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Incompetent AI, Pathetic Jokes, Boring,Yet Rewarding

chaython | April 18, 2014 | Review of Poker Night 2 - PC

The ai basically hands you their money, no skill is required.Their moves seem to have no logic, just out of complete randomness. Poker only seems to be good versus real people, but the type of game TellTale was trying to create should at least have leaderboards, if not you really just want your free in game items, and to leave this forever uninstalled. Popular Faces: From Clap Trap to Sam & Max you get to see some of your favorite video game characters battle it out[give you their money] at a Texas Hold 'Em, or Omaha table. Some people would consider this a great positive, I personally find all of these characters annoying and small time. I would prefer something like Master Cheif & Duke Nukem, you know some people who seem to have money and a more interesting background. Furthermore little of the dialogue is relative to the characters, just random mutter cluttering what should be a silent table. Price: For only seven cents this is an okay game, but I wouldn't have bought it for any other reason. [$1.24 - 10%($.12) from coupon - $.10 from credit back - $.95 from playfire rewards] Reward: The game rewards you in various ways, items in Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2, and some more background and leisure life details of your favorite video game characters. Telltale usually follows their tittle [telling a tale] this has no story line and is exceedingly boring with every hand played. This was practically free considering I could sell the TF2 items and the money to buy the game was from GMG credit anyways, so I shouldn't be one to complain, but I would not recommend this to anyone for real money.