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Racing at it's Finest

brute452 | May 30, 2013 | Review of DiRT 2 - PC

In my opinion, DiRT2 is one of the best racing games with a unique feel and solid gameplay. I recently started in this genre of game, but I highly recommend this game to all newcomers and pros as well. The driving mechanics feel very smooth with a gamepad and with a keyboard. The damage system is a very nice touch to add a sense of realism, but if you're into a nice ride, you can tweak the damage and difficulty settings to your liking.The graphics have a beautiful look and the landscape, from hilly plains to desert- like maps. The game feels well optimised and it won't run your rig too hard either. I have to say though, the strict keyboard to controller setup is a bit annoying, as you can't use your mouse in any way. I do highly favor an xbox360 controller when playing this game, as it adds a more smooth sense of turning. It's still very fun with a keyboard, so don't feel cheated it you don't have a gamepad. This is a great way to start out with the racing genre and it won't break the bank. For a game that was made 3 years ago, it fells like it was out just yesterday.