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Who's that taffin' about, then?!

cylerrubin | Feb. 21, 2014 | Review of Thief Pack - PC

Ahh, what can I say about this series. You play the role of Garret, a humble thief who is very good at his job. Don't be offset by the graphics, the core mechanics of the game are very sound and there are mods if you feel like tinkering about a bit. Using the tools of your trade you will be briefed before every mission in the first two games with a stylistic pen and paper drawn cutscene. The art style and general tone of this game are still enthralling despite its age. Please make note, these games do not make for a very combat oriented playstyle, there are moments where you might be able to launch a forward assault against enemies, however it is mostly discouraged as these are not where Garret's talents lie. Truth be told, an expert thief would prefer no one knew you were there at all. Something you'll notice very different than most other games is the difficulty scaling. Most games make enemy AI's stronger and rescale health, there is a bit of that here, however you'll notice along with the minor game changes Garret will receive more mission objectives as well which have a habit of taking you to regions in the large sandbox-like levels that you might not normally wander into on lower difficulty settings. With many different ways of accomplishing your missions, an enthralling storyline overarching all three games, and a play mechanic that encourages skill and finesse with a great deal of critical thinking I hope the Thief series will suck you in as much as it has me all these years.