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Might worth it at discount

chivshiv | March 31, 2013 | Review of Hamiltons Great Adventure Steam - PC

Overall, Hamilton's Great Adventure is a very casual game with very boring puzzles which really are not puzzles at all due to how obvious they are. The game requires Windows Vista or Windows 7, which means it is not designed with low end computers in mind, however, the visuals do not represent this. The game may seem to look nice here and there, but it is very flat and boring when you see it moving. Also, the story is not even voiced except for repetitive grunting noises which get very annoying. To put it simply, yes, it is cheap, and yes, it is a high quality production, but no, it is not worth your time


Good mmo

chivshiv | March 25, 2013 | Review of The Secret World NA Origin - PC

The Secret World, though different than most current MMOs, is a fantastic game. It has a solid quest/story based progression that pits you against fairy-tale monsters, Lovecraftian horrors, and more zombies than you can shake a sword, assault rife, or magical fetish at. The combat system is a bit more mobile than most MMOs and you have a massive number of passive and active skills to aid you along the way. The 3-way pvp keeps things interesting as you're constantly having to watch your back to make sure one faction isn't circling around behind you as you fend off another. There is also a cash item shop, but its filled with cosmetic items; articles of clothing, full outfits, and the like. The game operates on a 'single server' system. There are multiple "Dimensions" but you can communicate and even group with players from those other dimensions. Upon joining a group you are loaded into that group's dimension until which time you zone after leaving the group. its a fantastic setup and allows for a much larger pool of players to group, quest, and interact with. Check it out! You'll likely enjoy it!



chivshiv | March 25, 2013 | Review of Sacred 2 Gold Edition Steam - PC

This game seemed interesting at first and like it was worth the price, but all in all I have to admit I was a little disappointed. While it does work fairly easily, I've seen numerous free games of the same caliber that were easier to handle and play with and without the 3D aspect to them. The game itself was almost like playing a "Diablo 1.5". It has some of the benefits from both Diablo and Diablo 2, but also manages to retain most of their downsides. Other than that , game is fun to play but abit unbalanced. Say youre level 25 for instance and running down the road, and on one side of the raod is level 7 or 8 mmonsters and the other side has level 28 and 29 monsters. your like HUH! Some weapon abilities don't match what character you are, yet they are designated for the barbarian for instance



chivshiv | March 10, 2013 | Review of ArcaniA Fall of Setarrif Steam - PC

Setting aside the fact that this isnt related to the old gothic games, and even if you consider it a new action rpg, the game is still very mediocre towards bad just like the main game . Also you have the feeling that it was cut from Arcania and keeps all the mediocre things from it too. The only thing that shines is the gorgeous graphics, pretty much everything related is top notch. But everything else is just mediocre at least; yeah maybe ive used mediocre too much but this game is the definition of mediocrity. A reboot that sank a fabolous rpg series.


Great game

chivshiv | March 5, 2013 | Review of Nemesis of the Roman Empire - PC

This is a great game. I have played this game tons and once you understand how the heroes work within it it's a blast. Armies are attached to your heroes and all units gain XP through battle. Bases are unique. It’s entertaining and even a bit educational, at least from a historical perspective. And while the audio and visual elements are admittedly showing their age, the core game engine is solid and the computer AI is untouched by anything else in the current crop of competitors. There are certainly better titles on the RTS horizon, but until those games materialize Nemesis is a worthy addition to any strategy gamer’s collection and will keep you engrossed for countless hours of historic battles of epic proportions.


Good fun for Paradox fans

chivshiv | March 5, 2013 | Review of Sengoku - PC

This game is fun if you're a fan of Paradox's other strategy games like Europa Universalis. The mechanics are quite similar with changes to fit the period and place. This game is huge in terms of controlling a samurai family, every Daimyo/family can be controlled, can award loyal samurai's or ones with good stats a fief(s) or daimyoship, has detailed historical map of Japan during the warring states period, has up to 4 Guild slots to strengten your land or armies and so on Overall it is simpler than EU and Victoria. Managing your clan and family is one of the most distinctive features. I've enjoyed it.


Engaging and enjoyable

chivshiv | March 5, 2013 | Review of King Arthur II - PC

King Arthur II has one of the most engaging and enjoyable story lines, voice acting, and game play in any RPG/RTS games I have ever played. I was very appalled by how Gamespot gave this game a rating of 5.5, that was downright slanderous in my opinion . The only downside to this game is the smallness of the size of its fonts; believe me, you WILL have a hard time reading those. Other than that, it is an amazing game and it, indeed, makes you feel as if you are experiencing the historical and fabled stories of King Arthur. If the developer fixes the problem of the game's fonts I think I will play it all over again some day. Yes, it is that good...



chivshiv | March 5, 2013 | Review of Blood Bowl Legendary Edition - PC

Although the game still does not compete with the board game (this may partially relate to nostalgia and camaraderie from playing the board game growing up), the legendary version makes great improvements. I particularly enjoyed the story mode which sets up scenarios you must complete. This forces novice players to work all facets of the game, even those they may not be used to. Of course the different races allowed brings the game closer to the board game. I enjoy playing teams I hadn't had a chance to play before. Great upgrade over the 'standard edition' or the 'dark elves edition'. The upgraded rule set and additional rules really make the game much more fun. I highly recommend this game if your on the fence. There is a learning curve and its not as intuitive as just sitting and playing. But once you get the hang of things, its really alot of fun. The game may not be for everyone, but those that liked the original, or those that enjoy turn based strategy games, or those that enjoy a bit of gore in their games, will enjoy this one.


One Ruler to Rule them all

chivshiv | March 5, 2013 | Review of Tropico Reloaded - PC

Tropico Reloaded is a great game but I dont think it compares to Tropico 4, which I also have. This is good if you want a game to kill time, the graphics arent that great, well not compared to Tropico 4. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting to try the Tropico series and are not sure if they would like the game or not. Its a good starting point. It's entertaining, not to deep, yet so engaging...


Great game hampered by too many bugs

chivshiv | March 3, 2013 | Review of Empire Total War - PC

The scope of this game is massive. Creative Assembly tried to do a whole bunch of new things with this game. Multiple continents, trade theaters, navel combat. They succeeded in some areas but completely and utterly failed in others. I'll start with what CA did correctly. The navel battles are a welcome addition to the game. The ships look beautiful as does the water. If you have the graphics card for ultra settings you will not be disappointed. The huge campaign map is really nice, it gets away from just fighting in Europe all the time. The Campaign AI after the 1.4 patch has started to behave like it deserves the title artificial intelligence. CA failed a lot with the game. The Battle AI is non existent. It rushes the middle of your battle lines only to be encircled and destroyed, utterly, every battle every time. Land armies are a little bland. One model for line infantry just team colored. The land graphics are good up close. Though they brought back clone armies. Farther away the game switches to sprites at inappropriate distances and looks terrible. Fort battles are a mess and boring, the BAI is so terrible you can hold a fort with minimal forces outnumbered 3 to 1. CA's support is terrible with this game, It took patches up to 1.3 to get the game playable. Then after 1.4 and whatever 1.5 did they decided the game is finished. Hardly. It would sound like I don't like this game. I do, it is fun to an extent but the BAI is just too terrible. It took 7 months or so of patches to become fun


Not Worthless

chivshiv | March 3, 2013 | Review of Xcom Enemy Unknown Elite Soldier Pack - PC

For basically the price of a coffee and muffin you get a nice customization package. Is it necessary? No. Does it add to the game? Yes, giving your squads more personality is fun and adds to immersion. For the record I didn't find the description misleading: 1)One of your new recruits when you start the game will have the old flattop hair cut. No where do they say you'll start with an extra recruit. All recruits are "new" at the start. 2)No where do they state you'll get new armors to research/build. Only visual they said. 3)You some extra colors. No more, no they said. Also FYI, there's a great texture mod over at the XCOM Nexus. It gives the soldiers a more realistic look, and its free :-) PC only though


I love these games

chivshiv | March 3, 2013 | Review of The Stronghold Collection - PC

Sure they are older, but these are some of the greatest economy games I have ever played. The games in this collection are great if you like economy games. They are older so the system requirements are less, in fact play these on my little 11z laptop that has a hard time playing minecraft. If you like economy games or tactical war games, you will like these. If you don't like setting up an economy and doing things like hanging or stoning peasants, sending hundreds of archers and knights to defeat the Noble who happens to live next to you, or setting up shop in a rocky valley to ambush an incoming invasion .. you probably don't want these.


Same addictive Civ action!

chivshiv | March 3, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization IV Complete - PC

I'm not exactly on the cutting edge of computer games, so last week when I decided it was time to splurge on a new game, I decided to go for an old standby. I'm glad I did. My most recent experience with the Civilization franchise was with Civ 3 many years ago, so I have been pleasantly surprised by the updates in Civ 4. The graphics are obviously much improved, the interface is slicker and a bit easier to use, and there is a bit more depth in the game play. The changes are minor, however. Anyone familiar with the previous versions of the game will be able to jump right in with only a few visits to the Civilopedia to look up new aspects of game play or units. I have an old (2007) 2.4GHZ Core Duo Macbook with 4MB RAM and one of the GMA X3100 graphics cards, and the game runs great. The graphics look nice and I haven't had any freezes or hiccups. Anyway, a great version of an old friend. Happy conquering!


Despite the downfalls, the game is addictive

chivshiv | March 3, 2013 | Review of Battlestations Pacific - PC

I'll admit I'm one for accuracy. I love realistic games that provide attention to detail. Buying Battlestations pacific (BSP) I expect a multidimensional WWII sim. What you get is a arcade style game that in no way represents reality. However unit weaponry is fairly accurate even though the speed, maneuverability and operation is suspect. However once you get use to the confusing command scheme, this game is quite addictive. Flying without the option of joystick inputs makes dog fighting near impossible (ie it is easy to turn, but going up or down is damn near impossible with the inputs provided). While the game play is good, there is an imbalance in power between ships and planes. Its easier to sink a battleship with a few destroyers than three or four squadrons of attack planes. No bug, despite the downfalls, the game is addictive. I bought during a sale and glad I did