sequel (I know it's not officially a sequel but the game is still charged at full price) items and money in travel bag respawn at ridiculously fast rates driving a boat around and getting endless drowner zombies climbing into the boat is fucking annoying and is hard without teamates Some of the new special infected are simply more annoying and frustating to fight


Dated now but good fun back in 2006

britishlad | May 7, 2013 | Review of Project Snowblind [Playfire]

This game was released back in 2006 and It was originally intended to be set in the deus ex universe; now its just a stand-alone game and a first person shooter without the RPG elements, I have played and completed snowblind (why because I love deus ex and first person shooters) There are a few aspects that borrow from the series there's almost always another way through an area -- usually involving climbing in and around air ducts (you'd think bad guys would do something about this constant breach). You can hack into computers, dominate mechs, and even toss spiderbots. Hell, a lot of the weapons (EMP grenades) and enemies (security bots, automated turrets) are ripped right from Deus Ex's design doc but I have no problem with these similarities at all. Also In Project snowblind it's possible to use biomods to customize and enhance your character with superhuman powers. These augmentations include Reflex Boost which essentially slows the game for a small amount of time, Cloak which turns you invisible, Vision which is essentially an Infra-red mode allowing you to see through walls, Electrical Storm which fires an electrical ball at enemies, and finally the Ballistic Shield which makes you virtually invincible. These biomods really are a great addition to the game - it's been seen before of course but adds a bit more depth to the gameplay.

This game wins for me in terms of fun factor for example I enjoyed the vehicles, Using a futuristic Ford Escort to mow down enemies was fun … adding a turret to its hood was even better, I loved the weapons and some of them were really fun to use. I love the squad elements where you fight in the streets or defend certain positions (sometimes the battles felt really epic) and Hacking and controlling gun turrents or security bots to eliminate groups of enemies etc. The game has also got an awesome and unique introduction.

Although there are many cons to the game such as The music is on a little on the weak side - it's not overly exciting, nor does it convey the grittiness of war to well and the voice acting is a little naff. The game has a rather short length - about 10 hours and the graphics in Project: Snowblind isn't quite up to par with current releases but it does try to include bits and pieces of a great looking game. The environments within Snowblind stand out above the rest of the graphics as each level seems to have its own distinct feel. Each is modeled with their own attributes with great detail. The sci-fi theme is captured excellently, but the same couldn't be said about the character models. The characters feel bland and nonexistent. The enemies have no differential details to them and all look identical. Only a few have an unique look to them and they aren't met until the sewer level where you infiltrate the General's headquarters. Comparing to outings in other first- person shooters, Snowblind isn't that impressive when it comes to graphics.

If you can forgive the above cons then project snowblind is a fun game to play


Excellent game - replaying whilst waiting for Last light

britishlad | May 7, 2013 | Review of Metro 2033 PRE

A game set in post apocalyptic Russia has an excellent single player campaign but features no multiplayer or co-operative. The game also also is only about six hours in length and is linear. The game being linear isn't a bad thing but I'm just letting other people know that this isn't a game for everyone and if you are expecting to hundreds of hours out of it you are gonna be very Disappointed! Here's my Pros and Cons for the game:


Excellent atmosphere!

The attention detail is stagerring - Seeing large groups of refugees in the tunnels talking, eating etc is just brilliantly done

Fantastic soundtrack and Good voice acting

Interesting story (based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky) Though you do have to pay attention as you can easily miss some important plot developments

Great graphics though you will need a high end system to play this game!

Excellent set pieces such as riding on a pump train or defending a position with other soldiers against the monsters

The idea of using bullets as currency (to other other/upgraded guns) is an excellent idea and searching areas/scavenging for ammo is addictive!

Two endings which are both satisfying - You achieve the good ending by gaining moral points (such as giving a starving bum a bullet so he can buy food)

It's not a horror game but it does have a couple of scary/creepy moments which are brilliantly done!

Very quick loading time! like two seconds!


The monsters are quite annoying at times since they alway attack you in the same way (runstraight toward you and bite you)and them attacking you in numbers can be frustating

The guns are little underpowered (for example it shouldn't take three shotgun shells to a nazi!) which make the combat a little harder considering you have to save your bullets for trading

The moral system is never explained within the game! So if you didn't work it out and didn't gain enough moral points you will get the bad ending!

Overall despite a few minor flaws I really enjoyed this game