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A strong, dynamic, gothic-style RPG that DESERVES more attention

chrismccart | June 7, 2013 | Review of Two Worlds II - PC

Fun, Exciting and Surprising. This game is fast-paced and enjoyable and despite what's being said about it by some reviewers, I found it to be the exact opposite of Dragon Age 2. Where there you feel a very distinct disconnect with the game, here - even though the character is voiced - you really feel like its your character, rather than one you're just going through the motions with (as in DA2). The graphics too leave that game far behind, and the design of the world looks amazing. The magic system is inventive and immense, and even if you're just playing a warrior (my preferred choice) there's tons to do with weapons, armour and if at any time you want to switch from warrior to rogue or mage, you just find the trainer (there are a fair number of them spread throughout the game) and re-arrange your skills. Two Worlds 2 is a game that deserves a lot more attention than it is currently getting!


A great, funny, enjoyable game.

chrismccart | June 7, 2013 | Review of Magicka - PC

Not since Simon the Sorcerer has a world of wizards been so much fun! A PC Exclusive, Magicka is easy to get into and often hard to get away from. Hours will slip by in the crazy mix of spell-combos, Star Trek/Star Wars fan humour and just general mayhem as you progress through the addictive little world, inflating goblins until they explode, encasing druids in ice and lighting trees on fire. Eight magical elements mix in dozens upon dozens of combinations, giving you the feel - as you progress - that you are in fact a wizard growing in magic abilities. It's inventive and compelling, and is well worth the cheap-as-chips price for the smiling you'll be doing for the next several hours of gaming - and playing with your friends is somehow even better! This game is HILARIOUS! (The safety word is Banana.)


Creepy, well-written, exciting -- we need more games like this.

chrismccart | June 7, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

Alan Wake is an awesome game; very linear but with a very cool storyline, a lot of interesting ideas & great music. The game is presented as episodes of a television show, with 6 main episodes & 2 special feature episodes, and this only increases the coolness of the theme. It's dark, spooky - sometimes outright scary - and the gameplay is creative. It also never stops evolving. The story keeps you interested while the gameplay changes here & there, never enough to make you feel you have no chance, but enough to keep you looking about, thinking things through and being tactical - especially when stressful moments arrive, like when your friends are trying to get a helicopter running and the shadow-infested citizens of the town of Bright Springs (or the Taken) start coming out of the woodwork in droves. The closest thing I can liken Alan Wake to is the first few seasons of the TV show Supernatural - intelligent, tense and moving between spooky & scary while retaining a clear air of cool. Well worth it.