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playfully and intriguing

cristiano171 | Sept. 6, 2015 | Review of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - PC

It's hard to understand how Bulletstorm designers have given such a turn, having a first title so different, so unique, so special. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is also a game that does not lead the player's hand. We are "loose" in that beautiful and remote location without a guide, with very little information, and we are responsible for popular our fully journal a journal, moreover, that has to be in our minds and is not available at all in the game, through hotkeys or menus. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter So maybe the adventure has to be viewed with calm, in homeopathic doses. Perhaps the game of the problem is the fact that the space between a checkpoint and another is over, which ends up complicating things a bit when we want to look at all really easy. Progress is only saved after the scenes Prospero investigates and revive, right chronology. If in the meantime, for any reason, we decide to stop playing, well, you know. The game is full of written notes, notes always add a few more details to the mystery surrounding Red Creek Valley. Details that may even go unnoticed if we are not careful. It is indeed a game of exploration, a great suspenseful game with drives graphics that, after all, end up functioning as a huge motivating factor. I always have the impression that most unmissable beauties appear after the next lot, after double the next corner. conclusion The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a spectacular game of exploration and research. Amid various supernatural events , the search for a missing boy is initiated by a detective endowed with paranormal powers . Drives graphics and breathtaking landscapes , as well as music and sound effects first , are tools that are very helpful in immersion. The developer did not hold his hand , creating one of the most interesting titles , unique and neat in recent times.


may conclusion recommend

cristiano171 | Sept. 6, 2015 | Review of Life is Strange Episode 1 - PC

Life Is Strange is the second work of French studio Dontnod Entertainment. The first , Remember Me , also has a text here in XboxPlus (the game is great , it is noteworthy ) . As in the title that had the hunter Nilin memories as protagonist, Life Is Strange also allows the player to go back in time , but this time not within anyone's memories. This time we can turn back the time. coclusion Life Is Strange is a work truly unique , sensitive and intelligent. A game can subtly portray the problems of young people in their daily lives while presenting the player with a rich and engaging plot, with " tentacles " dark they took slowly from the shadows. With its beautiful graphics and scenarios , as well as a big care with regard to facial expressions , the new work of Dontnod is extremely enjoyable , immersive and exciting . Another highlight is the excellent soundtrack and the very well constructed characters , able to touch us deeply. Let's wait for the next episode, because this first left many unanswered questions ( good! ) . At the end of Chrysalis , with many loose ends , which most desire is just to play the next chapter.


recommend good game

cristiano171 | Oct. 14, 2014 | Review of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - PC

Interestingly, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a game that requires a lot of attention. Attention to detail, deductions, and also much, much exploration. A hurry or looking for faster experience, with more action, players may not feel very comfortable, but it is also important to remember that the game's graphics are beautiful, and this can certainly end up causing many "lost" hours watching the beautiful visuals. The The Astronauts is to be congratulated, because here the spectacular graphics are not only a feast for the eyes. They are very important part of telling a sad story full of supernatural mysteries, full of strange characters and references to further process the strangest creatures. The fantastic soundtrack is also a major force in all of this. More contemplative tones give way to darker tones, terrifying sometimes, and everything ends up fitting perfectly. Music and video end up merging, fully capturing the attention of the player, and in the middle of the audiovisual spectacle narrative assumes even more supernatural and amazing scenery. The certainty that Ethan Carter is in danger is getting stronger by the minute, and despite several references to magic, a strange creature and other strange things as, or more, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter ends up not being a game of terror. The thriller follows the player at every step, every new door opened, almost at all times, including while we are away from buildings and walking quietly among the trees, listening to the birdsong. But it is not something that makes us take huge leaps from his chair. It is suspenseful, only. But I wish all well cataloged games possess such quality and attention to detail that are part of the genre. It is difficult to understand how the creators of Bulletstorm gave such a lurch, having a first title so different, so unique, so special. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is also not a game player by driving the hand. We are "loose" in that beautiful location out without a guide, with very little information, and we are responsible for our popular journal totally a journal, moreover, that has to stay in our minds and is not accessible in any way in the game, through menus or shortcut keys. conclusion The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a spectacular game of exploration and research. Amid various supernatural events, the search for a missing boy is initiated by a detective endowed with paranormal powers. Drives graphics and breathtaking landscapes, as well as music and sound effects first, are tools that help a lot in immersion. The mystery begs to be unraveled, and the developer did not hold his hand, creating one of the most interesting, unique and neat titles of recent times. Short, yes, but intense. Must. impeccable


The play to take your

cristiano171 | Aug. 22, 2014 | Review of Zeno Clash - PC

Gameplay and combat The gameplay in Zeno Clash is somewhat complex. Learn all the controls of the game takes some time. But after dominating them, pleasure becomes elusive. The game is a mixture of action, adventure, and fight in first person. The player can perform different moves and combinations of different attacks, and can execute combos that literally burst with enemies. You also have bombs, which can be thrown at enemies and cause havoc. However, the artificial intelligence of the enemies is very well developed, and it is very difficult to catch them off guard. They run the pumps very often, when you spear. These pumps, it is worth mentioning, are shaped like skulls: well according to the ambiance of the game. Other game modes The title of Ace Team has some additional game modes besides the campaign mode (Main Adventure). In Zeno Rush, you can play the levels that already released, racing against the clock. Finalize them as soon as possible. In the Challenge Tower, you enter a kind of arena and fight against hordes of various Corwids: very good to train your skills. And there is also the online cooperative mode, which is also very interesting and entertaining. There is also, within the "Extras" option, the item "Character Gallery", through which you can check out and get more information about all the characters that have come across in the game, including própro Ghat and the Father-Mother. finishing Zeno Clash: It's a very fun and cute title. Despite the campaign mode is short, the additional game modes and the beauty and fun afforded by own way "Main Adventure" can quietly make you play the game the Ace has a second and / or third time, for example (or more ). This is an XBLA that, in my opinion, can provide great moments of pleasure to those who get carried away by the surreal world of Zenozoik and all its peculiarities. This is a game that I recommend to those who enjoy action, adventure, and fight in large doses. This game, in fact, some surprises, for whom the end.


Grab your fun and

cristiano171 | Aug. 1, 2014 | Review of Zombie Driver - PC

Zombie Driver is a very creative and fun game. Cars which can be extended, weapons like machine guns, flamethrowers, etc., and the fact the car itself itself be a weapon (you run over zombies quietly, or not having finished their ammunition weapons) make a video game Zombie Driver only, which can be quietly included in two genera which I mentioned above. It is clear that the race is not against other cars: you have to run "and against the zombies." Bloodthirsty zombies, by your brain, and that will do anything to destroy you and your car-gun. You will be faced with dogs zombies, zombies who throw stones and other objects at you, and even zombies "bombadões", called the game "Fat Zombies". Huge zombies that can make it more difficult your life if you do not kill them or just run away. Zombie Driver is a game that reminds me a little Twisted Metal. One of the differences between the game and the EXOR Studios latter, however, is such that the zombie element mentioned above. Just to name one difference. The game has 17 missions and several additional goals, incidentally. Many times you are totally surrounded by a huge number of zombies, and just can not walk anymore. Your car gets stuck, such is the amount of undead around. In such cases, the turbo greatly aids, as well as the arms. If you do not have either one at this point, you may have gotten your last day of life (in the game, and that game in question). Remember that in Slaughter mode survival is the goal, so when the little yellow circular symbol appears on the screen, follow it as it will take you to weapons and items for your car repairers, for example, two elements essential during the massacre. Run away when you realize that it can not take account of zombies at one location, move constantly, perform radical movements in order to kill the largest possible number of zombies quickly and seek wherever possible to deviate from the objects that some wretched zombies throw against you. In my opinion, the Slaughter Mode was a good balcony of the EXOR Studios staff, because it is a way of playing which means infinity in a game that was already a lot of fun. And remember: your car is a weapon in itself, both in Story Mode as the Slaughter Mode, and you must learn how utilizá-lo/dirigí-lo the best possible way. Zombie Driver Indico all enjoying a game with beautiful graphics, a soundtrack well made, great gameplay and good doses of action and direction, all this combined with a theme that has zombies as the main theme. Enjoy and take your .....


The thief will be back again

cristiano171 | July 11, 2014 | Review of THIEF Master Thief Edition - PC

This THIEF launched in 2014 is a reboot of the franchise, this franchise that began in 1998 with Thief: The Dark Project, developed by Looking Glass Studios. After a hiatus of about 10 years (Thief: Deadly Shadows was released in 2004), here that Square Enix offers us a reboot, featuring Garrett, the master thief, to a new generation. Set in a fictional world in which we can clearly see steampunk and gothic elements, THIEF is a dark game, in several senses. The story takes place in a medieval town called simply "The City", in which a terrible disease kills mercilessly. The disease, known as "The Gloom" certainly refers to the Black Death which killed millions in Europe during the fourteenth century. Garret is the master thief, and the plot engages you even when in the company of Erin, another thief and murderer, try to accomplish a mission in the mansion of such a Baron of Northcrest. I said "try" because everything goes wrong and Erin ends up being separated from Garret. Such separation gradually assumes more and more mysterious air, and the player will realize gradually the occult provides a touch more darkness to the already dark game. Note that here we have a game of stealth action that can really be called so, with all the letters. Garret should move in the shadows, and the player must always remain well aware of the display that indicates whether it is hidden or not. Try to fight enemies directly is almost always disastrous (the combat system itself does not help one bit, and I think this is intentional): the best, if detected, is trying to use smoke bombs to escape quickly and / or they run to some distant point, and of course dark. With first-person perspective, THIEF somewhat resembles Dishonored (another great title stealth), and we can even quote some similarities between them: the use of advanced technologies, which certainly does not belong to time, the right mix between technology and magic, a dangerous disease ravaging the population, power struggles, etc.. Obviously, Garret does not have supernatural powers of Corvo Attano, but no less deadly it is, or rather, efficient. The game's graphics are beautiful, and the contrasts between light and shadows usually give us beautiful spectacles. On the PC, I got to play with a good performance and always getting between 45-60 FPS, more or less. We have great lighting effects and particles also worth remembering. It is sad, however, that the end of the game it's a ... well, crap. Including in relation to the "bosses". Yours truly. Many things are not properly explained, and a short cutscene with Garret ends up causing more anger in the player than anything else. The game deserved more. We deserved more. But anyway, whatever. And more titles in this franchise being launched, with better end, even with better plots and with a true master thief. conclusion THIEF is a great stealth game. There has its problems, of course, but these can not overshadow its luster. The player can perform missions and face the most diverse situations in different ways, and this also ends up greatly increasing the replay factor of the game (also read the section "Modifying parameters and making the experience more challenging," above). If you like stealth action, face without fear. Also featuring many elements of action and puzzles, the game can play hard. Its plot is interesting and able to hold the player for hours and hours.


Wolfenstein: The New Order - old and new get along well

cristiano171 | June 16, 2014 | Review of Wolfenstein The New Order POST - PC

The game is set in an alternate reality. A kind of parallel version of the 60. United States, here, were devastated by a nuclear attack, the Nazis won World War II and came to dominate the whole world. The Nazi war machine is very strong and has very well equipped soldiers, high-tech weapons, robots, mechs, drones and a wide variety of metal beasts, and planes that closely resemble modern fighters (not to mention helicopters). The characters have a past, has a history. Text notes and audio help further the plot, and by the way, be sure to seek out and read (or listen to) the daily Ramona, sister Anya. His story is tragic and touching, and no, we can not say that it has a happy ending. Wolfenstein: The New Order also has funny moments and phrases. The Blazkowicz own time or another shows his badass side, which does not cease to be funny, too. One scene in particular caught my attention. When opening a door, one of those robot dogs suddenly appears. Another soldier, at this very moment, screaming: "- Hey doggie" - and throws a grenade in his direction. The result you can guess, and it's quite funny. The fight of BJ Blazkowicz and Resistance against the Nazis is fierce and full of good times. Moments with plenty of action and a great soundtrack, composed by Michael John Gordon (and available on iTunes, for example). And beyond the obvious enemies, we also realize that the Nazi propaganda eventually "indocrinar" many people. The people, the people in general, are so accustomed to the domination of the German Nazis, many things end up being accepted. Many abnormalities end up being seen as something normal, and opponents of the regime are called terrorists and degenerate, in newspapers, on television, and so on. The game also offers us a visit (full of goals) to a concentration camp, visit this which allows the player to control a kind of mech - very cool mission, by the way. Conclusion The Games Machine managed to create an excellent shooter with a sensational and action-packed plot. Blending elements of old-school and several interesting news and that work very well, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a title that can not miss in the collection of anyone who enjoys the genre. The alternate reality in which he inserts the player is, above all, extremely inviting. Give out those hateful enemies: this need grows at an astounding rate in our mind, so we started the campaign.


I hope the next

cristiano171 | June 10, 2014 | Review of Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Blacklist Uplay NA - PC

To the surprise of many people (especially taking into account the hatred of Sam and what we know about this character through Splinter Cell: Conviction - Grim comes to fear for the life of man, in the hands of Sam at one point) until the criminal Andriy Kobin becomes an ally of the 4th Echelon, with the right to participate in crucial moments and appearance in time "happy-happy" at the end of the campaign. Yeah, things change. I get to say that Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the most ambitious, bold and intriguing title of the series so far. Not only has the protagonist suffering a "upgrade" huge (someone hunted and reputation shattered in early Conviction for leading an important team in Blacklist), the game itself has very interesting news. Active Sprint feature, by the way, is quite useful in allowing us to run quickly using just one button. Observe the character performing jumps and other moves quickly and fluidly is also very beautiful. I've been through some pretty strange situations also involving the death of nearby targets. One of them, in this case, was facing the other (a controller of drones). My intention was to kill them quickly with a pistol, without using the "Mark & ​​Execute" feature. Well, what was my surprise to kill one of them and realize that the other, looking at the (now) defunct or moved? Obviously, these are details that can even be totally disregarded, especially if we take into account the large amount of content contained in the package and how the replay factor was increased considerably. But these details are not beaten, of course. I also thought the poor performance of Eric Johnson as the voice of Sam Fisher. Gave miss veteran Michael Ironside, the way the Fisher was capable of some cynical taken. Sam Fisher Eric Johnson sounds too seriously. Too tough, and worst of all is that if you think about it, until it combines with the character. But maybe this is a silly schism of an old fan of the franchise. Also missed something very cool that was introduced in Splinter Cell: Conviction: interrogation (I'd love to have queried the Sadiq). But that's okay. Remember also that the game has subtitles in Portuguese Brazil. One more point for Ubisoft. And not only that: it is also possible we activate the voice acting in Portuguese from Brazil. Conclusion Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist is a great stealth action game, able to please even the few who played titles in the genre. The player can use various types of approach and is even kindly invited to revisit previous missions to try a new strategy. The game has a lot of content, and all this is integrated, is part of a set that leaves no explicit (which is great) where the singleplayer stop and where does the multiplayer. And its end, incidentally, has a huge hook for a sequel, whether due to a sentence as due to a certain result obtained from one of the moments in the game that we play the Fifth Freedom. If you are looking for a good spy story, lots of action, and like games that leave you free to complete the same mission in many ways, do not waste time.



cristiano171 | June 10, 2014 | Review of The Walking Dead Season 2 - PC

The Walking Dead is one of the best examples of video game characters with well-built, with whom we care, and this further reinforces the importance of dialogue and choices, because through them we end up, who knows, with friends, and wreak havoc / or some discomfort or even save or condemn anyone. And this all makes this even harder this 3rd ep. the second season, very focused on the story. The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Ep. 3 - In Harm's Way We, as players, we also take many punches in the stomach during this episode. With this increased focus on narrative, such scams are even stronger, also worth saying that the Clementine own slaps him, really, at any given time. That slapping hurts and hurts the girl, of course, but it's as if we we felt that pain too, given the enormous pressure to which we are exposed. And at the end of the episode we are again exposed to something awful. Something we witnessed against which we can do nothing. Something that Telltale was keen to leave the final. Something that shocks us, reminds us of previous events and that leaves us with an immense desire to play the next chapter as soon as possible. This event also Clementine force to take a hard decision. A decision might even, perhaps, to put it in hot water in relation to their friends. A decision, above all, terrifying. We are forced to choose one of two options, and neither is good. Ah, Telltale, I want more of it all in the next episode. Even though he has less action and more talk, like In Harm's Way. The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Ep. 3 - In Harm's Way Conclusion In Harm's Way is the third episode of the second season of The Walking Dead, and is the one with the greater focus on the narrative so far. Telltale opted for more dialogue, more cutscenes, less exploration and puzzles, and nailed it. Clementine is a captivating to extreme memorable character, and continues to evolve in a masterly manner. A girl has to make increasingly difficult choices, and almost always they all have something inherently bad. The psychological pressure is enormous for the whole chapter. This chapter is that, without a doubt, the best so far in Season 2.


worth the expense

cristiano171 | July 9, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead 400 Days - PC

The free time for exploration are still present in most of the stories, and even with the tight time, allow additional observations and dialogues, but not always useful. 400 Days is much more focused on quick choice (and not always sensible) lines of dialogue that, as usual, leave different impressions and alter the course of conversation, than in navigation scenarios and puzzle solving, these virtually nonexistent - is a game much more than click point. Finally, even with all the efforts of the writers, do not expect the same level of drama found in the Odyssey Lee Everett. Undoubtedly, narratives are intense and some even leave us with a lump in guarantees, but soon becomes impossible to establish the same depth forward by 10 hours of the first season. Conclusion Do not be fooled by the short duration: the ninety minutes in 400 Days and its five stories are loaded with high quality content, keeping the same magic that highlighted the game base. Much more focused on making the player think quickly on issues of great complexity, the DLC encourages intense experimentation with consequences that take only a few minutes to appear (unlike the first season where their decisions would impact only much later). Changing character and context every twenty minutes until you can leave a little lost. But as if by magic, Telltale connects us quickly to the plot to make us vibrate or regret with every decision. Face 400 Days more like an experiment (and not a traditional episode) and you will not be disappointed: R will be the best $ 8 you spend on a DLC.


Very Funny

cristiano171 | June 26, 2013 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

Remember Me charts are also noteworthy. We have here a beautiful game that makes use of the Unreal Engine 3. The lighting effects are superb, and all models are extremely well developed. Observe the actual main character moving, how your clothing fits your body, or the realism of the armor of Enforcers, SABRE force soldiers, police private Memorize, always yields good times. Robots workers share space with sometimes sterile environments. Scenarios full of elements that constantly remind us of science fiction and future, including statements, advertisements and signs in Portuguese of Brazil, are also quite nice. Buildings staggering and verging on surrealism can be seen in the distance, such that it is impossible not to remember other futuristic themed titles like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for example. Ah, yes. Remember Me also has subtitles in Portuguese from Brazil. The soundtrack of the title is also a sideshow. She accompanies the action in spectacular fashion, and not just hear orchestras, but also electronic parts that work very well in the game, even due to his proposal. Often the electronic joins the orchestra, and then the player is not just a visual spectacle before him, but also an excellent sound experience. Nilin can also "play" with memories. With memories. The rebel is known as the best hunter memories, mainly because it is able to remix them. Through these remixes can change events in such a way to result in different outcomes Conclusion Remember Me is a game that has one of the best science fiction stories of recent times. Moreover, its combat system dynamic and strategic causes it to be a great option for players who like to go beyond the simple "massacre buttons anyway." Join with all this splendid graphics, beautiful soundtrack and exciting, and the possibility of remixing memories, and have a very pleasant and title, if not entirely new, at least walked on a road supported by solid foundations before reaching the market. In a word: play!


Rather than the first

cristiano171 | June 11, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

Were not added significant improvements with regard to weaponry, in Metro: Last Light. We have some new weapons, of course, and inflatables are very interesting, especially for demanding that the player is always aware of the level of pressurization, which, of course, adds an extra layer of difficulty to the shooter (quite liked the Saiga shotgun, too) The first line of ammo (military grade cartdriges) continues to exist, it is worth remembering. More powerful as in the first game, and still functioning as currency (our friend Dark One comes to give us a few shells at any given time). Anyway, the weapons we have in the game are more than sufficient to deal with the threats that appear ahead of us. We can switch between ammo low quality or high quality at any time, we can perform upgrades using the services of merchants in various subway stations, we can sell and buy new weapons, too, and as additional "laser sight", for example, always worth some "cartuchinhos special." Metro: Last Light Artyom rise dramatically as a character, too, and this is made clear by including Anna, daughter of Miller. At first it was just the case of Ranger, and your opinion changes dramatically depending realize how important and is experienced combatant. Artyom also does not fail to show concern with everything that surrounds them, and text notes accompanied by a melancholy voice Jasons provide much information about his personality and the sadness that surrounds it, not to mention its mission, or "missions" . Twists. Oh, they are also present in the plot, and even the main character suffers due to the consequences of a. The war being plotted by the Reds, which also involves a "peace conference", reservation big surprises to the players, and anyone who thinks there between the Communists, all are brothers, well, say that things are not well as well. What, then, of the fighting on board a boat that sails in a putrid river infested with monsters? And the known fighting aboard railcars? These are details that make the game even more captivating. And the end of the game? Well, it's a punch in the stomach. In a good way, and with great force. You'll be speechless for a few moments. Conclusion Metro: Last Light closed with a flourish the story that began almost excited at the time the Ranger Hunter gave Artyom a mission to save the Metro. If you played Metro 2033, shall play Metro: Last Light. The game is beautiful, "graphically speaking", and its plot is very interesting. Beautiful, yes, in many ways, and also talks about the sacrifices and struggles undertaken by people among whom are some who seek redemption. A solid shooter, a plot exciting. A set endowed with a soundtrack always present in a masterly manner, providing that "fuel musical" that we all need. The end of his campaign may even be a little cliché, but it is fully within the context, and taking into consideration everything that the title has delivered since the first mission, and the way everything was delivered, it is very likely that tears come to our eyes, even before the credits start to rise, mainly due to some words spoken by a woman and a child.


The Good

cristiano171 | June 9, 2013 | Review of LEGO Harry Potter Years 14 Overflow - PC

If you're familiar with developer Traveller's Tales' previous Lego games, you might think you know what Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is like even before you've played it--and you'd be partially right. In this game, just as in Lego Star Wars and its ilk, you (perhaps along with a friend on the same console) experience a witty and wordless rendition of a famed tale, with your favorite characters replaced by blocky Lego re-creations Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is easily the best Harry Potter game to date, though if that sounds like a backhanded compliment, consider this: It's one of the finest Lego adventures to date as well, which is no faint praise. By minimizing the repetitive combat and inconsistent platforming, Traveller's Tales has also minimized the frustrations, making this excursion to Hogwarts enjoyable for the whole family. Minor flaws, old and new alike, keep Lego Harry Potter from becoming a family-friendly classic, but it's charming and funny, and most importantly, it's fun. And that kind of magic is all too uncommon, even in Harry's world. And that's the genius of these games. In the past I've always been cautious with my praise for the LEGO titles, because as fun and as charming as they were, I always felt they could be something more: that there was some as-yet unreached plateau where the great ideas would coalesce into something truly special. With LEGO Harry Potter, they've reached that level. If there's a better kids' game this year, I'll eat my Sorting Hat.


big world full of adventures recommend

cristiano171 | June 5, 2013 | Review of Defiance Post - PC

Something very cool in Defiance is out for its open world driving any vehicle without a goal. Yes, take your ATV, for example, and simply driving, paying attention to the world, the landscape, the events occurring in the other players are involved (and suddenly, maybe help). You have, at this time, freedom to choose between stopping to help and / or interfere or simply follow their path. Roadblocks started by Raiders, attacks on camps of soldiers from E-Rep, cries for help farmers, many types of emergencies and of course, the constant presence of AI implant his EGO, citing events and directions, warning about new events and occasionally massaging his ego. All this is great fun, and, of course, render XP and loot. Hellbugs can also be found quite easily, and face them is always hilarious (in fact, they have played a role in pretty interesting MMO). Defiance is an MMO with horizontal progression, and that might not appeal to many people. However, we can shape our characters with enormous freedom. They can turn into something truly unique and special. Weapons can be improved with the use of mods and the diverse skills, use all kinds of weapons makes us more experienced with them, and we can also unlock, use and configure the way we want different passive skills. The Trion Worlds has been doing a fantastic job, since the game's release, and despite the problems at launch (incidentally, what electronic game, especially MMO, does not have problems?), Has been very transparent and, best of all, has stuffed the title of dynamic content, events and improvements. Not to mention the graphical improvements that the game is suffering: who's playing from the beginning clearly perceives developments, improvements in lighting, textures, etc.. The transition between day and night is even better, and the night, and the night is pretty much in the game. "Estrelinhas" scratching the sky, for example, represent quite a spectacle, and the closer we got a Arkfall stronger we feel the change in atmosphere. Defiance is a great game and better (or worse) is highly addictive. It's an MMO, too, that can fit in style and time availability of many, many people.


Not worth much but if you like buying

cristiano171 | June 5, 2013 | Review of Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall - PC

It is worth noting that the three missions of the game have a considerable degree of difficulty, being much more challenging. It is necessary that you have at least become familiar with the gameplay of the series. The enemies are more numerous and often come in groups, patrol routes and cover larger areas. One of the targets that cost me more failed attempts and at least a dozen restarts, for example, is always accompanied by a bodyguard, passing over the three floors of a building overflowing with guards. It is not soft ... not! Knife of Dunwall The mechanics are intact and you will find no big news here. It is note, however, a welcome improvement in Blink, magical ability that allows the protagonist teleportation. Now, to target the location you want to teleport, time is completely frozen. That means you can teleport while in mid-air or to escape the field of vision of an enemy that is about to detect it, for example. Another interesting addition is the ability to "summon" a murderer ally to help him temporarily. However, this ability is useless if you're playing the sneaky way. Some new toys as mines electrocute enemies and turn them into dust, and a non-lethal stun grenade makes its debut here. Both items increase even more the huge range of possibilities to drive each murder, his target is a guard or guard boss's main mission. If you want to make things a little easier, you can still buy some "favors" at the beginning of each mission, providing clues, passwords, items and helpful information. The scenarios also still full of valuable goods, notes and mysteries waiting Conclusion The Knife of Dunwall is pure and simply "more of the same." However, the price relatively salty (£ 20), the short duration (only three missions that take no more than five hours) and the lack of substantive news may make you think twice. Anyway, remember that we are talking about an additive for Dishonored, easily one of the best titles 2012.para be discovered.


fear underground

cristiano171 | June 1, 2013 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

I would like to start by saying that we have not here an 'old game "(quite the contrary), even as the age of a game is something very relative and variable (in addition, this FPS was released in 2010). The game of 4A Games introduces us to a post-apocalyptic world very impressive. The story takes place in Moscow, 20 years after a major nuclear disaster, and the Russians survivors with whom the player meets during gameplay live underground in old tunnels and subway stations. The game has good doses of action and survival horror his side is very strong. Not to mention the fact that we can also meet with various ghosts, during gameplay, some of which can be fatal. Even the figure of a child asking "- Mom, where are you?" Can scare us, in one of the tunnels, as well as a ghost train. We also have several mutant creatures to fight, including those Dark Ones (or Homo Novus), different from their "brothers" bestial. conclusion Metro 2033 is a solid FPS and introduces us to a post-apocalyptic world, oddly enough, extremely tempting. This may represent such a world, for some players, a source of great frustration, precisely because we have little contact with their dangerous surface. The 4A Games could develop a spectacular title, full of suspense and endowed graphics drives. Playing it is an experience, and after you start it, you can not settle down until I finished it.


uncomplicated gameplay

cristiano171 | June 1, 2013 | Review of Dogfight 1942 - PC

City Interactive has created a game that lets anyone start down enemy planes within no time. Gameplay uncomplicated, intuitive and extremely simple controls and cool graphics make it attractive to a wide range of jogadores.Conclusão Dogfight 1942 is a flight combat title aimed at those who like something fast and uncompromising. However, their superficiality and short campaign does not justify its price (and realize that this is not an expensive game). The game could count on missions more varied and long, and a higher level of difficulty, because then it would become more atrativo.Um the coolest elements of Dogfight 1942 is the "Ace Mode", which the player can activate during aerial hunting. This feature means that automates many aspects of the already extremely simple controls of the plane. It's like a sort of "autopilot combat" was placed in service: your plane automatically chase a target (this can be changed, of course), and you will then have to take care only of sight, the selection of weapons and of shots. The sequence of missions that is offered to us has great moments, of course, but there is nothing to connect the player to the game so strong. There are sufficient for us to feel comfortable playing the campaign again. City Interactive oversimplified things: simplification should have just stayed at the controls. Even the presence of an online multiplayer mode could have done very well to the game. Not that the game is not fun: it is. But we get a very strong feeling that he could be much, much better. Do not wait for news. Maybe next.


Do not fall asleep at the wheel

cristiano171 | June 1, 2013 | Review of Euro Truck Simulator 2 STEAM - PC

They say the ETS2 map is the most comprehensive, complex and rich ever created by SCS Software, and I firmly believe this. Each trip presents beautiful scenery. Farms, industrial areas, roads that never seem to end, huge companies, residential buildings, viaducts, tunnels, houses of various types, forests, etc.. A vivid world is also part of ETS2: cars, trucks and vans of various types share the road with us, and often cause us problems. Already passed by the situation of waiting about 5 minutes in a lighthouse, stopped, simply because a truck in front did not move. His warning lights flashed incessantly, so I decided to make a risky maneuver to get out. I got out, but took a "multinha" by walking against the tide. Vehicles also respond to you if you use the high beams. They leave it in the middle and fired in some stretches, like crosses, for example, can even give you passage. My only "problem" with the game is related to sounds: it is very difficult to see any difference between the sound of a truck and another. Between the noise of a Scania and a Valiant. Anything that harms the fun and simulation, however. But it would be very nice if we had trucks with a sonic identity itself, even as several other sound elements undergo changes from one machine to another (horn, turn signals, etc.). Conclusion Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a simulator with capital S. Beautiful graphics, possibility than driving various trucks and also gerenciarmos a transport company, giant map, and a huge amount of loads available: all this, coupled with the fact that we are talking about an extremely affordable, which can be played by beginners or experts helps to make the new simulator by SCS Software something truly unique in the market. Be sure to download the demo of the game, by the way. (Honestly, at least with my level of knowledge about this type of simulator, did not see reason to take a different note to Euro Truck Simulator 2)


buy and play now

cristiano171 | May 28, 2013 | Review of Mount Blade Warband - PC

Graphics and soundtrack Mount and Blade: Warband has beautiful graphics. High quality textures, lighting effects and shadow beautiful, and numerous types of landscapes: places covered by snow, forests, meadows, castles, manors, houses, etc.. There are so many different environments and landscapes and wonderful that you can often lose good minutes just observing things around you. The characters are very well modeled and have a very interesting AI. Often it is difficult to catch an enemy off guard, the back, and during a battle, you can see enemies moving away from its allies and coming towards you, which will require, of course, a lot of cunning and skill on your part. Incidentally, it is worth mentioning that the game switches between day and night naturally and gradually as you play. Therefore, you constantly observe a beautiful sunset and soon after is a beautiful night with a great starry sky. The dawn is not very different, and so on. You can indeed rest in some cities, to wait for the time to pass and earn some money only by such rest. The soundtrack is very beautiful. Fully orchestral, is beautiful and adequate, and accompanies moments of tension or calm you through the game. The soundtrack Warband also serves well as a motivational tool, say: When in battle, she becomes epic and strong, making our will to fight (and win) becomes even stronger. I used to say that life, for me, needs soundtrack, and this is one of the questions I always watch very carefully in a game. And in Warband, I can say that its soundtrack captivated me too. Multiplayer The multiplayer Mount and Blade: Warband is wonderful. I agree with what Mikail Yazbeck, of TaleWorlds, said: "The multiplayer Warband is wonderful and fierce." There are several game modes available, from "capture the flag", through battles between armies to a fantastic and "killer" so called "Deathmatch", where each fights for himself. In this mode, you simply walk through the scene looking for the enemy (s) to fight (they also will look for you, be sure of that). Then, you must use all the expertise it has acquired in the handling of weapons and fighting to emerge victorious from each contest. You can play online matches with up to 64 players simultaneously, and is also available the "quick match" for you to enter swiftly in a match. The Warband multiplayer is awesome and addictive, and you run the serious risk of "losing" hours and hours playing online with real players. 've Found so Brazilians playing Warband, in a very entertaining game in which I participated. You can also talk to the players through the game itself. Finishing Mount and Blade: Warband is a fantastic game, indicated who enjoys a good RPG with large doses of action, and likes to make decisions and interact with the characters. It is a game that requires some patience at first, until you learn at least the basics. It is a game developed with great care and, in my opinion, is worth much more than what is being charged for it. This review also serves as a "prelude", say, for the competition we have in place and that tomorrow will gift a copy of Mount and Blade: Warband to the winner. Here is my review of this amazing game, which I'm sure will take many hours of my limited time available. And I would like to end this review by thanking Mikail Yazbeck, of TaleWorlds, support and kindness. Thanks for your support, Mikail! Warband is available for purchase on the site of the developer, the TaleWorlds, and also on Steam at Direct2Drive, GamersGate and Impulse in.


I really appreciate

cristiano171 | May 28, 2013 | Review of Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 2 (2) - PC

The unique play mechanics of Soul Reaver 2, as well as its impressive graphics and excellent story, make it easy to recommend to fans of action or adventure games. It's also easy to recommend to pretty much anybody looking for a change of pace from all the other PC games released this year. The fact is that the PC can really use more games like Soul Reaver 2. It's true that Soul Reaver 2 has a number of shortcomings--it's not particularly long, it has no real replay value, and it has a somewhat slow pace. Its story isn't as satisfying as it could have been, thanks to its sudden conclusion. But overall, Soul Reaver 2 is a great game. Its premise and its main character are so unusual that, more than anything, you'll likely feel comfort at the thought that another sequel is in store once you finally finish the game. At any rate, fans of the original Soul Reaver will find the sequel to be a similarly satisfying experience. And if you haven't played the original, then it'd be worth your while to hunt it down and play it as a primer for Soul Reaver 2.


If you enjoy a good game style hack 'n slash and / or even a fan

cristiano171 | May 28, 2013 | Review of DMC Devil May Cry - PC

Charts and other details The game's graphics are also very beautiful, and we note here that an abandonment Gothic style of the previous titles in the franchise. This type of design decision seems to be fully in accordance with the proposal of the new game, with new Dante himself and modernity, or currency, which, from the beginning, to be realized in the plans of Ninja Theory. After all, Dante refurbished and most current, dark-haired and rebellious would be somewhat strange in a game with those graphics with darker tones. There are moments, too, when we realize some framerate drops, but this does not hinder the fun. Another element very cool and worth to be highlighted with respect to messages that are displayed at key moments. Text messages, written in their own scenarios very flashy, always using white and bright sources, and always directed at Dante and / or their actions. Everything always in context, of course, and always calling the attention of the player. DmC is a great game, a great hack 'n slash with an interesting story, a protagonist who did not stop in time and a lot, a lot of beating. conclusion DmC: Devil May Cry is an excellent choice if you are looking for a dynamic, beautiful and endowed with plenty of space to blows chained, combos, hideous creatures being smashed and a soundtrack so good and so perfectly fitted that works like a real fuel during the fighting. Here is a Western retelling of a series famous. A rereading it, however, has everything to please different types of players, even to longtime fans. The new Dante, the storyline and art direction can captivate us since the beginning of the story, and get to your end is very easy, because the game is extremely addictive.


Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a good game of stealth ?

cristiano171 | May 20, 2013 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 - PC

The side Sniper Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is also present in the way you deal with the targets. Fallen bodies can be found, and from there, alarms may sound and secure your position before you can get a rain of bullets fatal and frightening. Something very cool in game "snipers" is the time of the shooting. , Or even the actual trigger itself as well as the time at which the target is eliminated. Sniper Elite V2 brought us that fantastic camera that follows the trajectory of the bullet and provides insight into Xray enemy's body, highlighting the damage caused by the projectile. But, unfortunately, more than Killcam Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is nice, and there also has its moments, it is apparently more of the same. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 I did not see any difference between this sequence and the killcam its predecessor. Pity, as this detail causes the player a huge satisfaction, and is able to make quite a lot of people strive to achieve "the perfect shot". And as we know, this also helps a lot in making this type of game to receive praise, is not it? Conclusion Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a good game of stealth. Anyone looking for a good "sniper game" here surely have good fun times. It has its problems there, however. Problems which, although not as severe as those of its predecessor, can not be ignored. City Interactive tried again. This time it was better. Much better. If the game is worth? Depends. If you are "sick fan" of the genre, and is able to forget little niggles such as, for example, low resolution textures (apart from the others I mentioned above), you can buy. Otherwise, you might want to wait for a good promotion. If possible, stick with the PC version. And again: "maybe in a sequence" City Interactive does not do better?


BioShock Infinite - Flying high

cristiano171 | May 20, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

And, to help those who are not guarantees in English, notice that the game has subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese official! as I kkkk conclusion I still get surprised when people insist on not recognizing games as an art form. Today, however, I am happy to know that there is a game-changing this view, showing that the video game industry is rather able to build your own Mona Lisa. Consider BioShock Infinite as a simple shooter is almost an insult on their capabilities. When you see yourself taking a few minutes of your time to simply stop and admire the work because there is something very special here. The first impression of this floating world will most likely be positive. But it is only during the closing work that Infinite reveals the true magnitude behind their curtains. BioShock Infinite It is the typical product that appears only once every generation. Dictates the rules to competitors and redefines the genre and formula of how to make games. If we close the current generation with BioShock Infinite, ushering in a new level of quality, then I predict great titles for the next generation. Still, I doubt very much that any of them surpasses what we saw here. Not anytime soon, at least. It is more than a shooter or a game, is one of the best experiences ever created.


Remember that the PC version is not a port!

cristiano171 | May 20, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

Remember that the PC version is not a port! It was developed in parallel by Nixxes, the same responsible for PC versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and other recent titles from Square Enix. The keyboard and mouse controls are very good, but nothing beats good old gamepad in games in third person. The menu is extremely rich graphical options, ranging from the most basic options to complex features like Global Illumination, Tesselation, Ambient Occlusion and two options for anti-aliasing filters: FXAA and MSAA. Compared to the console versions, the PC edition takes immense advantage in higher resolution textures, the supports DirectX 11 and (snif!) in used disk space (almost 23 GB!). conclusion Hitman: Absolution marks the return of the bald deserved reinvented stealth action games. The new public and new technologies, six years after the last title, forced the implementation of major changes in the game mechanics, in the name of greater accessibility. Best for those who are coming in now, but a little disappointing for the oldest. Some concepts need to be rethought, but overall, they helped give new breath to the formula. While the game technically impressive, the story unfortunately still remains as a mere stopgap. Mode Contracts is a must, and no doubt will keep you glued to the game for a long time.


low graphics

cristiano171 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

Gameplay If you play Alpha Protocol as a shooter, probably will be happier than if you try to play it as a stealth. The artificial intelligence of the enemies is terrible at times they are dumb as a rock, and at other times you can see them behind walls. This inconsistency makes it virtually impossible to complete all missions with 100% stealth. Another big problem are the battles against bosses (boss battles), in general they break the rhythm of the game and forced you to play very differently than you're used to the rest of the game (like what happens in Deus Ex: Human Revolution). Graphics and Sound Alpha Protocol charts are very similar to the first game of this generation. The problem is that the game was released in 2010 when games were already much nicer. The textures are very weak, and at times even nonexistent. How to use the Unreal Engine, is quite common to see the textures loading going while you play, which is a bit annoying. The voiceovers are generally good, but some secondary characters are not as well-voiced and lip sync in general is poorly made. Conclusion Alpha Protocol is not a bad game. He does several things right, especially with his dialog design very interesting and with the power that the game gives the player decide their own destiny. However the poor artificial intelligence of enemies and graphics boobs weigh against the overall quality of the game. Missed the bit to prove that Obsidian can create your own game franchises, but Alpha Protocol compliance less than promises and is only recommended for the biggest fans of the stealth genre shoote


a little slow

cristiano171 | Dec. 4, 2012 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

If you play Alpha Protocol as a shooter, probably will be happier than if you try to play it as a stealth. The artificial intelligence of the enemies is terrible at times they are dumb as a rock, and at other times you can see them behind walls. This inconsistency makes it virtually impossible to complete all missions with 100% stealth. Another big problem are the battles against bosses (boss battles), in general they break the rhythm of the game and forced you to play very differently than you're used to the rest of the game (like what happens in Deus Ex: Human Revolution). Alpha Protocol is not a bad game. He does several things right, especially with his dialog design very interesting and with the power that the game gives the player decide their own destiny. However the poor artificial intelligence of enemies and graphics boobs weigh against the overall quality of the game. Missed the bit to prove that Obsidian can create your own game franchises, but Alpha Protocol compliance less than promises and is only recommended for the biggest fans of the genre stealth shooter.


100% killer agent

cristiano171 | Dec. 4, 2012 | Review of Hitman Absolution (1) - PC

Graphics and Sound The graphics are stunning, something that caught my attention was the technology they used depth of field in this game, know that effect when you look at an object in front of the landscape or the background image is blurred? Well, they got it and add a dramatic effect and makes the game even more beautiful. Not to mention that the graphics are very good, especially the detail of the environments. Of course not everything on the islands is a bed of roses, is a clear superiority of graphics Hitman Absolution running on a good PC. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 can keep the beautiful game, in my opinion the Xbox360 has overcome the Playstation 3. The soundtrack is simple and effective, and packs all instrumental moments of tension and action that the game provides, nothing that will be remembered as the classical music playing Ave Maria at the wake or the convent as seen in other series. conclusion Hitman Absolution has fulfilled its mission to bring Agent 47 back to our screens, even more deadly, maybe a little slower and lazy due to the cuts that the missions had. Despite some lapses in the way the story is told and this division of tasks into pieces, is a game that must be played. For those who already know the series is a must to upgrade in the history of Agent 47, and for those who do not know a title is mandatory, because the way the game mechanics is applied allows me to say that a game is unique and that will surely make you spend hours playing.


dream of aviation

cristiano171 | Nov. 29, 2012 | Review of Dogfight 1942 Fire Over Africa - PC

Any aviation enthusiast will tell you: World War II was stuffed with crazy aerial encounters. Dogfight 1942 lets you join the fray in a handful of storied locales, from the trouble skies of London to the salty open air around Iwo Jima. Primary objectives always appear with a telltale red targeting box. Mission objectives vary over the course of Dogfight’s three-hour campaign: you’ll intercept German bombers above the white cliffs of Dover, launch torpedoes at Japanese carriers at Midway, and shoot down German V-1 rockets before they rack up a death toll. Mostly you’ll rely on your guns to explode enemy aircraft, but dropping bombs on anti-air defenses and streaming rockets into hidden runways mixes things up a touch. What Dogfight lacks is the true tension of airborne engagement. A lumbering beast like the PBY-5A Catalina controls differently from nimble stars like the P-51D Mustang, but whichever cockpit you’re in, dopey opponents seem unconcerned with taking you down. Even occasional mini-bosses do little more than wheel around like bored hawks, even as you effortlessly keep them targeted by depressing an “Ace Mode” trigger. Even if you don’t use what amounts to an auto-pilot cheat, you’ll never feel like these skies are particularly hostile. You’ll often have to protect ground assets from enemy bombardment during missions. Two offline pals can spend a pleasant afternoon eliminating A.I. flyboys in Dogfight Mode arenas, facing ceaseless waves in Survival Mode, or revisiting missions that allow for a co-op partner. But even those tepid charms feel too much like dull training flights.


good game with its flaws

cristiano171 | Nov. 23, 2012 | Review of Fallout New Vegas Nexway - PC

pros A breath of fresh air for the franchise Vast open world to explore improved mechanical failures Game full of bugs and crashes. Need to run the patches without annoying (very) player Missing epic battles and great shooting. conclusion New Vegas is a great addition to the franchise: Can show a novel angle of the Fallout universe, brings a number of interesting characters and fun dialogue, and redeem the spirit of the original two games in the franchise - something that was lost partially in Fallout 3.


MY farm

cristiano171 | Nov. 6, 2012 | Review of Farming Giant - PC

If you’re the kind of strategist that loves to manage anything, and you often find yourself lost for hours in a game of Sim City then Farming Giant may be just the game you’re looking for, whilst it does cater to the particular niche of farming enthusiasts, there are just so many satisfying ways to play the game, that even the simplest of buying and selling on the market is a fantastically addictive way to play. It’s pure addictive bliss down on the homestead, and with many levels and different buildings to unlock you’ll be sweating away at your farm for days at a time! Whether you want to deal in livestock, wine, bread, clothes, fruit juice or just crops, the choice is yours in Farming Giant 4/5.However, if you aren't a big management fan, and you're not really fussed with farming, and quite enjoy a good old trading strategy, Farming Giant allows you to focus simply on the trade of goods from any of the individual towns that all have unique supply and demand, so it sure pays to shop around if you want to keep an eye on your purse strings. However if you wish to ensure that you get top dollar for selling your goods then you can strike up an order with one of the towns so you can deliver a certain amount of crops to them before a certain date, either immediately, cumulatively or periodically; great when you’re sitting on 10,000 units of Cow Meat and you know that Berlin is willing to pay 6.26 per unit!


F1 2012 is incredibly slick

cristiano171 | Oct. 5, 2012 | Review of F1 2012 - PC

F1 2012 is incredibly slick, polished and beautifully made, and it's difficult to imagine how Codemasters could have come up with any other means of distinguishing it from its predecessors. Season challenge changes the game's dynamic very cleverly, and yet it's more accessible to gamers at the casual end of the spectrum. By some distance the best Formula One video game ever. But whether that will help it break out to an audience beyond devoted F1 fans remains to be seen.



cristiano171 | Oct. 5, 2012 | Review of WRC 3 - PC

Famous riders such as, Sebastien Loeb, Kimi Räikkönen, Petter Solberg and Ken Block are among the characters WRC3, gamer and can even play as any of them, besides others. The game features a campaign mode and also supports multiplayer matches for up to 16 players. There are several game modes available, incidentally: Single Rally, Championship, Time Attack, where you can "meet" their own "ghost" or "ghost" of other players, Rally Academy, a real school where you can learn various techniques piloting, and Road to the WRC, a mode that simulates a career, where the player will have to deal with contracts and things including the tipo.Trata is a very interesting game with beautiful graphics well, and the MSRP is much more that cool. I recommend


hard game

cristiano171 | Sept. 17, 2012 | Review of Safecracker - PC

While this game is severely lacking in graphics and load time, you would be hard pressed to find a puzzle game with harder, trickier or more detailed puzzles. This game should be looked at as a way for the developer to present hard puzzles, not as a mystery game or anything like that. I rated it so high because the only other review was a 1. In realty this game is probably a seven based on the puzzles alone.


Sad Game

cristiano171 | Sept. 17, 2012 | Review of InMomentum - PC

InMomentum is an incredibly fast-paced game, and that speed makes it an incredibly more-ish and enjoyable experience when it works. It's also worth mentioning that the developer has promised future fixes and free DLC to expand and improve the game. Unfortunately, though, because the current version of the game is wrapped in a mire of niggles and glitches, and because it hasn't secured the amount of content or popularity that might give it lasting appeal, InMomentum doesn't get the recommendation that may have otherwise been within its reach


This game promises to be good

cristiano171 | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of Dishonored - PC

Dishonored looks to be a dark, intricate and incredibly ambitious game. Its sense of style, of setting, of thematic and visual unity is enormously impressive. It exudes depth, not just in its vast selection of abilities and possibilties, but in its realisation of a functioning world. This is a game of the year contender; and in its apparent offer of a world that can be bent to the wills of every player, it promises a truly intelligent action adventure. In this sense, Dishonored is both a link back to Deus Ex and forward toward a future of genuine sandbox design.


Not sleep at the wheel.

cristiano171 | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of Scania Truck Driving Simulator - PC

Right away, realized that the scene is carefully constructed and it does seem that we are in a city. Could there be more of that pedestrians are walking on the streets, but we have the feeling of the urban population. The SCS has created a huge range of new prefabs, creating works as everyday situations, and narrowing things afins.o Scania Truck Driving Simulator game is a short game, but it is worth buying to have a taste of what the ETS2. Fun is guaranteed mainly in free mode. Valeria is worth up to edit the original map and create a longer trip to the free mode, trying to simulate uphill stronger. An excellent work of SCS, in partnership with SCANIA. I'm not good at English forgive me.


More violence on four wheels

cristiano171 | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of Death Rally - PC

Death Rally was originally released for PC in 1996, and later won several versions for mobile platforms. The Death Rally is a completely redesigned version for the PC, with high definition graphics. The game also uses a new graphics engine, to deliver us even more beautiful graphics. Additionally, the camera and the controls were fully optimized for the PC, and the career mode has improved dramatically, including the unification of progress solo and multiplayer. The version of Death Rally for PC also features a new track, called "Savo" new and crazy combinations of weapons, achievements and control support. In mobile platforms, Death Rally has surpassed 11 million downloads, by the way. recommend!



cristiano171 | Aug. 26, 2012 | Review of Pro Cycling Manager 2012 - PC

The scenarios of each race, despite their extreme beauty and rely on several different stages, could also have greater variations: some races seem to occur in places much like the other, and given the size of the game and his style, I am sure that this element could have been better worked by developer. Either way though, this is a great game. A great simulator. Conclusion Pro Cycling Manager 2012 is a simulator that offers a unique experience, allowing the player to deal with diverse and deep technical aspects and also participate in exciting races in scenarios endowed with great beauty. The title does not spare the player when it comes to details, but also gratifies fantastically during each of the races, which are both spectacle and more opportunity for experimentation and testing. Recommend



cristiano171 | Aug. 11, 2012 | Review of Crusader Kings II Songs of the Holy Land - PC

Whilst the subject matter and the set-up may not be to everyone's liking, Crusader Kings II is definitely the most impressive game to date Paradox. The game mechanics are an interesting twist on a well-known genre, the code Itself is highly polished, and it's just a really fun and interesting game to play. Some minor improvements Could still be made​​, and this really is a game of patience, even more so than Other Paradox games. Like we said at the Beginning though, winning is playing, and there's something quite satisfying about leading your house to power and glory through whatever means you can, for as long as you can.e still has DLC that brings this beautiful and exciting music I recommend this game to all


Strategy coming out of your ears

cristiano171 | July 30, 2012 | Review of Genesis Rising (1) - PC

Thankfully the user interface is extremely easy to use and producing ships, moving them around the galaxy and trading with friendly parties are all fairly simple processes and the AI of friendly ships respond well to path-finding, meaning that travelling through space is an intuitive and smooth experience. On the graphics front I have no complaints. The explosions, animations of the craft and the interactive cinematics in Genesis Rising look fantastic, and the feeling of travelling through space has been accurately captured. If it's strategy you're after then Genesis Rising has it in abundance. The irritations that I've experienced in the game may be seen as a decent challenge to other gamers and the story and the idea of gene manipulation and blood gathering is solid as well as fascinating. Genesis Rising was a strange game to review. I liked the new ideas in the game, the story, the cut-scenes and upgrading craft and watching them morph in real-time, but there was also times when I wanted to quit because of the frustrations of so much damn micro-management. As a result, I'd only recommend Genesis Rising to patient and experienced RTS gamers. Pros Interesting story-line Gene manipulation is fun Decent graphics Cons Too much micro-management Extremely difficult.


The shooter

cristiano171 | July 21, 2012 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

The shooter has support for multiplayer games (online or via LAN). Unfortunately, I could not find any online game available to date. Reviewed your PC version, do not know if the same occurs with other versions of the game, however. conclusion Spec Ops: The Line is a great shooter. A title in which the narrative makes the player maintains interest in the game despite any problems. With great competence are led through a whirlwind of emotions the most diverse toward an ending that even remotely resembles a "happy ending". A final, however, is fully consistent with the proposal of the game as a whole. While climbing the credits, we can even hear a question asked by John Konrad echoing in our ears: "Do you


huge possibilities

cristiano171 | June 30, 2012 | Review of Krater - PC

Krater is an RPG. An RPG in my opinion, sensational. In it, we have the opportunity to roam a post-apocalyptic Sweden (very curious choice of birthplace of the studio as the setting for the game) and controlarmos while a team of three characters of different classes, which can progress quite independently .   which is a sort of mix between RTS and action RPG, there's a giant crater that was "born" after the "old world" to die, according to the story. A large explosion (or more?) Gave the crater and provided the premise for the strange situations that will experience this "new world". Several caves can be explored by the player are also part of the game, incidentally, and the vegetation with which ever come across in RPG is really beautiful. By the way, the different towns and environments in which we are not only very colorful, beautiful and full of strange characters using masks, monsters and other creatures. Vargs are already a "plague" in the beginning of the adventure, it is worth remembering.


good music

cristiano171 | June 30, 2012 | Review of Front Mission Evolved - PC

The soundtrack is beautiful Front Mission Evolved. For this part I have to take your hat off. Fully orchestral, as it should be in a game with this theme, in my opinion, it is often possible to animate the player on the moment that possibly would be boring. The opening song is beautiful, with an air that the military has everything to do with the game. Throughout the game are accompanied by songs that help us play, literally. Beautiful compositions that accompany the rhythm of the action, so wonderful. conclusion Front Mission Evolved could have been an infinitely better game. He ends up becoming, however, just another shooter in the third person. It lacked a personality to the game, and more attention to this last factor could have resulted in a fantastic game. It's a fun game, however, despite the flaws, but not impressive.


Beautiful to the end

cristiano171 | June 28, 2012 | Review of Batham Arkham City - PC

Batman: Arkham City offers fantastic high doses of combat, stealth action, drama, heroism, altruism, beautiful graphics, a really dark but wonderful environment, and a sensational soundtrack, as was expected. Moments involving a pathetic character who never thought to be capable of stars in them are also part of the game, and all this makes the title is a must. Not to mention the textures, which are much more beautiful than in Arkham City: Batman is, for example, is a tremendous impression of realism. And also, all the characters move so much prettier. The animations are more fluid, each stroke appears to be struck by someone of flesh and bone, and movement as a whole is really beautiful: you will notice when the Batman "ends" someone, for example. And after you finish the main campaign game, there is still much to be done. Missions secondary challenges, including, for example, by ranking challenges of Riddle, etc.. The game is great, if you think about it and unite all the different elements. conclusion Batman: Arkham City is able to make fans of the Batman comics and Batman the video game feel extremely happy. The game presents the best of Batman and has lots of action, elements of research, drama and a stage for holding and greater than that of Arkham Asylum. The Rocksteady managed to create a sequence and worthy of the great 2009 title. Or rather, she managed to create a better title.


Destruction now

cristiano171 | June 27, 2012 | Review of Flatout 3 Chaos and Destruction - PC

The name usually Flatout always be synonymous with destruction, and as if that were not enough the new edition is called Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction. It is a game modest, simple, that most PC gamers will have no trouble running, but still Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction can be a pleasant surprise. If you like destroying cars, cause accidents or roll over in spectacular fashion, then Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction can be a good choice for you. Far from the headlines of the genre, this is one of those games that is worth buying.



cristiano171 | June 27, 2012 | Review of Bang Bang Racing - PC

Really like arcade style racing games, especially those that have several different categories of vehicles and let the player go gradually evolving. Remember that each class of vehicles in Bang Bang Racing will feature five vehicles, and each will have different levels of speed, nitro, strength and maneuverability. The cars may also receive various skins, which must be unlocked. Games like this are great because they can play without requiring the player's attention to detail, and technical information that it often is not interested in learning / mastering. Racing games like Bang Bang, Blur, PGR4 and many other races that turn into something more fun and unpretentious, often are lacking in the market.



cristiano171 | June 27, 2012 | Review of Wargame European Escalation - PC

Here is a strategy game in real time where you need to plan each step with great caution. Areas of the map can be captured and it is even possible to let their tanks, for example, to perform certain "work" alone. Detected an enemy nearby, they can initiate an automated attack that can be quite long, depending on the terrain, visibility and distance from target. Getting them to move closer to nearby enemies can awaken, then, represent a greater danger. It is very difficult to predict what will happen to each drive, and the risk of losing one or more units due to poorly calculas operations is very large. There are some problems in relation to the operation of some units, however. Anti-aircraft units can get to attack a supply truck when a helicopter passes unscathed, or tanks of various types may simply refuse to shoot the target that the designated player, assuming the objective enemies that do not pose the biggest problem at that particular moment. The artificial intelligence in Wargame: European Escalation is extremely sophisticated, and often the player suffers surprise attacks or falls into ambushes that are simply frightening because of the complexity of the enemy formations and their respective approach. conclusion Wargame: European Escalation is a strategy game in real time modern and realistic, which offers a passionate genre challenging and exciting experience, full of surprising moments. Its complexity can be a major problem for many players, and the lack of tutorial makes this an even bigger problem. However, the game is undoubtedly one of the best RTSS military today, and explores a very rarely seen in games like that.



cristiano171 | June 27, 2012 | Review of Tropico 4 - PC

Tropico 4 and its expansion 4: Modern Times is a true must have for anyone who likes simulators, strategy games, construction and management of cities. We can not forget the great humor in this one as well in another way, in fact, what ultimately makes them something much lighter than other games belonging to the same genus. Even without huge differences in relation to its predecessor, Tropico 4 is a good choice if you like the franchise or whether to face a game where a session can last a few minutes or hours (or days). We're talking about a game and a DLC that they have virtually no shelf life, and that the player can offer high quality entertainment for a long time.


Good game

cristiano171 | June 26, 2012 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

Just Cause 2 was a new and pleasant surprise for me. Obviously I knew about the plot of the game (followed all the "noise" around him, even before its release), had already played a few minutes and really liked what he had seen. However, I rediscovered the game in recent days, the PC, and I'm simply amazed. With the freedom he gives us, with the action and the fun it provides. Launched in 2010 and developed by Avalanche Studios, we have an open world game just phenomenal. Here, we can say that the term sandbox can be used with great care.


This is worth buying? read to the end

cristiano171 | June 19, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 3 - PC

You could spend days talking about Skyrim, and still could not scratch its surface. The content is simply huge, able to burn hundreds of hours of your life. Whether taking part in the conflicts of quests, up your crafting or adventuring in the dungeons with the news in combat and character customization, it is impossible not to notice how every detail is polished and well done. All though you may have had some problems to run the game on the PC or on consoles, but thankfully Bethesda has already solved most of them. Problems of the slightest magnitude, compared to lot of qualities of one of the best RPG of all time. I recommend everyone to play this game



cristiano171 | June 11, 2012 | Review of Max Payne 3 - PC

Max Payne 3 is certainly one of the best third person shooters generation. Rockstar's work was highly satisfactory in every way, from setting the state of São Paulo to the creation of a shooting extremely addictive and challenging at the right, with very customizable gameplay as well as the player wants. Max Payne 3 is critical, is shooting deep, is sad, frenzied, vindictive and extremely well polished and with a physical to envy to many other games. Soundtrack that accompanies moments of a very well planned, with much higher level of dubbing in different languages​​, all quite closely, even if sometimes the Brazilian seems artificial. Max Payne 3 is a game for those who want to challenge and make a nice reflection on society today.


Arma II: Operation Arrowhead - Recommended

cristiano171 | June 6, 2012 | Review of ARMA II Operation Arrowhead - PC

Operation Arrowhead doesn’t fundamentally change the gameplay of Arma II, so it’s still a very unforgiving milsim. If you’re expecting to run and gun and live then forget it, in a milsim such as Operation Arrowhead you have to think like a soldier to survive. What Operation Arrowhead does deliver is over 300 new units, buildings and weapons to battle with and several key improvements, such as a much more realistic thermal imagining engine.


Good game + -

cristiano171 | June 3, 2012 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

Interestingly, the multiplayer modes (which also enjoy the same look) are more creative than the story mode. The developer was able to adapt the criminal underworld of the plot for the group matches. All styles of online gaming is full of twists. You can choose to help partners or betray them all the time, but aware that their every action is logged on the server ... giving other players a good idea of who you are before the countdown to the start of the round begins. And nobody wants to give back to a player recognized as treacherous, making the dynamics of the games very interesting. Considering the final - a bit disappointing - the campaign should be a continuation plans of Eidos Interactive. If the company maintains the aesthetic quality and to achieve further improve the gameplay and story (it has a movie coming up with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx), Kane & Lynch can take that extra step that separates a good game for a truly memorable experience.