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A Fun Game With Tons Of Content

cricketlenny | Sept. 16, 2013 | Review of Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box NA Origin - PC

Burnout Paradise is a great racing game. This game is open world, taking place in the eponymous Paradise City, where you are free to roam the streets and crash into things... a lot of things. The cars and motorcycles you have access to are a blast to drive, and even the starting car is fast enough to get a kick out of just driving around, which leads to my earlier point about crashing into things. However, this is a non issue, as the crash physics on the cars are superb, and it has well directed slow motion shots to help glorify the wrecks you create, making something that previously could have been a serious halt to momentum, something fun to watch. This game is pouring with content. You unlock vehicles upon beating various amounts of races, and you can unlock special hidden cars by destroying marked cars driving as crazy as you will be on the road. The amount of missions, events, and races is staggering. Every single intersection in Paradise City has its own event that can be triggered by stopping at the light, and revving your engine. I do not have the current number on hand, but this is a very large town. Now thing about this. Every single intersection has something new or different for you to do. It will take you days just to experience everything this game has to offer, and that is if you can beat it all on the first try. The gameplay is focused on being reckless, destructive, and precise. As contradictory as that sounds, it takes a steady hand to get a good amount of destruction to anything besides your car. Various secret routes, destructible objects, and bill boards can be driven through for extra content, points, or just shortcuts to your next destination. The reason I am not going to give this game a 100 is that the handling on vehicles, while fun, isn't precise enough to me to call them tight controls. It gets the job done, but when the more fun parts of the game need a lot of speed and precision turning, it can be a pain to turn around and go back when the turn was missed. The other issue I have is the lack of fast travel or instantaneous vehicle switching. In a game as fast paced as this, it can be a little tedious to have to drive half way across the map just to pick out a different vehicle. Small gripes aside, this game is a ton of high octane fun, looks great, and is worth every penny when considering how much content is packed into it.


An Amazingly Well Made Game

cricketlenny | Sept. 15, 2013 | Review of BioShock NA Overflow 1 - PC

When I first played Bioshock, I was relatively new to shooters, so my lack of experience within the genre made this game all the more wonderful. I had never experienced such well designed worlds, such intelligent writing, or any other game that could parallel my time playing Bioshock. The gameplay is simple yet deep: use your upgradeable weapons and powers to fight against enemies and fulfill the goals and missions given to you. Plasmids are very fun powers to use, and the limited slots for equipping them make the game much more challenging since you have to decide which ones are right for the next situation. The guns are a blast to use also, with the alternative ammo types giving the game a more tactical feel to it along with the plasmids. The RPG elements are not very deep, but since this is a shooter first and an RPG second, its not an issue in my opinion. The story is great, and very well written, but to avoid spoilers and to make sure the experience is as grand for you as it was for me, I will not mention anything about the story. I will say, however, that it is inspired by themes used in the work of Ayn Rand, so expect some political philosophy. With a great atmosphere to back up a well written story, as well as fun to use gameplay mechanics, Bioshock can easily be called one of the greatest shooters of the generation. In regards to the score of 92, the reason it is not 100 is for 2 reasons. The first reason being that hacking is done with a "Pipe Madness" inspired minigame, and it can be tedious and could lead to a break in immersion, as it stops time around you as long as you are within the hacking interface. The second reason this game doesn't get 100 is that the upgrades for the plasmids are only numerical, as it increases the power of you abilities, but it doesn't expand upon your abilities. Final Word: Buy this game, you have to see it for yourself, its a truly amazing game.