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An old tomb reopened....and the result is superb!

cheesyfishface | May 24, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Steam Overflow 2 - PC

I've never been a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise (but I did enjoy Tomb Raider 2 on PSOne) and having seen footage of Lara's 'rebirth' I decided to grab this one, seeing as it was dubbed to play more like the Uncharted series than the rest of the series. And for the most part I am happy with this game, it looks stunning, the reinvention of Lara is better and The game looks fantastic, if you have a higher enough graphics card that's an AMD you can set it so you can see the individual hairs on Lara's head. The scenery it fantastic with some stunning vistas with the wind and rain pouring down. Gameplay is much what you'd expect, you must navigate your way through the environment by running, jumping (A LOT of jumping) and using your (once you've collected it) climbing axe. The game is hub based with you returning to the same areas to go through paths that you couldn't before, this leads to a lot of backtracking that can sometimes ruin the pace. The largest problem with this game is the excessive QTE's (Quick Time Events) were you have to repeatedly smash a button (usually F) until the game lets you live. The final issue is that the final boss battle isn't really set up as that and I beat it thinking it was actually a mini-boss. Needless to say this is a fine entry into the Tomb Raider franchise and hopefully there will be others based off this new Lara, the multi-player is hit and miss but I can let that go as I was more interested in the story.


Less Army and more rabble of Bandits.....

cheesyfishface | May 17, 2013 | Review of Chivalry Medieval Warfare Overflow 1 - PC

The game plays well, letting you choose a class at the start of battle with the ability to unlock more items and weapons by scoring kills; so 25 kills with a light bow will unlock a medium bow. This serves well except for a lot of the game it is hard to get a kill because, you'll either be backing off to let yourself breath and someone will come and take a your kill or you'll be butchered before you slay your enemy. Which leads me onto the biggest gripe I have with the game - there are A LOT of team killers and players who just want to hit you because they find it fun despite being on the same team. Some will attack you for being an archer and holding back while others will just randomly swipe at you for no reason. So this game is best played with some friends so you can coordinate attacks and not get stabbed in the back. I find that the game begins to drag after a short amount of time, some servers cycle the same maps and matches over and over again; so when you find one where it's an interesting fight or one that evolves on from just the same location it's a real treat. Overall the game is good but play it with friends - you'll get the most enjoyment out of it that way and will have someone to have your back in the heat of battle.


Great Game, Better Mod

cheesyfishface | May 13, 2013 | Review of Medieval II Total War - PC

The fourth installment of the Total War games sees the mechanics improved upon but not much else but brilliant if you love the time period!! The best thing about this game is the Third Age Mod which transports you into Middle-Earth to fight in the closest thing to Lord of the Rings Total War we are likely to see. Play as any of the well known factions and get Hero units to fight and take over the land!!! My biggest issue is late into the campaign you can get cannons. :(


Multi-player boosts the score but you will soon tire of it...

cheesyfishface | March 4, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

Single Player - Well this game was something me and a group of mates were really looking forward to with us getting ready to go on a bug hunt - here was a disappointment. The majority of the time when you play this game you will be fighting against HUMANS rather than Aliens in an Aliens game. The game is far from graphically stunning and features an non interesting story, the only part of the story that was interesting was when a character from the films emerges; however if you a fan of the films it will blow your mind as to how Gearbox think they could get away with it when they try to explain it in a sentence. The difficulty of the campaign isn't hard, me and my mates managed to get our way through the whole story on Ultimate Badass difficulty without much trouble until one point at a later stage. Multi-player - This to a degree saves the game, we had a blast playing in the co-op which has two teams taking it in turns to become the Xenos or Marines. The marines gameplay feels very overpowered compared to that of the Aliens with flamethrowers able to put Xenos down in seconds, however a coordinated group playing as the Aliens can easily enjoy working together to stalk and butcher their prey. This is repetitive though due to the Marines over powered weapons so it's hard to separate them from one another however if you do then picking off a lone Marine by jumping on him and pinning him to the ground is great and the novelty of that doesn't wear off. We all got to around level 40 before we stopped we had, had our fill or the game and have not really gone back to it.