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Good game, not great, but good.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

There is a lot to like about this game, the art style alone is quite beautiful. Some of the puzzles are pretty good, others leave a lot to be desired. The shooting mechanics are solid, but nothing groundbreaking. Most of the time it turns out better to just keep shooting rather than stopping and using the vigors, which feels lame. The story is good enough, even though its pretty predictable and it's easy to see the twist coming from a mile away. I didn't like that you can't hold more than a couple guns at a time, really makes you just end up using the same gun 90 percent of the time, which feels bleh. The skyhook thing is pretty fun, although it makes shooting from the rails pretty challenging. I would say this game is good for one play-through with a good level of fun factor but I don't see myself ever coming back to it again after that.


Lots of online multiplayer fun.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Counter Strike Global Offensive - PC

I never really got into the original counterstrike growing up, or even source, I tried both of them but just couldn't get into it. With CS:GO I finally played a bit more and actually started to enjoy it. While I'm certainly no huge counterstrike fan, I'm pretty terrible at the game, and I don't play it for hours and hours on end, I still do come back to it every so often and have a good time playing for a few hours here and there shooting people in the face and saying terrible things about other peoples mothers over the internet. You know, like it should be.


Wonderful cyberpunk fun.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Deus Ex Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut - PC

I had a great time playing this game. Some of the boss fights are a little bit broken but it's forgivable for how fun the rest of the game is. Good story, great atmosphere. Solid graphics, a very competent shooter, super fun hacking, great stealth. It's one of those games that you can solve problems in many different ways and all of them are viable in there own way, which makes getting around problems and finding solutions feel so much more rewarding because you can do it the way you want to, not the way the game is trying to make you. Overall had a great time playing, totally worth it.


Pretty decent fighter, good amount of fun to be had.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition NA - PC

I actually bought this game for the story which was pretty interesting, I totally got sucked into it. But the fighting itself is quite fun as well, the characters are balanced well and the abilities are inspired and fun to use. Playing through the single player was a great time. I don't really see myself coming back to the game again and again but it was a solid buy and I enjoyed my time with it a lot.


I wanted to like it so much, but I just can't.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Gauntlet NA - PC

I grew up playing the original gauntlet on the NES and every once in a while in the arcade when I could. I loved it. It was one of the only NES games I had as a kid so I played it a LOT. I was so excited when I heard they were doing a reboot and when I got the game I was trying so hard to like it, but it got boring really, really quickly. I dunno what it is specifically that just made it seem so dull but I just couldn't get into it, didn't give me the same feeling as the original or even the arcade remake from years ago. If you are a fan maybe you will have more luck than me.


Decent, fun, but wears out it's welcome after a while.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Mortal Kombat X NA - PC

I played through the single player for the story believe it or not. I'm kinda into the lore and all that. I played a little bit of multiplayer but to be honest after playing through the main game it was already starting to get a little stale. It's worth playing through, I dunno if I would pay full price for it if you aren't a huge MK fan. I can't say any of the DLC is any more than a cash grab. But for what it is it's a pretty good time, can be a really good time if you have some friends that are into it as well.


Totally worth it.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Fallout New Vegas Gun Runners Arsenal - PC

For the longest time I didn't buy this because I had already finished the main game and all the other DLCs and I thought this was just some new guns and I didn't really care for that. Now that I have it, I'm kicking myself for not getting it earlier. The guns and ammo types it adds are great fun, but also it adds mods and challenges that are super fun to do as well. The challenges turned out to be the best part for me as some of them were quite abstract and really fun.


One of the best RPGs of all time

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition - PC

Fallout 3 is one of those games that after years of doing what you thought was everything in the game you can start playing it again and run into things you didn't ever come across before, which then leads you on a path to discovering even more things that you didn't know were in the game. It is just such a deep world with so much to do and such a great level of immersion that once you start playing again you always get sucked right back in. If you haven't experienced this game before or haven't played through all of the different DLC, definitely pick this up, it is a classic for a reason. It's that good.


This game is good, really really freaking good.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Fallout New Vegas Bethesda - PC

I've put over 200 hours into this game and it is still great fun. I loved fallout 3, it was a near perfect game, then when new vegas came out I was amazed to see that it was actually improved upon. The story is good, there are a ridiculous amount of guns that just feel great to shoot, hardcore mode, AMAZING DLC, each one is a great adventure on it's own. Great perks, a solid leveling system, soooo many amazing quest lines. I just wish that fallout 4 had quests and story as good as this game. Multiple endings, great faction balancing with actual repercussions for your in game actions. Just an overall amazing game, get it now if you don't have it you won't be disappointed.


Great action oriented co op resident evil game

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Resident Evil 5 - PC

A lot of people complained that this game was too easy or not scary enough or all kinds of other things about why it's not a good resident evil game. But I played through it a couple times, once with a friend and another time later with a girlfriend, and it was fun both times. It may not be as scary as some of the RE games or have the same atmosphere, but come on it's #5 are you still scared of this stuff anyway? From my view the game is great fun to play through with a friend and blowing away zombies and solving puzzles in co op is great fun and this game delivers. One of the more fun RE games in my book.


Mirrors edge plus what dead island should have been.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Dying Light - PC

Great gameplay, great leveling system, good story, great graphics, great weapon selection, great game mechanics, wonderful open world, great multiplayer, great fun factor, this is just a wonderful game. So very satisfying to kill the zombies with crushing attacks, wearing our your weapons keeps you constantly scrounging for new ones which keeps things fresh and fun, the day and night cycle with added difficulty but also xp at night makes things very exciting and balances risk with reward very well. You won't be disappointed, this is the zombie game a lot of us have been waiting for.


220 Hours in, all pure joy.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain - PC

This game is what a sandbox game should be. While to be completely honest the game doesn't feel finished, the story doesn't close as it should you can tell there is a chapter missing at least, and the later levels are just rehashes of the earlier levels with extra modifiers put on them, the game is still AMAZING. There is just so much you can do, so many ways to go about trying to complete each mission and so many of them are totally viable. You can go in guns blazing in a mech and blow people up, you can stealth through without being seen, you can snipe people from hiding, you can steal a tank and blow everything up, just countless hours of fun and so many objectives to do, so many great unlockable weapons, vehicles, companions, and items that add even more new ways to do things. It keeps things fresh and just opens more and more possibilities. I ended up getting every single achievement in the game and it was a blast to play the entire time, this is what games are about, amazing fun factor.


Great game, but not all it could have been.

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of Fallout 4 - PC

I'm a huge fallout fan. I have played every release since the original fallout first came out. It is probably my favorite series of all time. That said, there was a HUGE amount of hype for this game. For months before release I was searching for every scrap of news about it, leaked videos, screen shots, rumors, anything I could get my hands on. When release day finally came, well before that actually. I setup an Australian VPN and was able to start playing a day early thanks to GMG releasing the keys ahead of time :-) but anyway, once I started playing I got sucked in and played nonstop for days. It is truly an amazing game. Combat is much improved over New Vegas, although I have to say I like the weapons from New Vegas more overall. The new weapon and armor modding system is pretty cool, the town building system is definitely interesting but it feels lacking in that it doesn't really feel that your design has any importance. Your settlements hardly ever get attacked, and when they do it is much too easy to defend them with just you shooting a gun a whoever shows up. I was hoping much more for a tower defense feeling from the settlements, so the way they turned out feels pretty pointless. The questing is great, until you get to the point where certain quests just repeat over and over.. while this is nice for getting xp and stuff, it starts to make the world feel empty after a while. The new perk system is interesting, and while the no level cap is pretty cool, the way the perks are setup really ends up making you pigeon holed into using only one class of weapon for your entire playthrough, which is found to be a terrible design flaw. I ended up just using non-automatic rifles all the time because the perks for them made them so effective for me, while i couldn't use pistols, automatic weapons, heavy weapons, or melee anymore effectively since i didn't have the points in those perk paths so it would feel nerfed if I ever switched to something else. That felt really bad, like I was locked into only using one type of weapon when there were so many others that would be fun to try out. It really sounds like I'm complaining about the game, and I guess I am a bit but only because my expectations were impossibly high for it. I swear the game is amazing and one of the best I have played in a long time, worth every penny. Oh, the main quest line is pretty lame too, I have to say. Side quests were much better. The potential for the DLC to make this game even more amazing is what could really make this game even better though, and if past DLC from bethesda is anything to go on, it should be great.


What a modern RPG should be

bullkrieg | Jan. 23, 2016 | Review of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - PC

I loved the witcher 2 so I was super excited to play the witcher 3 upon release. While I was a little disappointed in the combat seeming a little less complex than in the witcher 2, the story and amount of in depth quests and lore more than made up for it. I was glued to the story throughout my playthrough, even side quests have amazing amounts of care put into them. Voice work is done extremely well, you get totally sucked into the world, super immersive, you feel like you are there. Highly recommend. Oh also the graphics are incredible, also boobs :-P


Solid game, super fun even if it is a bit of a buttonmasher

bullkrieg | Feb. 4, 2014 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

Decent story, good visuals. Controls are pretty good. Combat gets a bit repetitive and kinda feels like you are mashing the same button over and over but it's still fun for some mindless beat em up action. The puzzles are the best part, progressing through the world with new abilities and items is very metroidvania like and becomes really fun when you have to problem solve to clear areas, find secrets and beat the boss fights. Definitely enjoyed the playthrough but after beating it not sure I would return to it.


Simply amazing, I can't beleive I never played it sooner.

bullkrieg | Feb. 4, 2014 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

This game is amazing.. one of the very few games I actually played all the way through and then immediately played through again just to see the other path. I'm still in shock I overlooked this game for so long, such a good well balanced game. Story is exciting, voice acting and characters are well done, doesn't feel like a fake ass bullshit story. Gameplay is fun, doesn't feel repetitive, there is good swordplay, blocking, magic, traps, thrown items, etc.. all combine to make a really deep battle system. Decent variety of monsters and human opponents, different tactics work well on different enemies. Really good levelling system that can completely change how combat is done. I can't believe I got this game for 5 bucks, after playing it I would have gladly paid much more. Highly recommend.