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ArmA 2: OA aims high, and then gladly exclaims, "TANGO DOWN!"

cloner2020 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of ARMA II Operation Arrowhead - PC

ArmA 2: OA, hereby referred to as A2:OA, is a tactical military simulator. It keeps you engaged with a plethora of vehicles and gadgets to use to accomplish your goals. In Singleplayer, you follow through a series of carefully crafted objectives, proceeding slowly and surely. The A.I. isn't always perfect, but it's functional enough to give you the feel of being in a small squad of soldiers without breaking the immersion. You can give out orders via a menu accessible by "spacebar" selecting actions from a list. Though it can be clunky when every second counts, it's a lot more favorable than just hoping for the best and crossing your fingers. The missions are interesting, give you plenty opportunity to try out the really fun helicopters and tanks, and also get you adjusted to the way the game works. Now's probably a good time to mention the bad news; you'll need a beast of a PC to run A2:OA, or just ArmA 2 smoothly. Protip: Turn down Post-Processing as soon as you get the chance, it makes everything very blurry, slows down response time and just makes a mess of most things. Multiplayer; where A2:OA really shines, is the most fun of all. If you want, you can team up with the people in the top servers (the community has always been really helpful and friendly, so long as you are polite back!) or join squads with a friend and join up at base. Most of the gameplay here is done against enemy A.I., which is well adjusted to be aggressive and challenge your defenses, while still spreading wide enough to secure it's own borders. In most multiplayer servers, gameplay consists of missions to capture or gain intel on various towns, spread out in a MASSIVE area. With such a wide range, you'll want to head out in a HUMVEE or request a pickup from an authorized pilot at base, and make sure to bring backup!


Solid Co-Op Game

cloner2020 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

One of my friends compared it to Diablo in it's hack 'n slash gameplay, albeit much more colorful and light-hearted. I find it's best when played with 4 friends over Skype, the fun is audible when everyone is slinging beams across the screen, combining streams to create powerful combos and tag-teaming imaginative bosses. Though the fun powers-down a little in single player, the element-based casting in which you choose multiple elements and cast in the form of beams, sprays and bolts is still incredibly fun and exciting to experiment with! All in all, a fun game - but bring your friends!