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An offbeat RPG.

cimerians | May 16, 2011 | Review of Faery Legends of Avalon - PC

Faery: Legends of Avalon is a turn based RPG where you play the role of a Faery looking to save your race from destruction. You are revived by a king and sent on your quest after gathering companions in the local village, where you begin the game. The english translation is a bit poor in spots where I could have sworn other characters called me SHE instead of HE and in some cases I had to re-read some sentences to understand what someone was saying. It wasn't bad but you can tell it was a game that was translated. Movement at first was a bit awkward and it takes a little getting used to because you basically fly everwhere. I needed to reverse the axis controls and that seemed to help a lot. Combat was traditional turn based which I really like and it seems we dont get enough of these days. Points are earned when you win and can be assigned to various abilites and the menu interface and quest logs are easy to navigate and clear to read. All around this is a simple turn based RPG with some interesting worlds to exlore (and save) and I thought the difficulty was just about right especially in the begining of the game. (They give you a simple cave with some monsters to fight after gathering up your first companion.) - Graphics - Good - Sound\Music - Average - Gameplay - Good