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Best Kart Racer on PC

chumm23 | March 13, 2013 | Review of Sonic SEGA AllStars Racing STEAM (1) - PC

One genre that has always been neglected on PC is the Kart Racing genre. There has been a few releases over the years, but sadly they have been below average and no match to Nintendo giant, Mario Kart. That ends here. Sonic & All-Stars racing amps things up to the next level. Taking ideas from Mario Kart 7, it blends air, boat and kart racing perfectly. The only mode that you'll come into trouble with is flight if you're using a keyboard, but it's not impossible. Graphics are simply amazing. There is no better looking kart racer to date, the levels are dynamic and colourful. You won't see yourself getting bored whilst racing around. Flight sections stands out especially. The game can take a toll on older system during these sections. As for the items, they're balanced and not broken like most kart racing games. The AI is challenging, on highest difficulty you'll feel yourself being really challenged. To finish the game you'll need to beat every race on the hardest difficulty, so you'll never find yourself bored because of the beautiful level design. Honestly, this is the best kart racer for PC and the best kart racer SEGA has put out. If you're looking for a Mario Kart-style game on PC, get this.


DLC done right.

chumm23 | March 12, 2013 | Review of Sonic and SEGA Allstars Racing Transformed Metal Sonic - PC

Originally an extra for the Limited Edition, Metal Sonic now comes open for anyone to buy. At a low price of £2, you get a new character and a new track. Metal Sonic as a character is pretty good; new animation, new car and NOT a sonic copy. The new track offers a unique seaside area with a lot of things going on. Sega needs to release more DLC like this. Adding new characters and tracks allows the game to stay fresh. Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed has had a rocky PC start. Quality DLC like this can really help keep it fresh.