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Love this game!

bybly | July 6, 2013 | Review of Velvet Assassin Steam - PC

I've always dreamed of a game which would be a combination of Splinter Cell and II World War. That's why the Velvet Assassin is such a great game for me. Of course there are some techincal issues - sometimes AI works a bit weird but the gameplay is extremaly intense and interesting. The drawback of this game is the fact, that there's only one way to achieve your goal in each mission. But on the other hand there are countless ways to eliminate your enemies. The game was published over 4 years ago but the graphic is still very good. Character models are very detailed and the animations are great! Another stron point of the game are the elements of survival - horror. Creepy music and weird dreams of the main character makes this game really scary sometimes. For such low price this game is definately worth trying.


Small but interesting DLC

bybly | July 6, 2013 | Review of Tropico 4 QuickDryCement - PC

Quick-Dry-Cement is not another DLC which only gives us few decorations and other aesthetic content. We also recieve one new trait - Contructor and a building - Cement Factory. Using those two we can speed up the growth of our metropolis. It is vital in the mission which is also included in the DLC. It helps us in creating huge city which later struggles with natural distasters. I think that for such low price we have some preety interesting content. Not only we get some new decorations but also some interesting content which makes our game more intense. I'm very satisfied with the content included in this DLC.


Discover the mysteries of the Atlantis

bybly | July 6, 2013 | Review of Atlantis The Lost Tales - PC

Atlantis: The Lost Tales was the first point and click adventure game I ever bought. It had everything such game needs - fascinating plot twists, challenging puzzles and interesting characters. From the very start the main character is trying to solve the case of the queen of the Atlantis who was kidnapped. Trying to achieve that goal you will visit many different places all over the world. The game was published in 1997 and unfortunately the graphic looks bad. The OMNI-3D system which was great at that time, now is the greatest drawback of the game. We must remember that the graphics are not the most important thing is point and click games. It looks good enough to fully experience the great story presented in this game. I've played this game over 15 years ago but I still remember those great plot twists like it was yesterday. That's way I've decided that I'll give this game 90 points. Poor graphic doesn't change the fact that it's one of the greatest point and click games I've ever played.