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A sequel that is not really a sequel

colonio | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of Need for Speed Shift - PC

Strange game, this Shift. It shares the name of some heavily arcade games that were based on illegal road racing. Shift, however, is different. Let's begin with the setup. It takes the illegal road racing idea, and it throws it away. The game concentrates on track racing, with some real life tracks and some invented one (that are not bad either). Graphics wise, it's undoubtedly a pretty looking game (despite not being new), but that was never a concern with the Need for Speed series. The physics are the strange part of the game: it isn't the standards NfS arcade physic engine, yet it's not a simulation. Sim-arcade, they call them. With pros like the car's "weight", understeering/oversteering, and some cons: colliding cars tend to "stick" toghether, causing embarassing moments; controls are twitchy, and even though there are plenty of settings, it's still hard to setup them to be able to feel the car (at least with a steering wheel). As a final note, the game offers plenty of customization for the cars (both visual and performance wise), and the modding community did some good work, even with the physics engine. Recommended, as long as you know what you're going into.