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Epic Single Player but Average Multiplayer.

crazyfm | Oct. 19, 2012 | Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - PC

Note:The opinion of this game changes from person to person. This is the kind of game you either love it or hate it. But at the end let me just say you better buy mw2 than mw3. It is better and cheaper. Three of the things that make me say this game is amazing is the single player, the co-operative value and how this game works in most pc. This game had the most epic campaign i have ever seen in a game and after your done, you are just begging for more (probably because it's too short) but after you're done you still have special ops and multiplayer. Special ops is really fun when you play with a friend on veteran (hardest mode) because you are always building strategies, discovering shortcuts , help each other in battle , yell at each other...oh the memories XD. And multiplayer...well...i am very generous when it comes to reviews so i have to say it was addicting and fun but it just gets boring and repetitive after a while, you are always waiting to find a modded server or something different at least. This could be fixed by either make a totally different online game or just add servers. So anyways this is why i think the game gets a 83 except of a 100 -Single player is awesome but short -Special ops is amazing with friends but average on solo. -Multiplayer gets boring. I still recommend this game for everyone out there who loves fps. At this price i wouldn't think twice. (I purchased the game at 50 euros)