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Smaller Scope / More Secrets & Puzzles

carnival73 | Aug. 15, 2012 | Review of Beyond Divinity - PC

Very similar to games like Diablo and Sacred but exploration aspects are a lot more sophisticated. Where the former two (especially Sacred) offer up massive maps and hundreds of hours of game time, most of that is spent mindlessly clicking things to death over and over again. It's apparent, from the start, that Beyond has a much shorter running time but it's filled with more quality game play offering ambiguous and out-of-the-way puzzles and secrets. As well the smaller scope made it easier for writers to comprise more of a story and dialogue interaction between characters. I'd give this ten points short of perfect for the bland, left mouse button, combat system, but not the fifty points short of perfect that I'd give the same type of game nowadays where developers should realize by now that mouse clicks should be conserved for business software only.