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Fun game worth playing.

crusader8463 | July 3, 2013 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC

Rating: 75% Time to Completion: 15 Hours 34 Min Date Completed: March 27th, 2013 Thoughts: I co-oped this game when it first came so this will technically be both my first time completing it solo and my second time beating the game overall. Not really sure why I felt like replaying the game but I fired it up and just kind of kept going. I ended up feeling the same way as I did the first time around once I beat the game and playing it solo over co-op didn't really add or take anything away other then the fun of having some one else around there with you when doing co-op. I think the game has a really good start but around half way through the game starts to get a little old and the last few sections are kind of hard to slog through. I really wish it had more of a story element to it and had more missions that focused on the characters you meet along the way and get to hang out and do more stuff with them. The funny characters and situations you find yourself in are what makes this game so interesting and it felt like a lot of that stuff got wasted by not really getting too much attention beyond a couple token missions with new characters as they are introduced then swept to the side. The biggest disappointment was going back in and seeing the revolting amount of DLC for this game and how a good 90% of it was not included in the Season pass that came with the game when it launched. It turned out that the Season pass only gave me a couple really long, boring, repetitive, and tedious kill all missions and sweet fuck else. If you get a chance I strongly suggest taking a look at the DLC page for this game and you will be floored by how much is there and what they are charging for it. It's almost as bad as the $2200+ DLC for Train Simulator 2013. Ok maybe not that bad, but it's still sad and annoying to see so much content not being included in what was supposed to be a get all DLC bundle.


Awesome OST but broken online.

crusader8463 | July 3, 2013 | Review of Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken - PC

Rating: 60% Time to Completion: 3 Hours Date Completed: January 4th, 2013 Thoughts: I really want to give this game a great score for the amount of fun a friend and I had playing this game coop, but the online is just too broken to do so. No matter who hosted the game the non host player lagged so bad that in certain parts of the game I had to have the host literally carry my guy over jumps because I just couldn't make it and I was all but useless in combat beyond spraying and praying my gun. Now ordinarily this would have ruined the game, but somehow the constant lag made the game a ton of fun and we couldn't stop laughing as my friend constantly ran into laser beams because my guy lagged off the pressure plate that was deactivating them or I ran into sentry turrets because my guy would lag past the safe zone into firing range. There were times I literally thought I was going to pass out from laughing because we were having so much fun. The game itself however was pretty simplistic as far as gameplay goes, and if you don't have someone to coop with you on this game I wouldn't recommend playing the single player. The game shines in coop, but I found myself getting extremely bored with it while I was playing alone. The game consists of simply running around a very simple 2D world as you hunt for keycards to open doors while fighting extremely easy and simple enemies that go down without much of a fight. The most complex the games combat gets is when they introduce guys with a shield that require you to run behind them to kill them as they charge forward. While playing online you get the choice of picking a character to play as, but the only real difference with them is the weapons they carry and the look of the character. In single player however you play as one guy who gains access to different weapons that you can cycle through to get different play styles through the story. The big difference between online and single player is that single player does have a bit of a story that it shows with little animated cut scenes ever few levels that progress the story. As well there are these short 2D flying sections where you jet pack around fighting guys. Sadly it's not all that fun and is really just there to break up the corridor crawl the rest of the game is. The last big difference is that certain parts of the map have more of a puzzles aspect to them then they do in multiplayer. When online it's more of a platformer kind of puzzle solving to get to the end of a level, but in single player you have access to a mind control bug that you must use to throw at enemies and take control oft hem to hunt down switches to open doors for your guy to get through. If you find yourself really loving the game I could see trying to replay the game online with one of the weaker guys for more difficulty could be a thing you try, but that's not a thing for me personally. As for the single player, I didn't really see much reason to play it more than once unless you are the type who wants to hunt down a hidden collectible in each map. While I really liked the art design and animation of the characters -and thought the idea of fighting what are clearly Nazi themed birds entertaining- the games story itself is about as deep as an original Mario game where in the only context for why you are there is basically just to save the "princess". In this case a nurse. The story is bookended with two short little animations that set up the plot and conclusion but during the game itself it's just chat bubbles with Charley Brown style gibberish for voice with the only real voice acting being in the above mentioned cut scenes. Despite all the flaws I had a ton of fun playing this game online with friend. Even if that fun only lasted a little over an hour and a half I had a blast the entire time. While I would give this game a personal Great rating for the fun I had with it, I just can't justify giving it anything higher then a Good because of the simple gameplay and technical problems. If you can get a friend that can appreciate the mayhem that comes from one guy being basically a bumbling fool that needs to literally be carried on the other guys shoulders over the large majority of the game, then I think you can have a ton of fun. If you can only play this single player I would probably pass unless you can find it on the cheap.