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Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

calculator42 | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Frozen Synapse Steam - PC

How the game works: The game is "turn-based" but with a twist. You and your opponent each have a team of units to control. You play from a top-down view and give your units their orders but here's the cool part: the units of both teams only start following their orders after BOTH players have pressed the "End turn" button. In other words, while you are making your own plan of attack, you also have to try and figure out what your opponent's plan of attack might be! Learning Curve: The game is easy to pick up because its basics can be learnt in a few minutes, as units/objects have simple, very clear strengths and weaknesses. However, the game will probably take a very long time to master because of the puzzles/mind-games you'll be playing against your opponent. Singleplayer/Multiplayer: In my opinion, the game is mainly for multiplayer, although it does have a singleplayer campaign. I haven't played much of the campaign, so can't speak on how good that is. I loved multiplayer though and MP has multiple game modes as well. Examples of game mode: Extermination Light: Each team has to kill the other team (or get a score advantage by the end of the rounds, which are by default 8). Both players can see each others units at all times. Extermination Dark: Same as the above, but a player cannot see the opponent's units until the opponent's units are in line-of-sight of the player's own units. Charge (also available in Light/Dark): If I remember right, in this mode, one team tries to get across the map while the other team tries to stop it. There are a few other modes as well. Community: From what I saw, the community is on the small side but there were almost always enough people online (30+, I think) to play with when I checked. Game speed: Players often seem to play multiple games at once. For instance, I'll start 2 or 3 games, make my turn in one game and then, while my opponent is still making his move, I'll switch to the 2nd game and make my turn there. You can even make your move after days if you want. However, after both players have done one turn, one time restriction sets in place: if a player does not make his/her move for two weeks, he/she loses the match. In my experience, people usually make their moves in minutes, or a day, so there usually wasn't too much waiting for me. Note: the DLC gives both players the option of customizing the time limit given for each turn. I don't know if the non-DLC game does this too. Price/Value: The game has previously been in two Humble Bundles and I am pretty sure it has been at 75% off multiple times. So, in my opinion, you can expect it to go on sales later. As it works similar to games like Chess, Frozen Synapse certainly has a lot of replay value for its price.