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It's 'Hard' so 'Reset' your difficulty please.

cor_sleep | Nov. 13, 2013 | Review of Hard Reset - PC

It's a decent FPS with a fair graphics. They say it's good old fashioned FPS or whatever.. It's really hard. I'm a Quaker myself but this game is still too hard even on the hard difficulty. Never stuck in any Doom or Quake series like this game. It seems like even a puzzle to me. Every stage I must pass through with bunch of hostile machines is a puzzle. They hurt you so hard but your weapons are almost useless. You have to think twice to pass through. and There is no stealth feature neither. You got to use grades or rockets, or whatever with massive fire power which can hurt yourself too when you shoot the projectile too close from your position. and the weapons are with massive fire power only for yourself, not for enemies. means the combat will be hardcore tough. I can't even dare to try Insane difficulty. I'm not trying to say this game is bad or numb. but you have to be ready for this kind of puzzled combat situations before you start the game. I think so at least. This game is too much challenging maybe you play as hard and then reset the difficulty immediately. Maybe this is what the title of the game Hard Reset really means. Game is not bad. Story is interesting with fascinating comics style storyboard animations. graphics are fine, gaming interface is really simple. and there is a experience based upgrading rigs (weapons, detection devices or shield etc..) features too. If it sounds cool this game is for you. Just try it out.


Worth multiple times replay

cor_sleep | Nov. 7, 2013 | Review of Bastion - PC

Storytelling is like a fairy tale. Graphics like hand drawn. beautiful atmosphere and music. Awesome voice acting. and flawing character animations with actions. I just loved this game. I don't quite play indie games but this one was good enough to play even New game plus mode. It's not just a beautiful outlook. There are fabulous actions, and charming RPG elements. You could make this game even harder with Idols if you like challenges. only thing I want from this game is coop mode. it's a shame there is no multiplayer in such a beautiful RPG game. If you like arcade games or action RPG, You'll like it. Hope you to have fun guys.


One of the best of the series

cor_sleep | Nov. 7, 2013 | Review of Splinter Cell Blacklist - PC

I was a fan of this series from the very first game. Till Conviction the fifth of the series was kinda disappointment. The game changed into something casual feelings, and couldn't say it's a stealth based game. there were only two levels of darkness not like old games. Bright and dark. I understand the old series with various levels of darkness, were too hard for most casual gamers, but I still couldn't accept it as a Splinter Cell. What makes Splinter Cell is tensions, seek and hide, lights and shadows, not action packed gameplay. Well anyway I enjoyed Conviction at that time. Now I got Blacklist and this game is almost perfect. actually I want to say it's perfect but there are still some glitches and some missing elements. The basic gameplay is similar with Conviction. You can still do mark and excute and shoot down bad guys easily. but there are something added for old series fans. Perfectionist difficulty. In this hardcore difficulty, you can mark but you cannot excute, and your goggle won't let you see through the walls. If you got hit few times, you will pass out instantly. You have to play hide and seek in tension to survive. Fire fight is the worst idea on this difficulty to pass through a hallway. and you can move the corpses to hide again. The best part of this game is multiplayer, and coop. The volume of coop missions is much bigger and there are some customization elements which could gives you some opportunity to put some characteristics into your Sam Fisher or Briggs. Multiplayer Spies vs Mercs is even better. It's a hide and seek game basically. Mercs have to find the spies and spies have to hack the three consoles on three locations in the map while perfectly cover their locations. There are not many playable maps but, the map designs are deep. worth to explore for hiding spots. It's been months I've been playing this game but still I find some new spots to hide for hacking from time to time. there is a classic SvM mode too which not allows you to customize your outfits and weapons and gadgets. means 56 leveled master player and 1 leveled newbie's going to play the game in perfectly same condition except their know-how. Oh I forgot to mention there is not much lag even with players from overseas. I've encountered various national players while I play but there was no problem playing with them. USA, Russia, Canada, etc. and I'm Korean myself. If you were a fan of the series, even for old ones. I recommend you to buy Blacklist. it's one of the best of the series. I say Chaos Theory is one of the best too just to let you know guys. Hope to see you on the fields soon.


Not that bad like others say

cor_sleep | Nov. 7, 2013 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

I'm an old pc gamer. I'm from Doom, Duke Nukem era. Duke Nukem was one of my favorite FPS. Now here is polished version of Duke Nukem. If you are looking for something new from the past Duke game, then this is not for you. The game play has not changed much from the old one. but You can still find something makes Duke what it is. I mean badass macho protagonist is still there, and sexual humors, and pig cops.. oh I almost forgot the stripers. and tits.. which I really enjoyed xD. And multiplayer is still active. You can customize your Duke little bit. it's kind of cute. Conclusion Grahpics not bad even some parts of the stages are beautiful, Gameplay cool enough, Multiplayer is still fun and active. Well.. I wrote this much but what I really want to say is, If you like boobies, BUY NOW.


First impression

cor_sleep | Oct. 24, 2013 | Review of How to Survive - PC

Above all the graphics of this game was so impressive, I didn't expect this much from a indie company. It was not perfect but it's good enough to enjoy the zombie apocalypse. and the sound quality was great too, so I could actually feel I'm in the Island myself. and the voice acting was good too. Even for the major game titles there are some weird voice acting sometimes. How to survive is not like an indie game. for the in-game aspect, Kovac's rule is so helpful to play the game. these days there are too many games which is not kind to their players. Kovac's rule help newbies to adapt fast while it's lying all around the places. Plus, it gives us curiosity about Kovac which helps us to get into the game's story deeply. The Random Zombie waves never allow me to relax. and it's creepy so much whenever I open the bunker's door. Because I have to take care of that countless zombies after I open it. This is a fine zombie survival game brings us a fine gaming experience with zombies. the details And the last part I was so touched was the details of the game. There was a NPC(none playable character) I met while I play the game and he told me to move somewhere while he refill the gas for the boat. and I expected he would just stand still while I fight the zombie horde. but he actually interacted with the zombies and he was afraid of them so I had to kill the zombies for him. Putting this much of details into a game always touch the gamer's heart. Details makes the game breathe, and alive. it's a very important element for any games to be enjoyed. I might not know everything about How to Survive yet, but the first impression was so great. Buy it guys while they sell it 30% off.