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A classic

coldrefreader | Dec. 6, 2015 | Review of Realms of Arkania 2 Star Trail Classic - PC

Realms of Arkania is a classic CRPG trilogy with a first-person 2D interface. Movement is tile-based in the first two games, more point-and-click in the third one. You control and develop a six-person party. The plot is a role-playing adventure and there are fantasy and science fiction themes. The games are untimed and require no manual dexterity. Combat is turn-based. There are three games in the Arkania computer series: Blade of Destiny, Star Trail, and Shadows Over Riva. You don't need to play any of them in order to fully enjoy the next--it is possible to export your party from game to game, but it isn't important to, and there is no continuity of plot. However, if you get all three games (they are often bundled together in one CD set,) you probably want to give Blade of Destiny a try first. This is the oldest of the three games, the controls are most irritating, and the mouse usually does not work. If you enjoy the experience anyway, then play the three in order--it's always nicer to move from a poor interface to a better one than vice versa. If you find that you're just not getting into Blade of Destiny, then skip ahead to Shadows Over Riva, which is the newest of the three and best adapted to modern machines. You can always go back for the others later if you find yourself hooked by the gameplay. Plot and Quests: There are a fair number of quests to undertake in these games, and the main plotlines of Star Trail and Riva are good. The quests don't have any flexibility to them, though. There is only one way to complete each quest, and rarely are you required to make choices. Puzzles and Mental Challenges: Realms of Arkania's dungeons are brimming with tricks, traps, and puzzles and are almost uniformly fun to play through. To my great surprise, when I went back to do the Blade of Destiny walkthrough I found I had actually missed a secret door in one of its dungeons. It's been a long time since a game has fooled me with a secret door. :-D There are no spatial or visual puzzles. The riddles have all been translated from the German, so some of them may actually be new to American players. (I always appreciate a riddle that isn't one of the same 15 that have been in basic dungeonmaster circulation since the '80's.) Characters: You get six PCs in this classic RPG format; all of them are customizable to your liking, including setting various personality parameters that will affect some of their in-game behavior (one character may have a high Curiosity, for example, while another may be particularly Avaricious). You can also have one NPC in your party at a time, who serves as little more than an extra combat hand. Gameworld: This trilogy is set in the gameworld of the popular German tabletop RPG "Das Schwarze Auge," which has quite obviously evolved from Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, it goes back to a lot of the irritating conventions of pre-AD&D Dungeons and Dragons, such as the impossibility of having both a racial identity (elf, dwarf, etc.) and a character class (thief, fighter, etc.) No dwarven mages or elven jesters here. The people of Arkania have a Teutonic feel about them but are otherwise thoroughly generic. In the third game a few more complexities of the gameworld begin to reveal themselves, to the betterment of the series. Gameplay (Leveling, Spells, etc.): The Realms of Arkania games are based on the 'Das Schwarze Auge' tabletop RPG, a skill-based system still popular in Europe. The game mechanics are minutely complicated, which is fun in many ways (gaining a level is an exciting affair, and you have great control over your characters' development) and irritating in others (the illness system is a chore, and it seems like every spell from the tabletop is represented here, despite the total uselessness of most of them within the games; as each has a non-transparent name like "Salother," this makes for a lot of flipping through the rulebook). Interface (Movement, Inventory Management, etc.): These are the most detailed computer games I have ever played. This is not necessarily a good thing. Though the interface is easy enough to use, Realms of Arkania puts a lot of emphasis on tedious repetitive chores like searching for water whenever you camp or changing your clothes to suit each day's weather, and many of these involve protracted clicking, scrolling, and dragging routines to accomplish. Battles are tactical and rather awkward--combat takes place on a diagonal grid, yet you must use horizontal and vertical movement commands to navigate. Thankfully, the interface is much streamlined for the third and final game. Ambience (Graphics, Sound, etc.): The player has a Wizardry-style first-person view of the surroundings, except during combat, when the scene switches to an Ultima-style third-person battleground. The look and feel are old-fashioned but fine; the high point is the atmospheric dungeons, which use textual details to help keep you immersed, and the low point is the combat scenes, where your characters have pre-assigned animated sprites that do not match their portraits or the weapons they are wielding and cannot be changed.


Batmobile: Arkham raceway.

coldrefreader | Dec. 2, 2015 | Review of Batman Arkham Knights - PC

Batman: Arkham Knight is a dense and enthralling action-adventure game with a winding, if predictable, story that does make you feel like the Batman both inside and outside the Batmobile. There are too many Batmobile gameplay segments, however, making this predominantly similar in theme to that Batmobile-focused Batman arcade game. This is unfortunate, as the presence of the Batmobile ensured a much larger, multi-layered Gotham City that looks wonderful and was crafted with an unnecessary level of detail. The combat and stealth are the same as before, but their adjustments and brevity keep the familiar Batman sections just different enough to feel new. As intended, the Batmobile is a nice change of pace, even if its numerous sections get old and nearly overstay their welcome. From start to finish, there is constantly something interesting to take in and someone interesting to take down, making Batman: Arkham Knight the inspiring ride we deserve for the duration of its 10 to 25 hour experience. Until next time, hero



coldrefreader | Dec. 1, 2015 | Review of Assassins Creed Syndicate - PC

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is emblematic of everything that this franchise has become. After being one of the most revolutionary new IPs of last generation, Assassin’s Creed has gone from producing consistent hits to being a series that has started to spit out average experiences. There are far too many exciting games coming out this fall to make this a priority unless you are a massive fan of Assassin’s Creed, as even those who have never played a game in this series before would be better suited picking up Black Flag on the cheap. With every release, the same issues that Ubisoft has been rolling over year over year seem to have compounded themselves to a point where the entire package winds up suffering. Sure, this isn’t the broken mess that Assassin’s Creed Unity was, but in some ways it’s more of a blemish than its predecessor. After all, this is a functional game that simply isn’t all that fun to play, which is far more damning than any technical glitch could ever be.



coldrefreader | Dec. 1, 2015 | Review of Just Cause 3 Steam - PC

Story: Just Cause 3 takes place several years after the events of Just Cause 2, with protagonist Rico Rodriguez severing ties with The Agency and heading out to his homeland of Medici, a fictional archipelago that has been seized by the brutal dictator, General Di Ravello. The General has turned Medici into a military state, installing a sizable amount of military bases and oppressing its population wherever possible. Rico won’t stand for this, so he teams with past allies like Mario, Tom Sheldon, Dimah and more to overthrow the violent dictatorship. That’s about as deep as the story gets, with most of the interactions and cutscenes simply excuses to set up an absurd action climax, but that’s just fine. Just Cause has never been about story, but rather simply causing chaos, a conceit Just Cause 3 fully embraces. Gameplay:As enjoyable as the main missions are, practically everything else is a blast as well. One of the main side activities to accomplish is liberating enemy bases and towns. To accomplish this, Rico simply storms through the gates and (surprise, surprise) starts blowing up everything in site. Certain things must be blown up (like radars, satellite dishes, transformers, etc) and a certain amount of overall destruction must take place to liberate a military base. With so much to destroy and plenty of firepower and gas tankers standing by to do it, these moments are where some of the most ludicrous levels of destruction take place. It’s sometimes possible to destroy nearly the entirety of bases at once, conjuring enough fire to burn down the entire island. Towns are liberated more liberally, with the goal being to bring down all the propaganda including billboards, speaker systems, statues and more. Upon liberating either, vehicles and weapons are unlocked for Rebel Drops. These supply drops take the place of in-game currency and allow players to snag any weapon or vehicles at any time provided a beacon is available. Don’t think this makes things easier, however, as enemies match firepower (which can lead to some ridiculous firefights). Liberating oppressed towns and bases also unlock numerous challenges including Land/Air/Sea Races, Shooting Gallery, Destruction Frenzy, Crash the Bomb and more. These challenges are almost all a blast and thanks to the asynchronous multiplayer, leaderboards with best times are constantly displayed to compete against. These challenges are completed for more than just bragging rights, however, as they unlock Gears which can then in turn be used on Mods. Believe it or not, Mods make things even more outlandish as they unlock things like rocket-propelled planted explosives, a Spider-man-like Re-Reel ability, nitrous and much more. These can be toggled off after unlocking to keep things more realistic (ha), but some of these result in some moments of pure euphoria. Overall:Just Cause 3 is a ridiculous, over-the-top experience that wants so hard for you to blow it up. Playing around its 400 square miles, it’s almost as if the game can be heard yelling “OH MAN, THAT WAS SICK” in the background. It’s hard not to feel like a complete badass as you fly around the island dropping grenades and vaulting enemies into the air; in fact, you basically have super powers. There’s hardly an ounce of originality in Just Cause 3; it cribs its features from a myriad of different games before it (including racing games), but it positions everything primitively great about video games into a single explosive package. Horrendous loading times, a lack of synchronous multiplayer and optimization issues hold it back from pure bliss, but Just Cause 3 is an absolute blast, an experience equivalent to a shot of adrenaline straight into the heart.


No one asked for this

coldrefreader | Nov. 29, 2015 | Review of Uriels Chasm 2 - PC

This game is weird, and a rather odd experience, but it's not as bad like the previous games from Rail Slave. The game actually has a story, which an be interpreted in different ways. The gameplay is...meh. First, you dodge an alien's fruit barrage, while trying to kill it. Second, you get teleported to a JRPG-like scene, where you collect droplets to fight some fire soldiers, while picking up flowers so you can get a prophecy. Third, you're surfing and have to dodge logs and fruit by switching lanes. When you start the game, you have no idea what to do. Literally. The soundtrack is fine. It is a sequel, which has no/barely any connection to the first game. Save your money for a pizza, it's a more enjoyable experience than this game will ever be.



coldrefreader | Nov. 29, 2015 | Review of Insurgency - PC

With the absurd number of multiplayer shooters available on steam, Insurgency stands out as one with both great gameplay and some degree of uniqueness. Yes, it’s yet another modern military shooter set in the middle east, but it’s adherence to realism and objective based team play to go along with satisfying shooting mechanics help it rise above its tired template. It lacks some features most would expect from a shooter released in 2014, most notably any sort of party system, but its tense and exciting tactical gameplay more than makes up for it. If you’re sick of the run and gun nature of Call of Duty but find the simulation aspects of something like Arma a bit too daunting, Insurgency is the perfect middle ground, and a supremely enjoyable multiplayer experience.


Good, but becomes repetitve and not so scary

coldrefreader | Nov. 10, 2015 | Review of Alien Isolation MAC - PC

At a time where games with helpless protagonists fleeing from certain death are hotly becoming the new standard for survival horror, Alien: Isolation stands out from the pack. The style, made popular by Amnesia and continued recently with Outlast, relies on the premise that horrifying things should be more powerful than the thing they’re trying to scare, which especially doesn’t seem like much of a stretch for this SEGA-published installment of the genre. After all, the Alien in this game is based off the one from Ridley Scott’s masterpiece “Alien,” where the titular character wasted an entire ship and its crew in less than two hours. The game becomes less about being scared of the Alien and more about confronting a worthy adversary and trying your damndest to best him at every turn (by running away from him, of course). The crafting and resource system allows several different methods to distract it or ward it off for a time — usually a short, short time — but none of these methods are foolproof. This makes Isolation the highest-stakes chess match you will ever play, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Despite having a few superfluous levels, Alien: Isolation ends up being a game Alien and survival horror fans can hold in high esteem.


It's a good buy, you only get a little amount of bugs as a bonus

coldrefreader | Nov. 10, 2015 | Review of Poncho - PC

Though it’s a shame frequent bugs break the immersion of its world-building and lush detail from time-to-time, Poncho remains a bright, vibrant and well-sought puzzle-platformer that sticks to what it sets out to do, achieving it in plentiful amounts. While players may be put off by its seemingly simple appearance and minimalist design, it’s the visuals that truly strike a chord and — like Axiom Verge or Shovel Knight before it — marks itself as one of those great examples of a title that relishes the joy of sprite work. When game backgrounds can be so curiously immediate they feel like they may just be housing stories in of themselves, you know you’ve hit the nail on the head in regards to making your World a reality. Reality itself may be a lot less pixellated here, but Poncho‘s well-planned orchestration of sound, aesthetic and more importantly art direction resonate remarkably well. For a game so mechanically simple, it’s one of the better experiences out there — four-letter swear words and all.


Good at this, bad at that

coldrefreader | Nov. 10, 2015 | Review of Anno 2205 - PC

Anno 2205 succeeds where many in the genre have failed in creating an interesting looking world that the player can care about. Experienced players of the city sim and strategy genres won’t find anything new here, though, instead finding one of the most rudimentary offerings in terms of mechanics on the market today. As long as you’re aware of all of this going in, however, Anno 2205 will be a fun, aesthetically pleasing journey with plenty of opportunities to sit back and let your imagination be inspired by interesting future cityscapes. There are some problems, mainly in the disconnected, less visually interesting and frankly boring and repetitive combat missions, as well as some missed opportunities, such as making regions that just felt distinct rather than actually were distinct. Those who enjoyed Anno 2070 might be averse to 2205 because of how many steps back it takes. If you want a deep, thoughtful sandbox city sim experience where you can make your own plans and work to execute them over time, you will be hugely disappointed. If you want a light, casual, visually beautiful experience or have never played a game like this before and want to start out with the simplest possible expression of what a city sim can be, however, it’s worth checking out. Anno 2205 is functional and fun, but with the singular exception of its visuals, it either had so little ambition at the outset or was so scaled back in development that it’s regrettably a missed opportunity.



coldrefreader | Nov. 10, 2015 | Review of Fallout 4 - PC

Fallout 4 contains what should go down as the best open world in the history of this medium considering the sheer wealth of meaningful content packed into it. Some people flock to sandbox games in hopes of checking off boxes, collecting garbage and simply passing time, and Fallout 4 feels like the strongest middle finger to this contingent in years. The Commonwealth is brilliantly designed, wonderfully executed and pays homage to one of the most unique cities in America in a way that will make fellow Bay Staters proud. Add all of this to a western role-playing game of unparalleled depth and the result is the one game that everyone with a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or capable PC should absolutely own. Whether you’re going to run around in your underpants stealing coffee cups and circuits, build the greatest Wasteland settlement known to man or simply take in all of the wonderful human stories littering the Commonwealth, it’s going to be tough not to fall in love with Fallout 4. This is the type of game that should be played with a spotter, as it’s way more appealing to play more Fallout 4 than it is to eat, drink or sleep.


As good as a Telltale game

coldrefreader | Nov. 8, 2015 | Review of Life is Strange Complete Season Episodes 15 - PC

Dontnod Entertainment’s first effort at cracking the choice-driven episodic format in a video game almost results in a near-perfect experience, which is shocking when you consider how well they’ve grasped the concept, created a solid structure for each episode, distributed a variety of subplots across five episodes and executed the series at the same — or even higher — level that a veteran developer like Telltale Games has done for many, many years. Life Is Strange‘s episodes have more or less met the eight-week release window that Dontnod set for them, making it feel like a consistent series that doesn’t require the previous episode to be replayed, as important events will remain vividly in the back of your mind. The artwork and visuals in the title make it stand out from its competition, while also taking advantage of the rewind mechanic and embedding it at the heart of every choice that can be made. Life Is Strange is a title that hasn’t been held back by incorporating controversial themes and tackling them directly in a respectful manner. While it isn’t perfect and there are limitations evident in each episode, Life Is Strange sets a new precedent for episodic gaming and reiterates why it’s a bona fide contender for 2015’s GOTY, despite facing fierce competition for that distinguished accolade.


It's a sweet shooter

coldrefreader | Nov. 8, 2015 | Review of DELTAZEAL - PC

Shooters have had a resurgence in recent years and while more and new are always welcome, there are still many incredible games lying almost forgotten in the past. DeltaZeal was not only excellent for the time, it’s weathered the years exceptionally well and can easily stand with the best of today. Yes, there’s no denying that it looks like a PS1 refugee, balanced slightly awkwardly between low- and hi-res pixel art, but it works well enough and the shooting action is excellent. The ability to tweak the weapon balance on the fly as power-ups become available makes for some welcome customization, and being rewarded with a brand-new challenge in an area that had seemed familiar when you’ve done particularly well is always a happy surprise. Usually followed by a death or two, of course, because the reward for skill is to have it tested, but it’s hard to complain too much at being gifted with new scoring opportunities. DeltaZeal deserved better than to be lost in shooter history, and is an easy recommendation for anyone who’s ever enjoyed flying up the screen maxed out on firepower but only a single bullet away from death.



coldrefreader | Nov. 8, 2015 | Review of Lumber Island That Special Place - PC

I'll do my review in parts, which look on specific chunk of the game. 1) The game had a really well made up atmosphere at first. Ambience was really scary and well made. Surrounding area was really well made as well, topping off the horror feeling while playing the game. 2) While at first the atmosphere was perfect, it faded out later on. That lumberjack was on your feet non stop, and you could always know where he is. I'll tell you why Slender is scary (just an example, you can change the Slender name to almost any good horror game). It's scary, because you don't know where the enemy is, but you know it is somewhere. It can pop up any second and scare you a lot. In this game you knew that he is after you, that was a downhill. If you made him stop following you after like 15-30 seconds of chasing (also make him slightly faster, since you can easily outrun him right now), it would be much creepier in my opinion. 3) Lack of objective - that was probably the worst thing in this game. I spent one hour and a half walking around doing absolutely NOTHING... I gave him the boots, and then nothing. You have no idea what to do, you have no idea where to go, you have no idea why are you there in the first place. There is no story, no objective and... that's just ultra frustrating.


It's fine.

coldrefreader | Nov. 7, 2015 | Review of Zombie Playground - PC

"Devil's Playground" is basically a complete rip-off of Danny Boyle's 2002 horror masterpiece "28 Days Later". Same basic concept; fast-moving infected (not actually zombies as such)on the loose in modern day London and a group of individuals trying to escape the horror, fighting amongst themselves on the way. The one thing it doesn't borrow from it's source material is any level of intelligence. The characters are melodramatic clichés and way too good-looking and well-groomed to be in any way realistic; even though it's a low-budget British film it unfortunately follows the crap Hollywood template of shallow, unbelievable, glamorous leads stuck in an increasingly over-the-top set of action-based scenarios. Still, if you just want to watch something empty-headed and fun then it's not all bad. The stunt sequences are well done and the movie is nicely shot, with some fantastic views of London on display. Don't take it too seriously and you'll have a good time.


Sweet game

coldrefreader | Nov. 7, 2015 | Review of Vertigo Void - PC

The game uses three-dimensional gameplay and the manipulation of camera angles to alter the environment, providing you with new perspectives and opportunities to exploit. But you have to act fast as each of the game’s two hundred levels are timed, leaving your astronaut plummeting to a fiery death if the clock runs out. Even the best puzzle players will scratch their head at some of these puzzles. It only gets more challenging as you go along. I had to walk away from my computer in frustration more than a few times and I’m not even close to finishing all of the levels. Some of the challenge is artificial. The controls are cumbersome. They work best if you have an Xbox controller. I personally preferred using the analog stick to guide my astronaut but you can also use the d-pad. The game is actually fairly good at tracking your desired movements but it has tank-like controls that feel like a game from the 90s. Vertigo Void has a number of different blocks with their own unique properties. Some blocks will prevent you from jumping; some act as a trampoline, bouncing your character forward; others will slowly disappear the longer that you stand on them. There are also hazards that you need to watch out for like flames that send you falling to an instant death. Even though the levels included in Vertigo Void would be more than adequate considering the price, the developers also included a level editor and the opportunity to play other people’s levels. The level editor is a bit wonky at first but after playing around with it you should be able to make decent levels. You can even test things out to make sure that everything works before saving the level. After testing the level, you jump right back to the level editor to make any necessary corrections, or you can save it. There are already several cleverly designed puzzles available through Steam and all of it is free. Vertigo Void is not going to win any awards but it is a good value for the price. The large number of levels out of the box, along with the inclusion of a level editor with Steam Workshop integrated for downloading other user’s levels, can possibly add up to dozens of hours of gameplay if you’re really into it.


God....why krakens at my aquatic city?

coldrefreader | Nov. 7, 2015 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization Beyond Earth RISING TIDE - PC

This expansion is something like an equivalent to Civ V's gods and kings(Which means you have to buy it to enjoy the game). One new thing is the ability to form aquatic cities, which can actually move(make 5 aquatic cities, keep moving them and get territory over the whole ocean in 50 turns). They change how water is approached, it's no longer just a normal tile you can pass, since it got a lot of new resources. Second thing is the sponsor addition/change. We got more sponsors... and some of the previous ones got changed. That's it. Third thing is the new personality and diplomacy system. The other sponsors(AI) will react on your actions, like congratulate you for building a new Wonder, or dislike it if they look at it as if it is pointless? Also, a new currency is added - Diplomatic capital. It's used for your own perks, which unlock perks for other people to buy from you for that capital. Overall, this expansion makes the game feel more... alive. I no longer feel like I am alone on the planet when I play with/vs AI.


Bad PC port

coldrefreader | March 30, 2015 | Review of DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round - PC

Let's see from where to start.. First, It's missing features from the Playstation 4. Achievements, online mode and the controls are kinda busted. The menu and the cutscenes are locked at 30 FPS. There's no Steam Cloud so if you use Steam to run games on different PCs, you're stuck with different progression on each. About the content of the game - the graphics are the same as Playstation 3, perhaps a bit of shadows from the PS4, but they're still fine. The character roster is pretty big and there are a lot of single-player modes like "arcade". The AI we're forced to fight for now is spamming the same attacks over and over. The Story mode completely makes no sense. The game-play is similar like other fighting games, with a variety of combos and martial styles. Overall, 6/10 for making false promises like multi-player, etc, etc. Better wait for 50% sale after Multi-player pops out.


More worth for Borderlands 2

coldrefreader | March 29, 2015 | Review of Borderlands The Handsome Bundle (2) - PC

This bundle will give you Borderlands : TPS and it's season pass, plus BL2 GOTY edition. I have a mixed feelings about TPS, but it's really worth it for BL2. One thing to keep in mind - The GOTY edition doesn't have all the DLC(including the second level extension), so it's good to buy it off while it's on sale. About the games : They're all the same, with the only difference at TPS having low gravity, a.k.a jumping high and falling slower. You have these new classes - Athena, Wilhelm, Nisha and the most annoying thing on the world - Claptrap. Athena is more into the damage-absorb style, while still dominating. Wilhelm is like Axton and Gaige from BL2 by..well.. summoning stuff and still owning. Nisha is something like a mix from Zer0 and Salvador with the guns and that. Claptrap, the annoying hell is like a mix of a lot. You can wield 2 guns like Salvador, become invisible and deploy a hologram like Zer0, etc. He's still the fan favourite. If you played Borderlands 2, the only thing you have to get used to is the new gravity, that's all.


A nice platformer

coldrefreader | March 26, 2015 | Review of Xeodrifter - PC

A good platformer which has its cons and pros. It has a nice underwater effects, good designs and enemies are easy to understand, bright colorful artwork and overall great mood and atmosphere. It doesn't have a controller support tho. Anyway, to the game's game-play. You have 4 planets to explore, where you have a checkpoint before bosses. One thing to keep in mind is that your health doesn't recover when you die. You have to make it all the way back to your ship if you want to recover. Also, you have one big leap, nothing special about jumping. Overall, it's fine.


Good game I guess

coldrefreader | March 20, 2015 | Review of Bombing Bastards - PC

It really looks like a bomberman clone for PC. The game is a puzzle/action with blow 'em up style. It offers a solid experience with nice graphics, 5 player battle and so on. The story mode is challenging/frustrating where enemies can dodge your bombs, shoot back and break blocks. There's also a few environmental hazards to deal with. Gameplay is simple: you drop bombs left and right and try to destroy the creatures on your screen, but watch to not get yourself bombed. It also offers a few upgrades for your character/bombs. Controls are easy to handle, but you can't rebind them. Graphics are good for today's standards. Overall, 7/10 for people new to the genre, 9/10 for Bomberman veterans.


Fine bonuses, not worth the price tho

coldrefreader | March 19, 2015 | Review of The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited Imperial Edition - PC

Game itself is fine, as I described in other review, here I will describe the bonuses of the Imperial Edition. You get a horse, but it's not that great - just 15% boost in speed. There's huge cooldown on the horse leveling times, so it takes forever to make it better. Changing your gear to Imperial is cool at start, but you can't change the named items, plus you can find the Imperial book. The Imperial race isn't that special, it doesn't allow for new customization options, only good thing is that the racials/perks are decent. It's 50-50, if you want to be like a really good tank, go for it, if not, then nothing else is worth it.


Good for the story

coldrefreader | March 18, 2015 | Review of Vagrant Hearts - PC

Nowadays you can hardly find good lore into games. But this one actually has a good story. So, from the beginning you are going to follow the story of 2 sisters, who have no idea what and why is going on. But as the game progresses, it will reveal what happens, etc. The gameplay is good, with a lot of secret stuff to find, with the battle scenes done good. The music is also fitting and pleasant if you don't listen to something else. This game also has very good characters that it will make you care for them. Overall, good for everyone to try.


Denmark into Civilization

coldrefreader | March 18, 2015 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Civilization and Scenario Pack Denmark The Vikings Mac - PC

Denmark is a great unique Civilization which is similar to Norway. The scenario is about competing about the throne of England. Anyway, Denmark is like very good at the early stage of the game, having replaced Rifleman and Longswordman with Norwegian ski infantry and Berserker. The berserker has the production cost decreased and combat strength, but has a special trait - no combat penalty when attacking over river or while Embarked and +1 to movement. The Norwegian ski infantry has these traits as a bonus - 25% combat in clean snow, tundra and hills, plus double movement in these terrains.


Babylon in Civilization

coldrefreader | March 18, 2015 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Babylon Nebuchadnezzar II MAC - PC

Babylon is more into science, like Korea from the DLC Civilizations. Babylon's game play is more into small isolated empire, which allows a lot of defence from the early stage of the game. Like Korea, they go into Science Win, where you pretty much send a space shuttle at space. This Civilization has "Walls of Babylon" which fortifies your city by a ton, so borrow the Great Wall of China from China and you will be a worthy foe for everyone. Since you will lead in science and technology, your army will be way more advanced than your opponents's. Their unique unit "Bowman" replaces the Archer, and he is stronger both offensively and defensively. Keep one at your cities at the early stages of the game and you're good to go focusing on Science.


Polynesia in Civilization

coldrefreader | March 18, 2015 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Civilization and Scenario Pack Polynesia MAC - PC

The Hawaii-type Civilization, they're pretty much into islands, sea exploration and that. They have these special Moai statues, which give culture bonuses, and +1 additional culture for each adjacent(close) Moai. You will play as King Kamehameha, who represents Polynesia into Civilization. It is a very tropical Civilization, with unique units like the Maori warrior. Worth the time, because it is a very interesting faction.


Korea in Civilization

coldrefreader | March 18, 2015 | Review of Civilization V Civilization and Scenario Pack Korea MAC - PC

5 bucks for a single Civilization, but money doesn't matter if you grab Civ V complete edition on a big sale. As for the Civilization, it's mostly into science generation, also it's quite funny to be first into technologies. It's more into defence, at which the unique units Turtle Boat and Hwach help you. Many think Korea is overpowered, because before you can beat them, they will be probably 10 technologies infront of you, so if you plan to play as Korea, always have a medium-sized army. You don't need a huge once, since it will be technologically advanced. If you play agains Korea, team up with others to destroy them, or if you're the nice kind, try to delay them or make friends with them. It also has a nice little scenario as a bonus.


A good mix

coldrefreader | March 18, 2015 | Review of Tropico 3 Gold Edition MAC - PC

This includes the Steam special edition Tropico 3 and the DLC Absolute Power. The game itself is a good city builder like Cities XL. Here you need to place each building, road etc and along your island for the time it takes to be built. Unfortunately, there can be only like 500 "Tropicans" at maximum. But it doesn't end here. Every Tropican needs job, healthcare, safety, entertainment, food, religion and so on. There are a lot of factions with small and big demands. Military - soldiers + army base, religious - church and cathedral, Capitalist - entertainment, communist - good housing and healthcare, and so on. The game has a single-player campaign with a big variety of scenarios. You can pick a dictator from a big pool, or make your own one with different pros and cons in personality traits. The graphics are good, events and constructing buildings is realistic, etc. The DLC mainly adds a new faction, radio announcements, landmarks, edicts, buildings, and a lot of scenarios. It's quite enough to continue your joy of Tropico 3. Sadly, there are no achievements.


City builder done right

coldrefreader | March 18, 2015 | Review of Cities Skyline - PC

This is probably the best city builder out there, and it's from Paradox, so don't expect DLC fest like from EA. It has very good UI, ability to create and maintain huge cities, and one of the most sweet things - mod support, which keeps games alive for years. It's very funny and stunning of greatness, so it's a must for City Simulation fans.



coldrefreader | March 18, 2015 | Review of Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 4 - PC

Like the other episodes, this doesn't disappoint. I loved it the more it was drawing to the end. Especially the last boss fight, where we control Claire who is all about the sniping and finishing Alex (Last Wesker alive), while Barry is "forced" with the job of keeping her out for Claire. It's pretty good, also the ending is happy and that. Raid Mode also got new characters and maps we can fight at. While it still has a bit of problems, it will be better later.


Four more continents to the big bag

coldrefreader | March 18, 2015 | Review of Civilization V Cradle of Civilization Bundle MAC New - PC

As the title says, this adds 4 more continents, which differ a lot from one other. The Americas are a mix of lush forests, hills, mountains, and a bit of deserts.Even tho you can access half of each America, it's still good and big continent pack. Asia contains central, eastern and south-eastern with a bit from Oceania. This is better than the Americas, because it has around the same value of land difference, but also has a lot of Islands. Mesopotamia is all about the land, nothing about the Sea. It's probably the worst from all, but it's good for people who like land combat and exploration/expanding. Mediterranean includes North Africa, South Europe and West Asia. It's pretty much like a continent with a sea in it ingame. This is personally my favourite map, because it has a lot of strategic points, etc. Overall, a 8/10, a bit too pricey but good if you get the Complete Edition


Good addition

coldrefreader | March 17, 2015 | Review of Axis Game Factorys AGFPRO Fantasy SideScroller Player - PC

This DLC allows you and your friends (who don't pay for it) to enjoy a fantasy side-scroller. When you buy it, you can package your game using the packager tool and then give it to your friends. We also get new characters with this. It is a must-have if you have the main game.


It's good

coldrefreader | March 17, 2015 | Review of Hektor - PC

A bit overpriced, but still good if it's on a sale. It's a super creepy game, where you're unsure what is going to happen next. It's part maze-part psychological horror story, where you explore and manage to find the correct path, somehow. It's similar to Amnesia and Outlast. It gives you the fake feeling of you being chased, while the monster doesn't show a lot and doesn't really chase you, it's still a good game, mostly because it's made by 5 people, which is an achievement.


Worst game from Fixaris, such a shame

coldrefreader | March 17, 2015 | Review of Sid Meiers Starships - PC

This is a board game set in space, but it doesn't have the depth or features which we should expect from the name Sid Meier. It is very repetitive and has limited features. It's a choppy, boring and short game that constantly lags and crashes. It has a lot of potential, but there's no joy of exploration and conquest like Civilization. It also lacks Fullscreen. In the gameplay, everything you construct is instantly done, you don't wait. Just get a lot of resources and then finish wonders and cities in a few turns so you will win. Food -> Cities, Science -> Research, Energy -> upgrade/build your fleet. It's just so simple.. Graphics and music are fine, but..just that. This game is the worst of Fixaris


Now without subscription

coldrefreader | March 17, 2015 | Review of The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited - PC

As the title says, you can buy this and then have it forever, without paying again. But, is it worth it? If you're a veteran WoW player, you might enjoy it. Let's start with the graphics: They're amazing, and you feel like exploring the map is actually "fun", not boring like in other MMOs. There's a huge terrain variety, and the continent's size is huge(perhaps 6-7 times the size of Skyrim, I don't know). The class variety is also good. There are 4 classes, which might sound horrible for MMOs, but you can customize these classes, like play as a Nightstalker, who's actually a mage, or a warrior stamina guy. It's pretty good for nowadays's standards. Crafting is simple, but unique. You have a lot of crafting sets to pick from and you don't have to quit one to start over another one. Materials are similar to WoW - Ores, wood, etc. But now to the cons: Questing: Every single MMO suffers from the Questing grinding, at least they didn't do it like kill 20 monsters or collect 10 of this. You will also have a lot of problems keeping your bag not full. PVP: The combat of PVP is great, but the arenas and battlegrounds are way too big. Hopefully they will either make them smaller, or add small battlegrounds, so you don't have to wait for whole server to play at once. Overall, a good game, but not for the PVP hardcore players.


Keeping up after 10 years

coldrefreader | March 15, 2015 | Review of Legacy of Kain Defiance - PC

Being the last chapter of LoK by story, it doesn't disappoint at all. Obviously, the story is full of connections to the previous games, which you have to play so you can understand anything. Now, you can play as both main characters - Kain and Raziel, switching between them as the story progresses. For a game made in 2003, the music still holds a good standard, while the graphics are made in a decent way. Gameplay is similar to "kill'em all" and you might find some artifacts to enhance your character. Controls are pretty easy to handle, but the only con is the trolling camera. Overall, it deserves a 9/10 for the time it was made and the time.


Good graphics, but kinda sore gameplay

coldrefreader | Feb. 12, 2015 | Review of Evolve - PC

Evolve is a 4v1 game, where you can play as a hunter, or as a monster. If you decide to play hunter, you will be teamed up with 3 other players/computers and start chasing the monster around the map. Chase, chase, even more chase, until you finally catch the monster. Then, you fight it and try anything to kill it and win the game. Sometimes it will escape and you begin chasing again, or it will kill all of you and win. Play as a monster and try to run away from the hunters, while you kill the local animals and eat them, so that you can evolve and become stronger. Environments are well-made, from neutral to hostile animals, from just-for-the-looks plants to plants which will eat you, if you're human. Customization is also something good here, you can play the same role with different classes, which give different view of that class's gameplay. TL:DR: Pros: -Good music -Good environment -A lot of customization is a thing -Variety of Hunter classes and different Monsters Cons: -DLC fest -Very repetitive gameplay -Balance is still under-go.


Pretty cool and different game

coldrefreader | Feb. 12, 2015 | Review of NOSGOTH Gift Pack - PC

This game is a MOBA, where 1 round you play as a human, and the other round you play as a vampire. What i like in this is that it lets you see the gameplay from both sides. The balance is good, but for new players it might seem broken, there's a variety of classes on both factions. Updates are frequent plus there is already a lot of content to enjoy. This pack will just help you get on with a class you will play the most, since it takes a while gaining the gold you need for specific weapons, perks, abilities, etc. Plus it will save you a lot with these skins and the exclusive banner.


Didn't waste time with it

coldrefreader | Jan. 18, 2015 | Review of Tengami - PC

Tengami is a nice game, very atmospheric and beautiful, but really short, around 1 hour of playtime. It's a mix of adventure and puzzle point and click game. Honestly, you should buy this for the visuals, themes and relaxing tone. The gameplay is sort of just an addition.


One of the best classic games

coldrefreader | Dec. 12, 2014 | Review of Sid Meiers Covert Action Classic - PC

It's great, even in times like these where apparantly many favor graphics over gameplay. The controls might be confusing and irritating until you get used to them. You can create a character, who is male or female, and then you can choose 4 "skill sets" - Driving, Crypto, Electronics and Combat. It is a bit similar to Payday 2, the skill sets, choices of going loud or stealthy, but you can also drive here. It's pretty much worth it for it's price, and it will give you a lot of experience, so i recommend this.


An old-school strategy game

coldrefreader | Dec. 10, 2014 | Review of iO - PC

In this game you play as a ball named O, where you can become bigger or smaller to help beat some puzzles. It also has a leaderboard so you can brag if you beated your friends and is good for everybody, since it's both easy and really hard sometimes. Your goals are simple: get O to the other end of the platform, wheres a portal and you can proceed to the next level. As i said, you can come smaller or bigger and beat different puzzles. The graphics aren't one of the best, since it's just basic shaping and no colors at the background, but the gameplay makes it up for them. The Audio is also not one of the best, but if you use your own music you will be fine. Overall.. a very simple, yet challenging game, where graphics and audio really won't be very likeable.


A little addition to a lot of Civilizations

coldrefreader | Dec. 9, 2014 | Review of Double Civilization and Scenario Pack Spain and Inca MAC - PC

In addition to the civilizations there is actually also a scenario called The Conquest of the New World Scenario (original version). Spain and Inca have some interesting gameplay. Spain is all about luck into finding Natural Wonders so you can become a great civ(a.k.a a lot of exploration), so lucky Spain game would be great and interesting(500g for being first to find a Natural Wonder and doubles it's tile yields[Like if it gives 8 faith, it would give Spain 16]) than the unlucky Spain, because everybody would have already been settled near them/found the wonders first and you get 100g. Of course they have 2 unique units. The Tercio instead of Musketman and Conquistador instead of Knight. Conquistador has something really good in it - it can found cities on foreign land, but it is a medieval unit, so i guess it's settlers before it. The Inca are also into exploration, since they ignore the movement delay Hills(for example a 2 moves unit goes into a hill and looses both moves, not just 1 like at Grasslands).Also, they don't have any maintenance for having improvements at hills(roads, etc) and it's half maintenance everywhere else. They have the Terrace farm, which you can build only on hills. It has a trait, which gives 1 bonus food for every nearby mountain, giving the Inca some advantage than others if your cities are near a lot of mountains(mountains are un-workable). So the Inca would do great in a 3 billion aged world(More mountains/hills) while others would have a harder time.


Another good Telltale Game

coldrefreader | Dec. 1, 2014 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

I got the game, started playing it immediatly after it got installed and the minute i started it i knew i won't be disappointed. The thing with Telltale's games is that they never disappoint. The Wolf Among Us in particular has a really good storyline, and in the way you act/respond you change every bit of it and how you're seen by the others. The characters are really interesting and well-created(a whole bunch of them), graphics are also made in a good and unique way. One thing i found really good is that the music actually adapts to the atmosphere really fast and in a good way. The best thing tho is that you have multiple choices of how to end the game and show off what your character really is. TL:DR: Play the bad cop or the good cop and everybody will remember everything you did.


Best of Civilization

coldrefreader | Nov. 29, 2014 | Review of Civilization V Complete - PC

I got it on sale, and so far, i think i might've been one of the best purchases i've made, it doesn't require a strong PC to run and yet it runs really smoothly. Pros and Cons: +Great music(When at war and when it's peaceful) +Somewhat tricky AI players - the joke of Gandhi nuking you never gets old +A lot of ways you can win (Politics, Religion, Domination, etc) +Some units which can change the tide to go to your favor ~Multiplayer has issues, but you can play Offline ~Somehow the strategy is not that complex: if you go at war you don't need to be experienced to defend yourself, etc. The price value is good, but i would rather wait for a sale, it's worth it.


Keeps up the humor of the series

coldrefreader | Nov. 21, 2014 | Review of Borderlands The Pre Sequel - PC

Like it feels like a re-skin like Civ: BE, it actually shows of it's good parts as you play it: Pros: -With the new gravity, you jump like you have a jetpack, -Obviously the sense of humor it's precedessors have, -More and more different guns in any aspect -New playable characters Cons: -Of course, it feels like BL2 as it has so big similarity to the design layout -Repetitive missions(but not so much) Overall a great game, don't get your hopes skyhigh for totally different game than BL2, and it's not that pricey, so i guess it's good.


A good sequel

coldrefreader | Nov. 19, 2014 | Review of Worlds of Magic - PC

It's the sequel of Master of Magic, and it really fits with nowadays's standards. Of course, MoM and the sequel are quite different in some ways, like: The spell book section. It's really random(i guess) and you will need to look at the internet for most of it, like how you rank and obtain more spells. Other is this - you can make artifacts without actually casting overland spells, which means you can do both separately at the same time. The unit attributes are more complex and complicated, which is something.. annoying. TL:DR:Overall, it's a good sequel, has a lot of content, obviously better to be different, not a lame re-skin(like CoD franchise) and is still in early access, which is actually good, because it will get even better at release. I am not sure if now or later is better to buy it, but, your choice.



coldrefreader | Oct. 21, 2014 | Review of Hatoful Boyfriend - PC

It all starts in a high school for birds, yes, that is really unusual for anyone. There you can talk with..birds and overall you have to find your true love, or get killed. Anyways, my pros and cons are these: Pros -enjoyable characters -you can date birds -our choices might get us killed, it's not all about talking with birds. -graphics are fine, but gameplay > graphics -music won't make you feel like instantly muting and using your own Cons -you have to play the same line all over to get multiple endings -gameplay is simple, fitting just for casuals


A must for 8/16-BIT RPG lovers

coldrefreader | Sept. 13, 2014 | Review of Millennium 2 Take Me Higher Steam - PC

Millennium 2 is an enjoyable game, as much as the previous. The game is smooth, with no bugs ( or very little ), fine music and art work. There are also many quests and the many secret areas are a challenge to be found, so that's gonna keep you into playing it. One thing i personally liked was that we can change difficulty, easy know, being easy, and hard for people who want a challenge. Overall, it has many pros, but very few cons. I would also recommend the other episodes of the series. It's going to be a good spent time.


Fun and addictive

coldrefreader | Sept. 12, 2014 | Review of The Escapists - PC

Many would say: "Another boring indie game", like me, but I decided to give it a try. It wasn't a bad choice, i managed to play it for like 30 hours. But it was worth it, I still play it from time to time. I will now share my pros and cons about this game: Pros: Hard to pass / We choose our path / A fine crafting system / We can save our progress / NPC-s interacting with each other Cons: Don't buy this if you're into customisation, this game offers you to pick a Name only / Boring music, pick up your own So shortly, tough, you don't just run around, you craft stuff and if you do a bad choice you can load the game if you saved it earlier. It's also funny watching the prisoners.



coldrefreader | Sept. 4, 2014 | Review of Depth Hunter Deep Dive 2 - PC

I got excited when i saw the description, BUT that was the trick. The max time you can play and find new content is 5 hours. Well, i'll point out that this game offers: You enter the game, look at the map and see 3 big areas [( Thailand -> South Africa reefs -> Bahamas(biggest)]. And while you're there, you will aim on Missions, which include spearfishing, taking pictures, finding specific fish and hunting for treasure. They repeat many times and the time to finish them is around 7 minutes. There are a lot of different fish : sharks, jellyfish, sea turtles and many more. Graphics are also quite fine, detailed and unique, makes you feel like a diver. Sounds are also good. The things which are bad, however, are the boring mechanics and gameplay, which is the reason why the game is so not worth it. Hitbox is broken, the game gets very repetitive and un-entertaining. You can acquire gold by killing any type of fish and use it for upgrades like your swim fins. When you upgrade everything, you become the god of the seas, killing everything instantly, also after that the gold becomes useless. Short version - Pros: Good graphics and sounds Cons: Repetitive, boring and un-entertaining. The game has a lot of potential, but lacks a LOT of content. I hope they will either make a sequel or focus more on this game. Hope it helped.


Get ready for meeting death 1000 times!

coldrefreader | Aug. 27, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls II Post - PC

This game really knows how to kill you in so many ways, after half minute of playing it I really died. Now, i will show my impressions of the game: CONTROL : It took me a bit to get used to. Clumsy turning, slow recovery from weapon swings, and more. I would recommend to anyone picking this up for the first time, run around for a few minutes, get used to how your character moves. COMBAT : The combat is every bit as hard as you have heard. For a beginner like me , it was merciless. However, once you learn HOW to fight, it is one of the most rewarding experiences in recent gaming memory. Going back and totally dominating something that basically has humiliated me on prior attempts is nothing short of pure joy. And it only gets better. As you adapt to the controls, and the enemies behaviours, you get bolder. You get aggressive. And, you get dead. he he. The game will always remind you if you get to cocky. STORY : I will be honest, I focussed more on the gameplay than the story. The story is good, but feels a little tacked on. Lots to listen to and read though. GRAPHICS/WORLD : I really didn't enjoy the graphics at first, but after a while i got used to it. Some places can take your breath out. Also, monsters(they're monsters after all) don't look so ugly. So this is it, a beautiful world with ugly creatures in which you're gonna die every time you get curious.


Most amusing purchase i've ever did

coldrefreader | Aug. 24, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim bethesda - PC

I saw so many recommending reviews, and they said the truth. I LOVE this game, has so much in it: open world, hidden places, and with one of the DLC-s we can even have a home! The workshop has many player-made mods which keep the game feeling new. Also Skyrim seems to be the best of this very succesful franchise, so even if you skipped the other, you will love this, but it's better to play them first, so you can get deeper sense of the game.


Best stragedy game out

coldrefreader | Aug. 21, 2014 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

This game offers you great ways of experiencing the joy of dominating over your enemies: Diplomany, culture, science and domination. You can play as many different leaders(especially with DLC), learn how they work, what's their weakness and what kind of supremacy fits them. The mod workshop is also great, many people contribute to the game with many mods you can enjoy. Also, if you dislike to play with players, there are AI. They can be set on many difficulties, from Settler(very easy) to Deity(You will never win this by yourself). There is much more of content i can describe, but theres no space for that! The only bad thing is multiplayer - after 200 turns, the game takes a very long time to finish, because of all the units everybody have. I recommend this game highly, and never forget - Never trust Ghandhi.


The best multiplayer FPS and RPG out there

coldrefreader | Aug. 21, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

This game brings new, and very good version of old together. The characters are great, there are perks, skill trees, and many more. There are secret chests filled with great stuff if you find them, and one special Minecraft easter egg(with bad*ss creepers!). Other thing you enjoy is the fact the game is filled with fun. You can set a psycho on fire, you can troll around when you duel a friend, etc. Customization is also great: you can change your hairstyle and outfit(it changes your hair color) till you find what suits you great. The only thing you won't enjoy too much is the fact if you play with friends, only the one who hosted won't have any problems with lag, but you won't see it much. I recommend this game very much.



coldrefreader | Aug. 12, 2014 | Review of Starbound - PC

Bear in mind that this is a review of the game in its current state. Well, this looks like Terraria player's dream, but it actually isn't. The game looks funny and exciting at start, but after a while of playing you realise these things: 1. There is a lot of grinding: The currency ingame is Pixels. It is similar to the xp at Minecraft, but you use that to buy stuff aswell. You will do ANYTHING to get them, nothing else matters. 2. The combat is boring: Basicly the combat here is just jumping around and hoping you will hit the mob you try to kill. 3. Bosses are easily handled(They're bosses for a reason, don't you think?) : There are certain tricks you can use to kill bosses fast. All you have to do it place dirt all around it , with some little hole and you have the perfect trap for a boss. 4. Devs are total idiots : Updates are very slow, with little worthwhile information being released to the public. The official Chucklefish forum is one of the most heavily censored websites you will ever visit on the internet. Every single criticism, how valid it may be, gets brushed under the rug as ''trolling'' and the user has a good chance of getting banned. I do not recommend this game, because your money will be thrown in the air. Do not support some rotten indie developers.