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Good for a Playthrough

canfortress | April 25, 2013 | Review of The Cave - PC

The cave is an interesting game in it's own way, but quickly gets repetitive. The characters are great and their own individual stories are different and make the game a little more varied. Each character has different powers that help to alter how puzzles are solved. However, even though the game changes depending on what three characters you pick, there are still three levels that are always in the game that never change. Those three puzzles are the only things keeping from giving me this game a better score as they are the most boring and annoying of all the levels in the game. Another factor that lessens the appeal of the game is that The Cave (the voice) doesn't have too many comical remarks. There are a few good jokes sure, but nothing outstanding. The Cave is somewhat short, but it is well worth the price to at least playthrough the game once.