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My Favorite Arcade Racer, Beware DLC

chandler10s | Feb. 2, 2015 | Review of Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box NA Origin - PC

By far my favorite arcade racing game I have ever experienced. Burnout Paradise was my first entry into the Burnout series and I instantly fell in love. Even after 6 years the games graphics still compete with other arcade racers released in the last 2 years. Graphics settings are changed in an external program included with the Steam download and settings cannot be changed in game. The soundtrack is always fun having some old classic rock and even some modern rock mixed in. The car and motorcycle sounds are not the greatest but they are not by any means unimpressive. The controls are good either with a controller or a keyboard. You can rebind keyboard keys to play however you want. The keyboard, while not as good in my opinion, does work very well for when you do not want to deal with a game-pad. BEWARE THE ULTIMATE BOX! While the game is sold with the ultimate box and it does come with the extra content available it doesn't work out of the box. EA, being the company we have grown to hate, decided that they didn't need to patch in the actual content to be playable. There are mods and third party programs to work around this but I have never tested them. That being said the game still has a ton of content without the DLC. Overall the game is great and has a ton of play time but if you can find the regular version of the game it may be worth getting instead of this version.


A Truly Free Roam Sandbox

chandler10s | July 8, 2013 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

This game is the most entertaining game I have played in a long time. Just Cause 2 throws you into a complete sandbox world where you can do almost anything you want. The core game can feel a little lackluster as far as story goes in the campaign and the missions are quite typical and can seem repetitive but you will never do the same thing twice. When you have to escort a group of rebels into a military base you can literally do what ever you want. If you want to try to take a tactical approach taking out small amounts of guards at a time you can however, if you want to just straight into the middle of the base with a rocket launcher and blow up every thing that will explode that is in your sight you can do that too. Just Cause 2 also has many secret areas and places that will always satisfy your thirst for adventure. The vehicles control very well and are responsive and will get you to where ever you need to go very quickly. The graphics in the game are phenomenal. Just Cause 2 delivers state of the art graphics with out being on the highest settings. The sound is of decent quality but hey, you just blew up a giant military tanker in your helicopter that you are flying to a giant air ship with a non-stop party on it. Yea, Just Cause 2 has that. All around Just Cause 2 is a fantastic game and will give anyone hours of fun. After your hours of fun you can easily go and find some mods to either make your experience more enjoyable or more hilarious. Also in the works is a multi-player mod that has been in the works for a long time and will more than likely come out in the near future.


Greatest Free Roam Racing Game I Have Ever Played

chandler10s | July 4, 2013 | Review of Burnout Paradise Bonus Vehicle NA - PC

Burnout Paradise puts you in your own open city where you can travel virtually anywhere. The thing about Burnout is that it isn't just a racing game. Between races you can drive anywhere and find other types of events such as marked man where you are given a location to drive to and there are other cars trying to total your car! As well as that you can become a wrecking ball on wheels trying to destroy as many other racers as possible. Burnout also keeps the game extremely fun when not doing events because the world is completely open with many secret areas where you can pull of amazing stunts and flips. The multi-player is nothing short of amazing. Challenge your friends to races that you design from the start to finish, to pulling off the most amazing stunts, to wreck the most cars, and so much more. Burnout is a great game if you are tired of the general racing game going around tracks for laps and laps and only seeing action for a few minutes. Even when you crash its still enjoyable with Burnout's function of slowing down time and watching a crash frame by frame. The game, even though it is a few years old, still looks like on of the best games as far as graphics and sound goes. Burnout Paradise will provide hours upon hours of entertainment and fun even to those who do not like racing games. The only problem is the DLC is not available anymore but there are people who are working to recreate the DLC in game allowing you to access the content. All around this is the greatest racing game I have ever played!


Great Game for Fans of Battlefield 1,2 or RTS Games

chandler10s | July 4, 2013 | Review of Natural Selection II - PC

If you loved the Battlefield games because you could either play as a soldier or in the seat of a commander then Natural Selection 2 for you. NS2 is a tactical shooter where you work with a team of either Humans or Aliens to combat and destroy the opposing race. If you have never played a Natural Selection game then don't worry. Well over half of the community is ready and willing to help those with little to no experience with Natural Selection. Many server owners set up Beginner Servers that allow you to be taught by people who know the game and share their strategies and tips for defeat your opponents. The great thing about Natural Selection 2 is that it has nearly unlimited replay-ability. The game is never the same because you always have different people you are playing with and have different types of commanders who like to achieve the goals differently. The games graphics are great and the sound is amazing. The community is amazing and helpful and the game is realistic and fun. If you enjoyed Battlefield Commanding or even any real time strategy game then this game has just what you want! You direct your team to capture objectives that you want and place structures there to build up your resources allowing your team to become more advanced in their weapons and movement. Natural Selection 2 is a great game for any fans of FPS or strategy games as well as those who are looking for a strong and powerful community in gaming. The developers of Natural Selection 2 are developers and people in the community played the original Natural Selection. Natural Selection 2 was developed by the original developers and members of the community who were fans of Natural Selection 2 and after playing for a few hours you yourself will become a member of the community that is directed at improving the game. I highly recommend this game to anyone and you will too after learning the game for a little bit!