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Exiting, engrosing, and immersive experience

cricketspike | April 24, 2014 | Review of Bastion Steam - PC

Ever wanted to get into, or introduce a friend into indie gaming? This is definitely one to start with. The game has the visual, game play, and especially sound aspects down to an art. The narrators smooth yet gritty voice interactively guides you through a decimated yet still vibrant utopia, in a voice that challenges that of Morgan Freeman as the games soundtrack,which is good enough to bought on its own, sets an appropriate mood for any occasion, greatly enhancing the adrenaline rush of fighting enemies in the endless dream mode. The panic you feel as you rush through a level in a desperate search for an exit or health items, and even your curiosity discover new details of the lost civilization and its interesting back story. The game's combat is fast paced, requires planning and decently quick reflexes, and allows for many unique styles of play with a choice of 2 of around 10 weapons, which can be upgraded by proficiently using them in the related challenges. You can also add re-playability by adding bonus challenges in the form of idols that can increase enemy attack, or turn them invincible at random intervals. The game is one hell of an adventure up until its brain twisting ending and I would easily recommend it to any one, though I would personally suggest for it to go on sale as it often does during steam sales usually for more than 50% off.