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True to the Franchise!

carhothion | Aug. 10, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV Steam - PC

Rockstar did it yet again with GTA IV. As with other titles, this game allows you to roam freely through the world and do as you please. I spent hours playing this game just messing around and seeing how long I could last before the cops took me down, all before even bothering with the main story line. The port to PC was better for this than for San Andreas, but I still recommend plugging in a controller if you have one. Graphically, this game is well built with beautiful cityscapes you can explore from the ground, sea, or air. Plenty of weapons choices are available, letting you fight with anything from bare hands to rocket launchers. Stand on a roof and snipe your targets or beat them to the ground with a baseball bat... the choice is all yours. Story: You play Niko Bellic, freshly come to the US from Europe. Your brother tricked you into thinking he was living the high life, but you find circumstances to be otherwise when you arrive. Life doesn't leave you much choice but to enter the criminal underground where you quickly fight your way up to the top. The cut-scenes are entertaining and the characters likeable. Gameplay: There are plenty of activities you can perform in GTA IV, from side missions to main story quests. You can take your girl on dates to go bowling or throw darts, or just get wasted and take your chances making it home. While there's all of this to be done, I do recommend using a controller to play this, though it is possible to play with a keyboard and mouse.